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Ianthe Majere

by Kendermage

Female Human Healer 1
Strength10 Fortitude+1 Armor Class11
Dexterity12 Reflex+2 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution10 Will+4 Touch AC11
Intelligence13 AlignmentLG Base Attack+0
Wisdom15 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack-2
Charisma15 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+1
Hit Points10 SizeMedium


Traits: Delicate (+1 Reflex saves, -1 Fortitude saves) and Moonstruck (+1 save vs. spells when Solinari is at High Sanction, -1 save vs. spells when Solinari at Low Sanction), Flaw: Noncombatant (-2 penalty on melee attacks), Healing Hands


Concentration +3, Diplomacy +4, Heal +9, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (religion) +5, Spellcraft +4


Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Heal), Spellcasting Prodigy


Common, Elven, High Ogre


(CL 1st, melee touch -2, ranged touch +1)
9th (/day) –
8th (/day) –
7th (/day) –
6th (/day) –
5th (/day) –
4th (/day) –
3rd (/day) –
2nd (/day) –
1st (5/day) – bless water, cure light wounds x2, quicken healing*, sanctuary
0 (4/day) – cure minor wounds x2, detect poison, light
*spell from the Witches Handbook


quarterstaff -2 (1d6/1d6/x2) or sling +1 (1d4/x2, range inc 50 ft.)


Standard Adventuring Gear (backpack, bedroll, waterskin, 1 week trail rations, sack, and 4 tendertwigs), pouch w/ 20 sling bullets, explorer's outfit, healer's kit, spell component pouch, and 2 tanglefoot bags. Wealth: 8 silver pieces


Ianthe is a tall statuesque silver-haired beauty. Her eyes are gold; which is a perfect compliment to her skin which has a slight golden cast to it. She is 6'2" and weighs about 115 lbs.

Ianthe abhors violence and has taken a vow of pacifism. When she is attacked, she defends herself using non-lethal attacks and bludgeoning weapons only. She is merciful to a fault and after combat will heal those who need it (even those arrayed against her) and provide last rites to those who cannot be saved.


Ianthe is a woman without a past. She woke up near Pashin. She knows her first name is Ianthe, daily activities like feeding herself, bathing, speaking, etc..., a few basic skills, and how to use her healing abilities. She recalls nothing about her past, such as who her parents were, where she comes from, or anything. She also has no knowledge of current world events

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