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Commander Leorin Valke, Second-in-Command in Pashin

by Heine Stick

Male civilized human fighter 5/Knight of the Lily 3
Strength16 Fortitude+8 Armor Class21
Dexterity16 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC18
Constitution12 Will+4 Touch AC15
Intelligence14 AlignmentLE Base Attack+8
Wisdom12 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+11
Charisma11 Initiative+5 Ranged Attack+11
Hit Points52 SizeMedium


demoralize, sneak attack +1d6


Diplomacy +4, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (religion) +6, Listen +5, Ride +10, Spot +7


Alertness, Diehardb, Honor-Boundb, Quick-Thinking, Stubborn, Two-Weapon Defenseb, Two-Weapon Fightingb, Weapon Focus (longsword)b


Common, Elven, Nerakese, Ogre


+2 longsword +13/+8() (1d8+5()/19-20)
+1 handaxe +12/+7() (1d6+5()/x3)
+2 longsword +11/+6() (1d8+5()/19-20) and +1 handaxe +10 (1d6+4()/x3)


+2 longsword, +1 handaxe, +1 breastplate, ring of protection +2, potion of bull's strength, potion of cat's grace, potion of cure moderate wounds (2); 6,419 stl in assorted gems and coins


Leorin Valke is a very tall man, standing 6´1" tall. Despite his great natural strength, he is somewhat skinny and very athletic. In stark contrast to his fair skin, Leorin sports a thick mane of black hair and his eyes are emerald green. An childhood accident left the right side of his face terribly scarred and the Tarsian wears a plain white mask in public, ashamed of his hideous appearance.

Leorin Valke is never seen without his combat gear which consists of a magic longsword sheathed in a black leather scabbard, a handaxe made of steel and dark wood and enchanted by dark clerics which hangs from his belt, as well as a black breastplate with mystic symbols edged in white, a tribute to his heritage. These symbols are a mix of Dark Knight symbols and symbols holy to the icefolk of the arctic south. Covered by the breastplate and covering his lower abdomen and legs is a black tabard decorated with the death lily made famous by the Knights of the Lily. The tabard is made of a very light leather produced by Tarsian leatherworkers.

Leorin loathes happiness. He despises love. And he hates compassion. Deprived of these emotions as a child by his own family, most prominently a grandfather who disapproved of the affair between Leorin's mother and a barbaric icereach trader, Leorin instead felt hate, anger, physical and mental abuse, and humiliation. These feelings have festered inside the Dark Knight and he is utterly evil, delighting in depriving others of that which he never felt as a child. This makes Leorin a perfect fit as second-in-command of the Dark Knights garrisoned in Pashin and it's the reason why General Dogah promoted him to his current rank.


Leorin Valke is the result of a short but passionate affair between a Tarsian noblewoman and a trader from Icereach. Born into a noble family who didn't want him and raised by a mother who loathed him for the emotional pain he'd brought upon her by virtue of his very existence, Leorin grew up as an outsider, the black sheep of the family. Time and time again, he was humiliated and physically abused by his grandfather, a very influential and very cruel Tarsian nobleman named Grarn Valke who felt humiliated by his daughter's affair with a barbarian from the south.

At a very young age, Leorin ran away from home to find his father. He never got that far. As a child with no food and very little to protect him from the piercing cold of winter, Leorin would have died, had it not been for a ranger named Treymor Roothban. Roothban brought the dying youngster to his cabin near the town of Frontier. He nursed young Leorin back from the brink of death and in the next years, he taught the Tarsian how to wield weapons effectively, focusing on swords and axes, weapons that are effective against the region's predators. Leorin's years with the ranger were not happy ones, however. The ranger, desperate for company yet cruel and with sadistic tendencies, tortured the young boy mentally, punishing him for the slightest mistakes, spinning false tales about his family, and forcing Leorin to stay with him.

Finally, the bubble of hatred, loathing, and evil that had grown within Leorin for years burst and in a fit of rage, the young Tarsian crushed Roothban's skull with one of his own axes. Covered in blood, Leorin left the cabin and roamed about in the snow-covered wilderness for days before he encountered a group of warriors moving toward Tarsis. The warriors were Knights of the Lily traveling to Tarsis on a diplomatic mission, serving as bodyguards for a Skull Knight acting as ambassador for the Dark Knights. The Lily Knights moved to intercept Leorin but the young Tarsian put up a struggle. Impressed by his prowess with sword and axe, the Skull Knight ordered his men to spare Leorin's life and in the coming months, Leorin traveled with the Dark Knights, training with them and learning their ways. During a battle against hill dwarves in the Kharolis Mountains, Leorin earned his spurs and he was knighted the ambassador.

In the aftermath of the War of Souls and the turmoil that followed, during which his fellow knights were killed by Tarsian rebels, Leorin was drawn to Pashin, having heard that the famous General Dogah was gathering a large force of Dark Knights there. The Dark Knight general took a liking to Leorin's martial skills and his dark nature and within a matter of months Leorin was a part of Dogah's inner circle.


Races of Ansalon (Quick-Thinking and Stubborn Feats)

In Your Campaign:

Leorin is a NPC from Key of Destiny by Christopher Coyle. For more details on his role in the adventure please see p. 22 of the module.

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