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Goldmoon, 4E

by Delazar

Female Human Cleric 1
Strength12 Fortitude12 Armor Class14
Dexterity14 Reflex13 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution12 Will16 Touch ACNA
Intelligence12 AlignmentLG Base AttackNA
Wisdom16 Speed6 squares Melee AttackNA
Charisma17 Initiative+2 Ranged AttackNA
Hit Points24 SizeMedium

Racial Traits:

Bonus At-Will Power
Bonus Feat
Bonus Skill
Defense Bonus:
+1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will

Class Traits:

Healer's Lore, Implement (holy symbol).


Diplomacy +8, Heal +8, History +6, Insight +8, Religion +6.

Passive Insight +18, Passive Perception +13.


Human Perseverance, Mishakal's Radiance (as Pelor's Radiance), Ritual Caster.


Common, Elven.


At Will: Lance of Faith, Priest's Shield, Sacred Flame.
Encounter: Channel Divinity (divine fortune, Mishakal's radiance, turn undead), Healing Strike, Healing Word.
Daily: Beacon of Hope.


Gentle Repose, Silence.


Quarterstaff (+3 vs. AC, 1d8+1)




Standard Adventurer's Kit: backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), sunrods (2), trail rations (10 days), waterskin, 45gp. Also holy symbol, ritual book.


"I am a princess of the Que-Shu tribe. Riverwind is my guardian and my betrothed. We seek to discover the nature and use of this staff. Some months ago, Riverwind went to my father and asked for my hand. Father had another marriage in mind for me and demanded that Riverwind prove his worthiness by bringing back the magic of the Forsaken Lands. For months I had no word, no sign of him. Then Riverwind returned. My father's plan was spoiled, so he claimed the staff was not magical and ordered Riverwind stoned in the village. As the stones fell upon him, I ran to his side. At that moment, the staff blazed and we suddenly found ourselves on the plains west of the village. We search for proof that the staff holds powerful and good magic. Until we know how to control the staff, we cannot return to my tribe."

Vital Stats: 5 ft. 7 in., 115 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, white skin.

Appearance: Goldmoon is a ruddy-skinned beauty with golden hair. She projects an aura of authority.

Creed: Faith is our true strength.

History: Goldmoon belongs to the Que-Shu tribe of plainsmen. She fell in love with the shepherd Riverwind although she was betrothed to another. Riverwind was sent to prove himself worthy, but when he returned with the Staff of Mishakal, he was proclaimed a fraud and ordered stoned. Goldmoon tried to shield him with her body, and the staff teleported them to safety.

Family: Goldmoon is the daughter of the chieftain of the Que-Shu tribe.

Personality: Goldmoon is pure of heart and gentle. As a princess, however, she is accustomed to being obeyed. She deeply loves Riverwind and has a strong sense of duty. She is charming, brave, and extremely religious. Although she is very much in love with Riverwind, at times he seems distant, which makes her sad.

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