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by Nael

Male Saqualaminoi Dragon Shaman 10
Strength21 Fortitude+11 Armor Class19
Dexterity10 Reflex+10 Flat-footed AC19
Constitution19 Will+3 Touch AC10
Intelligence10 AlignmentCN Base Attack+7
Wisdom16 Speed40 ft. Melee Attack+12
Charisma14 Initiative+0 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Points96 SizeLarge


Climb +3, Hide +3, Intimidate +3, Knowledge (Nature) +2, Knowledge (Dragons) +3, Listen +1, Move Silently +2, Search +2, Spot +2, Swim +1, and Survival +3


Skill Focus (Hide) (b), Skill Focus (Move Silently) (b), Power Attack, Brutal Strike, Fade into Violence

Totem Dragon Abilities

Icewalker (Ex): Chaq can walk across icy surfaces without reducing his speed or making Balance checks
Breath Weapon (Su): Chaq may breathe a cone of ice particles and chilling cold up to 15 feet away dealing 5d6 damage to anyone within the cone, reflex save for 1/2/ The Save DC is 19. Chaq can reuse this attack 1 every 1d4 rounds.
Draconic Resolve (Ex): Chaq is immune to paralysis and sleep effects, he is also immune to the frightful presence of dragons.
Touch of Vitality (Su): Each day Chaq can heal 40 hit points, either his own or someone touched.
Natural Armor (Ex): Small pebble like scales lie beneath his thick shaggy white pelt, increasing his natural ac by +1.
Energy Immunity (Ex): Chaq is completely immune to cold. This includes Cold based spells or effects with the Cold energy descriptor.

Draconic Auras

Energy Shield: Melee attacks made against Chaq or his allies deal 6 points of Cold damage
Power: +3 bonus to melee damage rolls made by Chaq or his allies
Presence: +3 bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made by Chaq or his allies.
Resistance: Grants Cold resistance 15 to Chaq's allies.
Senses: +3 bonus to all Listen, Spot and Initiative checks made by Chaq or his allies.
Toughness: Grants DR 3/Magic to Chaq and his allies.
Vigor: Fast healing 3 to Chaq and his Allies, only effective when at 50% hits or lower.


Dragons Roar (+2 Thundering Great Club) +14/+9 (1d10+9/1d12+9/x2)


Chaq was raised to be the next shaman of his tribe. When he began his vision quest he tripped and slipped down a deep crevasse in the ice sheet falling more than 90 feet into the powdery snow below. When he awoke he found himself face to face with the mummified remains of a gigantic white dragon. Seeing this as a sign, he resolved to ever after emulate the Great White Terrors of the north in all his actions. When Chaq returned to his tribe they noticed he had changed dramatically. When most of his tribe has a pelt of white tinged with yellow, Chaq's pelt was a pristine white that verged on a pale grey blue. His demeanor had also changed making him more primal, and instinctive than his normal wild race.

As time passed, Chaq watched the older shaman weaken with age, so, like the Dragon he revered, he punished this weakness with death. Chaq has ruled his tribe ever since, promoting their savagery and increasing their raids on those whom are perceived weaker than them. Truly earning the name Snow Demons that many have applied to them.


While not evil, Chaq is vicious and cunning in the extreme. He cares nothing for others outside his tribe and holds a deep and total respect for dragon kind. Like the Ogres of ages past, Chaq is intolerant of weakness, seeing them as an affront to the tribe. Saqualaminoi who become infirm do to advanced age of sickness are left to die if not killed outright as they weaken the tribe as a whole and stretch scant resources. Saqualaminoi that become injured are healed but if the injuries are to serious they are left by the rode side or quickly killed in an act of mercy not for the individual but for the tribe.

Chaq is a native of Adlatum, one of the lost continents of Krynn.


Player's Handbook II

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