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Sir Farall Skycutter

by Nepenthe

Male Civilized Human Fighter 5/Knight of the Lily 4/Vision Partisan 1
Strength20 Fortitude+12 Armor Class21
Dexterity13 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution14 Will+5 Touch AC11
Intelligence11 AlignmentLE Base Attack+9/+4
Wisdom13 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+14/+9
Charisma8 Initiative+5 Ranged Attack+10/+5
Hit Points80 SizeMedium


Dark Insight (Submit and Be Strong, +1 constitution), Doom: 1 (Su), Sneak Attack +2d6, Demoralize, Unbreakable Will (+2)


Concentrate +8, Diplomacy +1, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (religion) +6, Listen +3, Ride +8, Spot +3


Combat Brute, Danger Sense, Diehard(B), Honor-bound, Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Tremendous Charge


Common, Nerakese


+2 keen star metal greatsword (Storm's Sapphire), lesser abyssal lance


+2 full plate, Storm's Sapphire, lesser abyssal lance


Sir Farall knows no fear. He avoids unnecessary risks, but is not afraid to sacrifice himself and his men if Lord Ariakan of the Vision compels him. He knows he does not have the natural charisma of his patron, but believes that his unbreakable loyalty to his superiors and fairness to his men is the most that can be expected of him. He has a nagging feeling that something has gone horribly wrong with the invasion in a way nobody could foresee. His meditations on the Vision have convinced him that he is yet to play an important role in the Dark Queen's plan.


If there is such a thing as a bad part of Flotsam, Sir Farall Skycutter hails from there. A powerfully-muscled 6' at sixteen, the young Farall easily found work in the city's underground. He was discovered by Lord Ariakan while working as an enforcer for a moneylender. Ariakan was so impressed by the poweful young man that he chose to sponsor Farall to the Knights of Takhsis himself. Farall readily accepted Ariakan's invitation, awed by the Lord of Night's presence.

The young Farall, who among the knights became known as Sir Farall Skycutter, quickly adopted to fighting on dragonback. The Blood Oath and the Code also taught him the discipline he had unknowingly yearned for on the streets of Flotsam. Yet even with all his training he still most enjoys being in the midst of a group of enemies, swinging his mighty greatsword.

Sir Farall's most prized possession is his starmetal greatsword, a weapon of renown among the Dark Knights. According to a Dark Knight legend Zeboim herself guided a young Ariakan to the remains of a meteorite. It was the ore from this meteorite, an obvious gift from the gods, that was used in the forging of the Storm's Sapphire. According to the Knights of the Thorn, the blade will not break for as long as the knighthood stands. Sir Farall just knows that to wield such a blade is an honor accorded to few, and that he must demonstrate his worth to hold such a weapon. As a close associate of Ariakan's, he was among the few to recieve one of the new experimental Darklances.

During the invasion of Ansalon, Sir Farall distinguished himself during the attacks on Qualinesti and the High Clerist's Tower. As a reward for his loyalty, courage and ingenuity he was given the command of a Wing. He was placed in overall command of the rear guard in Palanthas because Lord Ariakan felt that the young man's absolute loyalty and even temper trump his lack of natural command skill when leading what is essentially an occupation force.

Sir Farall senses that something is horribly wrong, that something has happened to his liege. This is the first time he is really in command, and is uneasy without Lord Ariakan's guidance. He knows that his position as the commanding knight in the city is anything but secure; especially the knights of the Thorn would like to see one of their own leading the occupation force. Sir Farall fears that he lacks the raw creativity and leadership skills to supervise the remaining knights on his own. Without his Lord's guidance, he finds himself turning to the Vision more and more often to direct his actions.

Adaptation & Design Notes:

If you don't have access to Complete Adventurer or Complete Warrior, I suggest replacing the relevant feats with Heroic Surge and/or Improved Bull Rush. The stats above reflect Sir Farall Skycutter during the Chaos War period. He might be useful as an (N)PC in a Darklance campaign – maybe his separation from Ariakan is due to a power play by the Crimson Shield.

Farall has the "official" equipment from Chaos Spawn with his greatsword a bit spiced up. If you think this is too much, it's probably easiest to just drop the lesser abyssal lance.


Age of Mortals (lesser abyssal lance), Chaos Spawn, Complete Adventurer (Danger Sense feat), Complete Warrior (Combat Brute feat), Knightly Orders of Ansalon (Vision Partisan PrC)

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