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by Kendermage

Male Afflicted Kender Spectramancer (Expert 3/Adept 2)
Strength+0 Fortitude+2 Armor Classn/a
Dexterity+3 Reflex+9 Flat-footed ACn/a
Constitution+0 Will+4 Touch ACn/a
Intelligence+2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+3
Wisdom+1 Speed30 ft Melee Attack+7
Charisma+2 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Pointsn/a SizeMedium


Core Ability: Expertise
Saving Throws: Toughness +1 (+0 Con, +0 Tough, +1 armor, -1 size, +1 Defensive Roll), Sanity +3 (+3 Wis)
Defense: Dodge/Parry +8/+4 (+3 base, +3 Dex/+0 Str, +1 size, +1 Dodge Focus)
Conviction: 5; Virtue: Conscientious, Vice: Vengeful
Reputation: +2

Damage Track:

Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (0), Dazed (5+), Staggered (10+), Unconscious (15+)
Lethal Damage: Hurt (0), Wounded (5+), Disabled (10+), Dying (15+), Dead
Fatigue: Winded, Fatigued, Exhausted

Mental Health Track:

Fear: Startled (0), Spooked (+5), Frightened (+10), Terrified (+15)
Terror: Scared (0), Confused (+5), Unhinged (+10), Psychotic (+15), Insane


Claustrophobic - Sorrow has a strong, unnatural fear of confined places (he was trapped in the collapsed basement of his childhood home for several days after the attack of Malys on Kendermore). If forced into a confined space, he must succeed on a Difficulty 12 Sanity (Fear) check.


Acrobatics +10 (7 ranks, +3 Dex), Bluff +8 (6 ranks, +2 Cha), Climb +8 (6 ranks, +0 Str, +2 Talented), Escape Artist +9 (6 ranks, +3 Dex), Jump +8 (6 ranks, +0 Str, +2 Talented), Knowledge (arcana) +4 (2 ranks, +2 Int), Notice +11 (8 ranks, +1 Wis, +2 Talented), Perform (comedy) +8, (6 ranks, +2 cha), Search +10 (8 ranks, +2 Int), Sense Motive +3 (2 ranks, +1 Wis), Sleight of Hand +10 (7 ranks, +3 Dex), Spellcraft +4 (2 ranks, +2 Int), Stealth +15 (6 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 Talented, +4 size)


Armor Training (light), Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus, Light Sleeper, Lightning Reflexes, Lucky, Power: 1, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Perform, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth), Talented (Climb and Jump), Talented (Notice and Stealth), Widen Power


Common, Kenderspeak


(2 ranks, Cha, Save Difficulty 13); Light Shaping +4


dagger +7 attack (+1 damage, crit 19-20/+3, range inc. 10 ft.)
hoopak +7 attack (+2 damage [as staff], +1 damage [as sling], crit 20/+3, range 50 ft. [as sling])


Standard adventuring gear (backpack, bedroll, waterskin, flint and steel, rations [1 week], and small sack), 4 belt pouches (2 green marbles, an apple, bottle of purple ink, small mirror in leather case, 4 leaves of paper, piece of chalk, robin's egg wrapped and carried in small wooden box, half-filled flask of oil, shiny rock, sack of trail mix, vial or pungent perfume, pair of Lorekind's socks), 3 brightly colored juggling balls, silver heart shaped locket on a silver chain (worn around neck), book of notes on sorcery and dragons, clothes, and several strips of linen (for bandages); Wealth: +3


Sorrow 's raggedly cut hair is usually tied in a pony tail in the back, but falling in his eyes up front. His blue eyes reflect barely contained anger. Sorrow wears an odd assortment of clothes with apparently no thought given to his appearance, no to how he projects himself to others.

Sorrow hates dragons with a passion. It was a dragon which destroyed his homeland and Sorrow believes Krynn would be a far better place if they were all dead. He intends to make sure that no one has to suffer the same sorts of loss he has.

The trauma of witnessing the destruction everything he ever loved muted Sorrow's tendency to engage in "typical kender behavior." He tends to keep to himself and speaks little except for where it concerns magic.

Sorrow is fiercely attached to his possession and will not part with any of it under any circumstances. His most prized possessions are a silver locket which belonged to his mother and a small brass key which once opened his childhood home in Kendermore. He keeps both of these items close to him at all times by wearing them on a silver chain around his neck. He also has a set of multi-colored juggling balls which once belonged to his father. Occasionally Sorrow will go off by himself and practice juggling. This reminds him of what he might have been but now never can be.


Sorrow is not his real name. He was born Kerwin Skitterstep and spent his early childhood in Kendermore amid the rest of his entertainer family, fully expecting to follow in their footsteps one day; However, those dreams were shattered along with his homeland.

Malys destroyed not only Kendermore but everything he ever cared about; including his family and friends. She also destroyed his innocence and with it his eternal optimism, hope, and trust in anything of lasting value.

He fled with the few survivors of Malys's attack to seek a new life in Hylo. Like many of the other survivors, Sorrow discovered he did not fit in; however he did discover something that would become his life's focus – magic. Desperate to learn the deeper mysteries of magic, he sought out a teacher.

In Gunthar, Sorrow made the acquaintance of a human scholar named Lorekind. Lorekind knew the ways of both sorcery and mysticism but was hampered by poor eyesight. Sorrow bartered his keen sight to assist Lorekind with seeing the world in exchange for tutelage in magical theory.

Design Notes:

Sorrow makes use of the Mental Health track from the True20 Companion

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