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Kaithanelas Nightsinger, a True20 Conversion

by Kendermage

Male Silvanesti Bard (Expert 2/Adept 2)
Strength+0 Fortitude+0 Armor ClassNA
Dexterity+3 Reflex+6 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution+0 Will+1 Touch ACNA
Intelligence+2 AlignmentNA Base Attack+2
Wisdom+0 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+5
Charisma+1 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+5
Hit PointsNA SizeMedium


Core Ability: Expertise
Defense Dodge/Parry +4/+1
Saving Throws: Toughness +1
Conviction: +4; Virtue: Hopeful, Vice: Selfish
Reputation: +2


Diplomacy +8, Gather Information +8, Knowledge (arcana) +7, (Knowledge (history) +12, Knowledge (local; Silvanesti) +7, Notice +6, Perform (oratory) +8, Perform (sing) +8, Sense Motive +5, Stealth +9


Armor Training (light), Fascinate (perform – oratory), Inspire (courage), Night Vision, Skill Focus (Knowledge-history), Suggestion (perform – oratory), Weapon Training


Common, Elven, Khur, Sylvan


Light Shaping 2, Mind Touch 2, Sleep 2; Power Bonus: +3, Save Difficulty: 12


sword +5 attack (+3 damage/19-20), knife +5 attack (+1 damage/19-20, range 10 ft)


Standard Adventuring Gear, Entertainer's Clothes, Mandolin, Star Jewel


Kaithanelas is a silver-haired Silvanesti with forest green eyes; which seem to sparkle with barely contained hope. He is optimistic about the future and truly believes that Silvanesti can be reclaimed from the minotaurs. This is the main reason he has joined the elven resistance in seeking to uproot the minotaurs. His stories of the old days are able to rally the spirits of even the most downtrodden of his comrades. Kaithan can come off as a bit selfish at times; especially those times when he doesn't do what is expected on him, because it doesn't suit his fancy.


My name is Kaithanelas Nightsinger. My half-brother, Mithralas, and I were the only survivors of our family when the minotaurs invaded Silvanesti. I have not seen my brother in many turns of the season though I wish him well."

"About a week ago, I was just part of a squad of rebels striking into Silvanost to liberate elves and recover certain priceless treasures. That day our task was to penetrate the defenses around the Palace of Quinari, and to recover something that once belonged to our former Queen, Alhana Starbreeze. We weren't told what it was. Someone ratted us out and we walked into a trap."

"The squad I was with fought bravely, but we were no match for the minotaurs. I saw an opening in the ranks of the minotaurs and dived through. I ran through the hallways of the Palace trying to think of a way, any way to escape. I thought it was all over when I was grabbed from behind."

"The figure who grabbed me pulled me through an illusionary wall. He held his hand over my mouth and together we watched the minotaurs run past. He pressed something into my hands and whispered to me, "You must take this to the town of Pashin. Do not let it out of your sight. Protect it with your life. You must get it into the hands of the heroes ordained by destiny. We all must play our roles in destiny's grand scheme." "He pressed his hand to my forehead and mumbled some words. I felt a searing pain and shut my eyes against it. When I opened them I was staring at myself."

I watched as the other me stepped out of the illusionary wall and taunted the minotaurs. I watched the minotaurs rush after the other me. I wanted to help the man I now knew to be the Herald, though how I knew that I wasn't sure. I also knew I had to do as he asked. Following memories not my own I traversed an ancient hallway and exited through a tree near the Silvanesti forest.

"It would be sometime later that I realized my appearance was not my own. I now wore the appearance of the Herald and seemed to share some of his memories as well. Over the next few dasy I would have many dreams of a group of heroes; heroes to which I must give that which I have been charged to protect."

In My Campaign:

This is a True20 write-up of the missing elven bard NPC from the Sylvan Key, Kaithanelas. I have put my own spin on his background and this is the current incarnation being used in my Age of Mortals play by post campaign

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