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Lord Kryl Shadestalker

by Kendermage

Male Male human vampire Wizard 4/Black Robe 5
Strength23 Fortitude+5 Armor Class20
Dexterity18 Reflex+8 Flat-footed AC14
ConstitutionN/A Will+8 Touch AC16
Intelligence17 AlignmentCE Base Attack+4
Wisdom15 Speed30 ft Melee Attack+10
Charisma17 Initiative+8 Ranged Attack+8
Hit Points55 SizeMedium


Summon Familiar, Moon Magic, Tower Resources, Arcane Research +2, Order Secrets (Magic of Fear, Magic of Pain), Children of the Night (once per day can call forth 1d6+1 rat swarms, 1d4+1 bat swarms, or a pack of 3d6 wolves as a standard action.), Dominate (anyone the vampire targets must succeed on a Will save or fall instantly under the vampire's influence as though by a dominate person spell (caster level 12th). The ability has a range of 30 ft.), Create Spawn, Alternate Form (A vampire can assume the shape of a bat, dire bat, wolf, or dire wolf as a standard action. While in its alternate form, the vampire loses its natural slam attack and dominate ability, but it gains the natural weapons and extraordinary special attacks of its new form), Damage Reduction 10/silver and magic, Fast Healing (a vampire heals 5 points of damage each round so long as it has at least 1 hit point. If reduced to 0 hit points in combat, it automatically assumes gaseous form and attempts to escape. It must reach its coffin home within 2 hours or be utterly destroyed), Gaseous Form (as a standard action, a vampire can assume gaseous form at will as the spell), Resistances (cold 10 and electricity 10), Spider Climb (as the spell), Turn Resistance (a vampire has +4 turn resistance.)


Bluff +11, Concentration +12, Decipher Script +10, Hide +12, Intimidate ++7, Knowledge (arcana) +15, Knowledge (history) +15, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Listen +12, Move Silently +12, Perform (wind instruments) +6, Search +11, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +15, Spot +12


Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Maximize Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Widen Spell


Common, Abanasinain, Elven, Solamnic

Spells Prepared

(4/5/5/4/2/1/0/0/0/0; Save Difficulty 13 +spell level)
5th level: waves of fatigue
4th level: bestow curse, animate dead
3rd level: fireball, hold person, ray of exhaustion, suggestion
2nd level: arcane lock, command undead, ghoul touch, scorching ray, touch of idiocy
1st level: charm person, chill touch, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, sleep
0 level: detect magic, ray of frost, read magic, touch of fatigue


slam +10 melee (1d6 damage +2 negative levels, crit x2, bludgeoning)
blood drain +10 melee (1d4 Con per round grapple is maintained)


Currently Kryl has little in the way of possessions most of what he had was taken from Eld Manor after his death. For the moment he has only the clothes on his back, but Kryl is looking to regain his wealth.


Despite being nearly a 150 years old, Kryl doesn't look a day over 30 – at least when he is feeding regularly. When he goes without for too long his skin turns pale yellow giving him a jaundiced waxy look and his eyes turn blood red. As long as he is feeding regularly he can pass for a normal human; albeit one a bit pale. Kryl dresses in the finest clothes preferring dark colors. He always accents his clothes with a black cape to signify his allegiance to Nuitari.

Kryl seems a bit backward to people having little knowledge of anything that has transpired since the early days of the War of the Lance. He knows little of recent historical events such as the Chaos War or the War of Souls. His knowledge is useful only for events which occurred before he was staked. He is working to acclimate himself to this new time.


Kryl is a very narcissistic person. It's always about Kryl. He is also terribly vengeful, taking insult at the smallest slight. Kry's vengeance often takes the form of an intense obsession to make the offender pay. He is not content to merely punish the offender but holds the offender's entire family line accountable.

Kryl pays lip service to the traditions of the Orders of High Sorcery but doesn't really do anything to promote them. Kryl has flown under the radar so it speak since his rebirth. Nuitari has noticed Kryl but hasn't yet made this knowledge available to his cousins. Currently Nuitari has him in a standby position.


Lord Kryl is a vampiric creature of the night. How he came to be a vampire has been lost to the ages and is not a tale, Kryl ever relates.

Kryl was once a court magician in the house of Lady Ellyth of Tantallon. He and Lady Ellyth's son, Arin were rivals for the attentions of Marissa, the daughter of Lord Marc Aneirin. Kryl attempted to win the hand of Marissa but was undercut by Arin's mother who arranged for her son to wed Marissa. Kryl was outraged. He allowed the powers of jealousy and hate to fester in his heart which made him a perfect vessel for Nuitari.

Nuitari seduced him away from Lunitari with whispered promises offering him the power to claim what should have been his and at the same time revenge himself on those who wronged him. Kryl changed to the black robes and at Nuitari's behest performed the ritual that transformed him into a vampire.

The night before Marissa and Arin were to be wed, Kryl, now a vampire appeared in Marissa's bedchambers and stole her life breath, binding her forever to him. Kryl wasn't content just to claim Marissa though, he intended to slay the one who had betrayed him and Marissa would be the instrument of his vengeance.

The next evening as Arin and Marissa were about to seal their union with rings, Marissa pulled a hidden knife and stabbed Arin in the heart. Marissa wept as she did so but she had no choice, her actions were controlled by Kryl whose laughter echoed in the halls of the cathedral. Adding insult to injury Kryl swooped down and took the ring clutched in Arin's hand – the ring meant to seal his love to Marissa. Howls erupted from those gathered but with supernatural speed, Kryl and his new bride vanished.

Kryl and Marissa retired to Eld Manor. He knew that Marissa despised him. He could see the hate in her eyes every time she looked at him and it pleased him to that he served as an eternal reminder of what she had lost. Despite binding her to him, Marissa never willingly gave herself to him; a fact which galled Kryl. Even presenting her with the ring which Arin was going to give her did nothing to soften her heart. It didn't matter to Kryl that Marissa never returned his love, she was his for eternity; or so he thought.

Kryl was heartbroken when Marissa threw herself willingly on the stake of a vampire hunter. She had found the one means to escape her bondage to Kryl. He kept the ring as a reminder of what he himself had lost and vowed never to love again. He would later lose the ring when it was palmed by the young Tika Waylan in a crowded market place in the town of Dering's Way.

Kryl sent his minions to retrieve the ring and kill the girl. These minions never returned. After nearly a fortnight, Kryl was contemplating taking matters into his own hands when a mage knocked on his door. The mage introduced himself as Waylan the Magnificient and told the vampire lord the ring now belonged to his daughter. Kryl was outraged and demanded it back. Waylan proposed a game of chance to decide ownership. Kryll agreed. The terms of the deal were steeo. If Kryl lost he swore to forfeit all rights to the ring and leave Waylan and His daughter alone. If Waylan lost then the ring and the lives of Waylan and Tika would be his.

What is not known to history is the results of the game of chance. Waylan won and Kryl honored the bargain, but later discovered the red robe had cheated. He swore to avenge himself on Waylan.

Kryl tracked down Waylan and lured him to Eld Manor where he would destroy the red robe. At Eld Manor the two engaged in a mage duel that ended with the death of both. Waylan succumbed to wounds suffered in the duel but as a desperate last act he cast a gust of wind spell which impaled Kryl the branch of a white oak tree.

Over the years the branch has slowly decayed. Only recently has Kryl returned to unlife to discover that his hated foe is long dead, as is the charlatan's daughter. Kryl has learned that Tika's son and grandchildren yet live. He is planning to take his revenge on them for all the trouble the Waylans have caused him.

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