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Goldmoon, Arcana Evolved Conversion

by Epoch

Female Nomadic Human Greenbond 6
Strength12 Fortitude+4 Armor Class14
Dexterity14 Reflex+4 Flat-footed AC12
Constitution12 Will+10 Touch AC12
Intelligence12 AlignmentLG Base Attack+3
Wisdom17 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+4
Charisma17 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+5
Hit Points27 SizeMedium


Nature Sense (Ex): A greenbond can identify plants and animals (their species and special traits) with perfect accuracy. The greenbond can determine whether water is safe to drink or dangerous.

Infuse With Life: Three times per day, the greenbond can call upon the positive energy of life and bestow that energy upon himself or another creature. With a touch, he can heal 2d8 hit points + her level.

Nature's Gift (Su): Once per day, a 2nd-level or higher greenbond can use his connection with the Green to draw on the power of nature and infuse it within himself. He must be touching something solid and natural (the ground, a bit of unworked stone, a plant, an animal, or a beast) to activate this ability. He gains a divine bonus equal to half his level. The greenbond can add this bonus to any d20 roll he makes in the following round. He can impart this gift to an ally he touches during the following round (the ally must use the bonus in that round). He can even divide the bonus among up to five allies that he can reach during the round, giving each a portion of the bonus as he decides.

Trackless Step (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, a greenbond leaves no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked

Bond With the Green (Su):In a four-hour ritual that he conducts in a private setting, the greenbond gains an intuitive sense of the condition of the land—a literal bond with the Green. This means that if the land is harmed in any way (for instance, a forest fire, a famine, or a disease) within one mile per greenbond level, he becomes aware of it and gains a general understanding of what is happening. If he makes a caster power check (DC 25), he gains more details, such as distance and direction. In order for an event to trigger the bond, it must affect an area at least 100 yards across or involving at least 25 creatures or large plants (such as trees). Natural, daily events, such as predators hunting, do not alert the greenbond.

Percipience (Su): Greenbonds can see and hear nature spirits otherwise imperceptible to mortals (unless a spirit wishes to show itself). The character finds this ability disconcerting at first, because it makes him realize how pervasive spirits are: They are everywhere, all the time—although only rarely do they pay attention to the actions of mortals. Greenbonds sometimes become alerted to danger when the nature spirits of an area are upset or absent.


bluff +5, concentration +10, diplomacy +15, heal +12, knowledge (religion) +8, perform (lute) +5, sense motive +7, survival +10


Charming, Iron Will, Priest, Skill Focus [knowledge (religion)], Weapon Focus (quarterstaff)


none listed


Typical spells readied (8/6/5/4): 0-level: bash, detect disease, detect magic, detect poison, ghost sound, glowglobe (lesser), hygeine, scent bane; 1: charm, compelling command, glamour, mudball, predict weather, resistance; 2: battle healing (lesser), beastskin (lesser), blinding light, see invisibility, wicked barb; 3: conjure repast, protection from elements, slow, weary touch.


+1 preserving quarterstaff +4 melee (1d6+2 plus 1d6 positive energy)


+1 leather armor, +1 sling, medallion of faith (Mishakal)

Description and Background

See War of the Lance pp. 273-274.

Design Notes:

Goldmoon is obviously a central and important figure in the Dragonlance stories, so I gave a lot of thought as to how to represent her abilities in the Arcana Evolved class set. I felt the greenbond fit her best, but I don't think it works for all priests. She comes from a tribal background, so the greenbond's class abilities work well for her. But for a more civilized priest like Crysania I may consider another spellcasting class. In AE not all priests need to be represented by one spellcasting class, or even by a spellcasting class.


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