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Grevasse, Wayreth Tour Guide and Groundskeeper

by Kendermage

Male Male Civilized Human Ghost Wizard 4 / White-Robe 4
Strength10 Fortitude+3 Armor Class9/13*
Dexterity9 Reflex+1 Flat-footed AC9/13*
ConstitutionNA Will+10 Touch AC9/13*
Intelligence15 AlignmentCG Base Attack+4
Wisdom15 SpeedFly 30 ft. Melee Attack+4
Charisma18 Initiative-1 Ranged Attack+3
Hit Points39 SizeMedium

*when manifested


Summon Familiar (Grevasse has not chosen to summon a familiar), Arcane Focus n/a, Arcane Research +2, Item of Power, Moon Magic, Order Secret – Magic of Truth, Tower Resources, Corrupting Touch, Darkvision 60 ft., Incorporeal Traits, Manifestation, Rejuvenation, Telekinesis, +4 Turn Resistance, Undead Traits


Concentration +12, Hide +7, Intimidate +8, Listen +10, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (history) +9, Profession (groudskeeper) +13, Spellcraft +13, Spot +10


Extend Spell, Quicken Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Divination)


Common, Elven, Kharolian, Magius

Wizard Spells Prepared

Spells prepared (CL 8th, melee touch +4, ranged touch +3)
4th (2/day) – arcane eye, locate creature
3rd (3/day) – arcane sight, dispel magic, hold person
2nd (4/day) – detect thoughts, gust of wind, locate object, see invisibility
1st (5/day) – alarm, comprehend languages, hold portal, summon monster I, unseen servant
0 (4/day) – cleaning, mage hand, light, open/close
Note: Grevasse no longer needs a spellbook. His spells are replenished each night with the rising of Solinari. He has donated his spellbooks to the Wayreth library.


Incorporeal touch +4 melee (1d6 damage)


As a ghost Grevasse has no need of worldly possessions. Some of them are in Wayreth Vault, and others are with his bones in his tomb in Wayreth's Catacombs. He carries a ghostly staff and wears ghostly white robes.


Grevasse is a wrinkle-face, silver-haired grandpa of a wizard. He walks with the aid of a staff, which is no longer necessary due to his ghostly state, and is very nearsighted. Despite his decrepitude he displays a youthful zeal when showing visitors around the Tower of Wayreth, talking about the "good ole days", or harassing apprentices. He sees the Age of Mortals an age of possibililities and is not above telling people so.


When he was alive, Grevasse was a neat freak. Just because he is dead hasn't changed his compulsive neatness; he remains a creature of habit despite his condition. Though no longer able to physically keep the grounds, he makes use of such spells as gust of wind, unseen servant, and the cleaning cantrip. Grevasse is not above guilting apprentices or younger wizards into cleaning up after themselves.

Grevasse is very fond of the Master and the two can often be found roaming the tower in each other's company.


Like most wizards, Grevasse was caught unprepared when arcane magic disappeared at the end of the Chaos War. Unlike his comrades who sat around and bemoaned their fate, Grevasse actually did something about it. He traveled to the Citadel of Light shortly after it was founded to study the new art of mysticism.

Goldmoon's ways were a bit preachy to the old wizard, but he did master many mystic spells, including the sphere of Mentalism, under her tutelage. He stayed at the Citadel for a few years but eventually moved on. Goldmoon's magic was not his magic, not the magic he was used to in any case. Eventually wild sorcery was discovered and Grevasse would travel to Solace to study it with Palin Majere.

Grevasse served for a time as an instructor at the Academy of Sorcery. There he passed along his accumulated life knowledge of magic to young practitioners who could not even remember the time of High Sorcery and honed his skills in Aeromancy, Divination, and Summoning. A few years later Grevasse stepped down as Professor of Divnation and returned to Wayreth.

Two years before the Great Storm, Grevasse died. His spirit felt like it was being tugged into the River of Souls and only his connection to Wayreth kept him out of the clutches of the Dark Queen. Like most wizards, Grevasse was elated when the Gods of Magic and their moons returned at the end of the War of Souls.

Solinari charged the Grevasse and the Master with a grave task; to defend the Tower until the Conclave could reclaim it. In exchange, Solinari allowed Grevasse to resume his study of wizardry. He fulfilled his duties until the arrival of the crazed sorcerer Kalrakin. Grevasse did his best to assist the Master in fighting off Kalrakin, but once the Master began to falter, Grevasse realized he did not have the power to stand against such a force. He could only watch and weep as Kalrakin ripped apart his beloved tower. The Tower of Wayreth was reclaimed, but grievous damage had been done to it.

Solinari freed Grevasse from his duties, but the ghostly white-robe chose to stay behind and to assist with the repairs and maintenance of the Tower. He is free to journey into the Beyond anytime he wishes but for now Grevasse is happy right where he is.


The Last Tower

Design Notes

I opted to make Grevasse a ghost for two reasons. First, by the time of the War of Souls I believe he would have been dead. Second, his connection to the Tower of Wayreth is what keeps him in the world of the living. I felt it made Grevasse into a unique oddity that roams the halls of Tower of Wayreth plus gives the Master a sort of kindred spirit (pardon the pun).

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