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Pike Oakbone (Dwarven Warlord)

by Trampas Whiteman

Male Hill Dwarf Warlord 8
Strength16 Fortitude18 Armor Class22
Dexterity11 Reflex15 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution17 Will16 Touch ACNA
Intelligence9 AlignmentLG Base AttackNA
Wisdom12 Speed4 Melee AttackNA
Charisma12 Initiative+4 Ranged AttackNA
Hit Points64 SizeMedium

Racial Traits:

Cast-Iron Stomach, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Encumbered Speed, Stand Your Ground.

Class Traits:

Combat Leader, Commanding Presence (Inspiring Presence), Inspiring Word.


Athletics +12, Diplomacy +13, Endurance +13, Heal +5, History +8, Intimidate +5. Passive Insight +15, Passive Perception +15.


Dodge Giants, Durable, Inspired Recovery, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Sure Climber


Common, Dwarven

Exploits (At Will)

Commander's Strike, Furious Smash.

Exploits (Encounter)

Hammer and Anvil, Inspiring War Cry, Inspiring Word, Lion's Roar, Shake It Off.

Exploits (Daily)

Bastion of Defense, Stand the Fallen, Stand Tough


Mace +1


Chainmail +1, light shield.


Pike is an amiable, easy-going hill dwarf who is meticulous about his personal appearance. He can spend hours trimming and combing his curly brown hair and lengthy beard. He dislikes animals (they're too dirty), but is fond of his friends, particularly the ones who are free with their compliments.

Though not a coward, Pike prefers negotiation and retreat to direct combat, opting to fight when there is no other choice. He always manages to hold up his end in a battle, though he never stops complaining about the damage to his fine clothes.

In Your Campaign:

Pike Oakbone makes for a good pregenerated character. He was originally used in the DLE series of modules, but can be used elsewhere as well. While Pike has some typical dwarven traits, play up on his foppish appearance and demeanor.

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