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Maldred Donnagson, a True20 Conversion

by Kendermage

Male Ogre Magi Warrior 7/Expert 6
Strength+5 Fortitude+14 Armor Classn/a
Dexterity+2 Reflex+10 Flat-footed ACn/a
Constitution+3 Will+7 Touch ACn/a
Intelligence+2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+14
Wisdom+2 Speed40, fly 40 Melee Attack+15
Charisma+3 Initiative+6 Ranged Attack+15
Hit Pointsn/a SizeLarge

Defense: Dodge/Parry +4/+7 (+3 base, +2 Dex/+5 Str, -1 size)
Saving Throws: Toughness +8 (+3 Con, +1 Tough, +2 armor, +2 natural)
Conviction: 9; Virtue: Patriotic, Vice: Manipulative
Reputation: +4


Alternate Form (medium or large humanoid only), Darkvision 90 ft., Flight, Regeneration 5, Supernatural Resistance 19


Bluff +9, Climb +12, Concentration +12, Diplomacy +15, Disable Device +8, Disguise +9, Gather Information +11, Intimidate +18, Jump +12, Knowledge (arcana) +12, Knowledge (nobility) +10, Notice +15, Search +8, Sense Motive +8, Stealth +11


Accurate Attack, Armor Training (heavy) (b), Armor Training (light) (b), Assessment, Attack Focus (greatsword), Attack Specialization (greatsword), Chokehold, Cleave, Connected, Contacts, Dedicated (Nation of Blode – Maldred is a patriot and has vowed to do all he can to protect Blode from Sable), Improved Initiative, Master Plan, Night Vision (b), Power (6) (b), Sneak Attack, Tough, Wealthy, Weapon Training (b), Widen Power
(b) indicates bonus feats.


Common, Draconic, Ogre


(rank 8, Cha, Save Difficulty 16) Cold Shaping +11, Elemental Blast +11, Light Shaping +11, Mind Touch +11, Sleep +11, Suggestion +11


Maldred's Sword +20 attack (+10 damage/+13 vs. Reptiles, crit 19-20/+3, slashing)


Studded Leather (+2 Toughness), Standard Adventuring Gear (backpack, bedroll, waterskin, 1 week of rations, small sack, flint and steel). As the son of the ogre chieftain of Blode, Maldred can draw upon vast sums of money, but typically does not do so due to his dedication to the nation of Blode; Wealth: + 30 (when in Blode), +15 (on the road)

New Weapon - Maldred's Sword
Also known as Ogre Sword of the Swamplands, the greatsword known as Maldred's sword was given to Maldred by his father, Chief Donnag of Blode, in the first book of the Dhamon Saga. The sword had been in the armory of the ogre chieftain for a few decades. The chieftain decided it was time to give it to his son when he learned Maldred was going with Dhamon into the swamp. The chieftain expected to get it back at some point, and took it back when he expelled Maldred from Blode for daring to speak out against the Titans.

The ornate ogre sword of the swamplands possesses gold and silver filigree on the pommel and crosspiece. The mirror-bright blade is keenly sharp and magically enhanced to be used against reptilian humanoids and dragons. When used against these types of creatures, this sword inflicts an additional 3 points of damage and grants a +6 bonus to Bluff, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive, and Survival checks when dealing with reptiles. Not only does the sword make its wielder deadlier against these foes, it also protects him or her against them by allowing him to reduce his damage by up to 3 points (the damage from the favored opponent feat only) in exchange for an increase of up to 3 points to his dodge or parry for the round. The sword was crafted nearly one hundred years before the War of Souls by the ogre weaponsmith Tindan Gaulstout of Blöten.

Maldred's Sword, Ogre Sword of the Swamplands
Greatsword of Glory (+4 Masterwork Greatsword); Imbued with Defensive Attack, Favored Opponent (Reptiles) (x3), and Supernatural Weapon.

Design Notes:

- I opted not to make Maldred an Adept as he didn't seem like an especially dedicated magic user to me, preferring to rely on his natural abilities.
- True20 has an "Alter Self" type power; however, it requires 12 ranks of Body Control which I just can't see giving to Maldred. Instead I opted to give him the "Alternate Form" trait which allows him to assume the form of any medium or large creature. This is ideal because it explains how he was able to maintain his "human form" nearly continually.
- Since there is no distinction in True20 between a +1 magic sword and a +5 magic sword, due to the Supernatural Weapon power allowing weapons to trump all means of damage reduction I opted to make Maldred's Sword a superior masterwork weapon using the rules from the Master class in the War of the Lance sourcebook. It is an Item of Glory

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