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Female Human Half-Medusa Bard 7
Strength10 Fortitude+2 Armor Class18
Dexterity17 Reflex+8 Flat-footed AC15
Constitution10 Will+6 Touch AC13
Intelligence13 AlignmentNG Base Attack+5
Wisdom13 Speed30 ft Melee Attack+5
Charisma20 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Points47 Sizemedium


Darkvision 60 ft.
Weapon Training – Starknife
Bardic Knowledge – Knowledge (history)
Bardic Performance - 7/Day
Countersong – Counter magical effects that depend on sound.
Distraction – Counter magical effects which depend on sight.
Fascinate – Fascinate up to 3 individuals with Performance.
Inspire Courage +2 – Morale bonus vs. Charm & Fear attacks, +2 morale bonus attack and weapon damage rolls.
Inspire Competence – +2 Competence bonus on skill checks.
Suggestion – make a suggestion (as the spell) to a creature that he has already fascinated (see above).
Well Versed – +4 bonus on saving throws made against bardic performance, sonic, and language dependent effects.
Lore Master 1/day - take 10 on any Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in. A bard can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the bard can take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action.
Cantrips – A bard knows a number of cantrips. He can cast these spells at will as a spell-like ability.

Petrifying Attack (Su): A half-medusa's visage is less potent than its full-blooded parent; creatures are not turned to stone simply by looking at it. However, it can focus its power upon a single creature within 30 feet just like a medusa actively using its gaze as an attack action. The targeted creature can avoid the gaze as normal (see page 294 in the DMG) and if she fails to avoid the half-medusa's gaze she must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 half-medusa's HD + half-medusa's Cha modifier) or be permanently turned to stone. The creature can use this ability a number of times per day equal to its Charisma bonus (minimum 1).

Poison (Ex): Snakes, Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 half-medusa's HD + half-medusaÌs Con modifier); initial damage 1d4 temporary Strength, secondary damage 2d4 temporary Strength.

Medusa Blood (Ex): For all special abilities and effects, a half-medusa is considered a medusa. Half-medusas, for example, are immune to the gaze attacks of medusas, and vice versa.


+19 Bluff (+5 Cha, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +2 Charming feat, +2 Deceitful feat)
+19 Diplomacy (+5 Cha, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +2 Charming feat, +2 Persuassive feat)
+15 Disguise (+5 Cha, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +2 Deceitful feat, -2 penalty when disguised as human)
+7 Intimidate (+5 Cha, 0 ranks, +2 Persuassive feat)
+11 Knowledge (geography) (+1 Int, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)
+11 Knowledge (history) (+1 Int, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)
+3 Perception (+1 Wis, 0 ranks, +2 Alertness feat)
+18 Perform (sing) (+5 Cha, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill, +3 Skill Focus feat)
+15 Perform (wind instruments) (+5 Cha, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)
+3 Sense Motive (+1 Wis, 0 ranks, +2 Alertness feat)
+13 Sleight of Hand (+3 Dex, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)
+11 Spellcraft (+1 Int, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)
+13 Stealth (+3 Dex, 7 ranks, +3 Class Skill)


Alertness (+2 Perception and Sense Motive checks)
Charming (+2 Bluff and Diplomacy checks)
Deceitful (+2 Bluff and Disguise checks)
Persuasive (+2 Diplomacy and Intimidate checks)
Skill Focus (+3 on Performc [sing] checks)


Common, Kharolian, Abanasinian

Bard Spells Known

CL 7) (6*0, 6*1st, 4*2nd, 2*3rd; all bard spells have a verbal component)
0 - dancing lights, detect magic, ghost sound, lullaby, mage hand, summon instrument
1st - charm person, disguise self, hideous laughter, sleep, ventriloquism
2nd - alter self, invisibility, mirror image, silence
3rd - confusion, sculpt sound,


