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Palin Majere (Pathfinder)

by Clive Squire

Male civilized human sorcerer 7/acadmey sorcerer 10/master ambassador 1
Strength14 Fortitude+7 Armor Class13
Dexterity16 Reflex+8 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution14 Will+16 Touch AC13
Intelligence20 AlignmentLG Base Attack+8
Wisdom14 Speed30ft Melee Attack+10
Charisma18 Initiative+5 Ranged Attack+11
Hit Points84 SizeMedium


Arcane Thesis, Cooperative Study +6, Favoured Embassy (Solace), Insightful Acclamation, School Powers (fire finger, internal fire 9/day), School Sensitivity (divination, pyromnacy)


Appraise +18, Bluff +16, Craft +7, Diplomacy +21 (+23 in Solace), Intimidate +20, Linguistics +13, Knowledge (arcana) +26, Knowledge (history) +18, Knowledge (local) +13, Knowledge (nobility & royalty) +14 (+16 in Solace), Perception +17, Ride +5, Sense Motive +18 (+20 in Solace), Spellcraft +22, Use Magic Device +17


Combat Casting, Craft Wand (b), Education (b), Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Eschew Material (b), Extend Spell (b), Leech Item, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword) (b), Maximize Spell (b), Persuasive, Point Blank Shot, Quick-Thinking, Still Spell (b), Widen Spell (b)


Common, Abanasinian, Draconic, Dwarven, Ergot, Elven, Goblin, Kenderspeak, Kothian, Magius, Ogre, Solamnic

Sorcerer Spells

CL 17th; CL 18th with divinations; CL 18th with conjuration (summoning) & conjuration (teleportation)
8th (6/day) protection from spells, power word – stun, summon monster VIII
7th (6/day) delayed blast fireball (DC 22), elemental body IV, summon monster VII
6th (6/day) analyze dweomer, greater dispel magic, summon monster VI
5th (6/day) elemental body II, sending, summon monster V, teleport
4th (7/day) discern lies (DC 18), elemental blade (DC 19) (WotL), elemental body I, secure shelter, summon monster IV, wall of fire
3rd (7/day) arcane sight, dispel magic, fireball (DC 18), flame arrow (DC 18), Palin's pyre (DLCS), summon monster III
2nd (7/day) augury, detect thoughts (DC 16), elemental dart (DC 17), (DLCS), pyrotechnics (DC 17), scorching ray, summon monster II, web
1st (7/day) burning hands (DC 16), identify, mage armour, summon monster I, true strike
0 (all at will) acid splash, arcane mark, daze, detect magic, mage hand, message, open/close, read magic, resistance


+2 quarterstaff +12/+7 (1d6+2)
Dagger (held) +10/+5 (1d4+2/19-20)
Dagger (thrown) +11/+6 (1d4+2/19-20)
Light Crossbow +11/+6 (1d8/19-20)


+2 quarterstaff, dagger, light crossbow

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