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Reamont Water-Runner

by Kendermage

Male Kagonesti Elf Priest of Habbakuk 6
Strength+0 Fortitude+4 Armor ClassNA
Dexterity+2 Reflex+3 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution+0 Will+4 Touch ACNA
Intelligence+0 AlignmentNA Base AttackNA
Wisdom+3 Speed30 Melee AttackNA
Charisma+3 Initiative+2 Ranged AttackNA
Hit PointsNA SizeMedium

Core Ability: Divine Aspects: Animals (spend a Conviction point to gain a +5 bonus to any Beast Link power check) and Virtue [Good] (spend a Conviction point to resist any compulsion that would make you act in an evil manner.)
Toughness +1
Combat: Attack +6, Damage + (source), Defense Dodge/Parry +6/+4
Non-Lethal Damage: Bruised (0), Dazed (5+), Staggered (10+), Unconscious (15+)
Lethal Damage: Hurt (0), Wounded (5+), Disabled (10+), Dying (15+), Dead
Fatigue: Winded, Fatigued, Exhausted
Conviction: +5; Virtue: Thoughtful, Vice: Arrogant
Reputation: +2


(Key Ability: Wis; Power Bonus: +9; Save Difficulty: 16) Beast Link, Cure, Nature Reading, Summon Beasts, Water Shaping


Diplomacy +14, Heal +12, Knowledge (nature) +11, Notice +5, Search +2, Sense Motive +5, Survival +5, Swim +9


Feats: Armor Training (light), Talented (Diplomacy and Sense Motive), Weapon Training
Bonus Feats: Elvensight, Talented (Notice and Search), Talented (Knowledge (nature) and Survival)
Favored Feats: Favored Opponent, Hide in Plain Sight


Elven, Sylvan


magic quarterstaff +6 attack (+2 damage)


Leather, magic quarterstaff, standard adventuring gear

Distinguishing Features/Mannerisms

Water-Runner is a greatly respected elder among the Kagonesti. He is still very fit despite his advanced age; he is nearly 400 years old. He prefers negotiation to bloodshed; even though his advice is often ignored. As a youth, Water-Runner was extraordinarily arrogant; however his long years spent in isolation have taught him it is better to be more thoughtful of others. Ocassionally, his arrogance returns to plague him, everyday he struggles to keep it in check.


Water-Runner is a priest of the Blue Phoenix. He has lived for over four centuries and prior to the Cataclysm was one of the most powerful and respected priests among the Kagonesti. When the Cataclysm struck, Water-Runner took it is a sign that he had failed the Blue Phoenix. In a time where most other followers of the Blue Phoenix have disappeared; Water-Runner was left behind.

He spent many years in isolation living in the wilderness and coming to grips with the absence of the Blue Phoenix. Over time he came to the conclusion that his arrogance led him to stray from good graces of the Blue Phoenix; that his arrogance led him to question his god. Water-Runner lived the life of a hermit, trying desperately to reconnect with the Blue Phoenix up until the War of the Lance when his faith was rewarded.

Water-Runner was one of the first Kagonesti clerics to return to the worship of the Blue Phoenix when the gods returned during the War of the Lance. He joined with the Qualinesti of Qualimori in fighting draconians during the war. After the war he assisted them with rebuilding Qualimori, and was given the name Reamont. He earned great respect among them and the respect of their priests.

When Sturif began his rebellion, Water-Runner mediated between the Kagonesti rebels and the Qualinesti preventing much bloodshed. The rebel leaders often ignore his advice, but he is still treated with extreme respect.

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