Snakes +5 melee (1d4+Poison)
+1 Starknife +6 melee or +8 ranged (1d4+1 damage, crit x3, range inc 20 ft., piercing)
masterwork shortsword +6 melee (1d6 damage, crit 19-20/x2, piercing)
whip +5 melee (1d3 damage, crit x3, slashing)


ring of chameleon power
minor flute of wind dancing (as flute of wind dancing minus whirlwind; control winds lasts up to 10 minutes and wind wall lasts up to 10 rounds)
bracers of armor +4
2 doses of stone salve
Standard adventuring gear (backpack, bedroll, , flint & steel, small sack, rations (7 days), waterskin)


Chimera is a petite beauty with dusky black scaly skin and from a distance can pass for an Ergothian. It's hard to hide the five serpents atop her head but she does so by keeping her hair in thick braids to help conceal them. Her eyes are black and rimmed in red. When she uses her gaze, her eyes go completely red. Chimera has a sweet sultry voice that could melt butter. Around her neck is tattooed a chain of starjewels. When she uses her ring she often chooses to look fully Ergothian. She has to consciously work to keep her serpents (whom she refers to as her girls) quiet to maintain the disguise.


Chimera likes the finer things in life, a fact she attributes to the fine gifts her father used to bring her and her mother when she was a child. She loves jewelry especially and will go out of her way to acquire it. She never takes from those who can't afford it confining her penchant for taking shiny things out of other people's pockets to the rich. She keeps enough to buy herself something nice, but often deposits the rest in the nearest poor box.

She can seem greedy to those who don't really know her, but underneath her facade of greed lays a heart of gold. She genuinely wants to help people and it is this desire which lead her to join the Legion of Steel. It wasn't easy for someone with her pedigree to get her foot in the door, but her sincerity and desire to make a difference won over the man who would be her mentor.

As a traveling entertainer (some would call her a gypsy or a vagabond) she is often used to transport messages from one Legion cell to another. Chimera hides the messages in the lyrics of her songs. In the song is the means to decipher the message. It's a dangerous game Chimera plays, but one which she is very talented at.


Chimera's true name is Delilah uth Ravncroft. Her father is Dartan uth Ravencroft, Knight of the Crown of Caergoth. Her mother is the famed medusa sculptress, Reuzhanne Gijjozh.

Dartan was the knight sent to investigate claims that Reuzhanne's sculptures were once living people. He followed Reuzhanne to her lair and discovered dozens of "sculptures". Reuzhanne discovered Dartan and attempted to turn him to stone as well, but he proved resistant to her gaze. No one had ever resisted her gaze before and instantly Reuzhanne became smitten with the knight. She fled deep into her lair and sang of a love that could never be. Her song filled the ears of Dartan and captured the man's heart.

They spent the night together knowing that they could never truly be together. Dartan was a knight in good standing and she was a monster, albeit on now softened by the touch of true love. Dartan left knowing he would have to lie to preserve Reuzhanne's life, which he did gladly though the guilt of it gnawed at him.

In time Reuzhanne bore Dartan a daughter, named Delilah to whom she gave her father's last name. Dartan visited often bringing gifts to both his daughter and the woman who would be his wife were it not for a cruel twist of fate.

Over time, Dartan's visits tapered off and stopped abruptly when Delilah was about fourteen. Reuzhanne was temped to become bitter again, believing that Dartan had found a human woman to marry. Delilah's presence was a balm for her troubled soul. For to Reuzhanne it was more preferable to believe Dartan had given his heart to someone else than to believe he had fallen in battle. Delilah did not believe her father deliberately left her mother and as soon as she was able, bid her mother goodbye and set out to find him.

Delilah has spent the better part of ten years searching for her lost father. She has heard rumors of Dartan uth Ravencroft but never discovered any hard evidence. Her latest sources of information placed him in or near Tarsis. She has traveled there with a message for the Legion cell of Tarsis, but also to discover what became of her father.

Twice a year she returns home to tell her mother what she has discovered. Reuzhanne is coming to believe that Dartan is dead; else Delilah would surely have found him by now. Delilah can see in her mother's eyes that not knowing is tearing her apart. She fears that if news of Dartan's fate isn't found soon, her mother may do something foolish to hasten her own end to be with Dartan in the Beyond. Time is running short.

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