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Omi Lu Qu'an

by Nael

Male Hobgoblin Wu-jen 12
Strength12 Fortitude+5 Armor Class13
Dexterity16 Reflex+7 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution12 Will+10 Touch AC13
Intelligence20 AlignmentLE Base Attack+6
Wisdom15 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+7
Charisma8 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points46 SizeMedium


Watchful Spirit, 4 spell secrets, Elemental Mastery, Moon Magic (Nutari), 4 Taboos


Concentration (Con) +15, Craft (Int) +10, Knowledge (The Planes) (Int) +5, Knowledge (History) +5 (Int), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int) +10, Knowledge (Torture) (Int) +5, Knowledge (Alchemy) (Int) +12, Profession (Wis) Alchemist +12,Search (Wis)+5, Spellcraft (Int) +10, Spot (Wis) +5


Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Black Lore of Moil, Extra Spell Secret, Craft Contingent Spell.




Royodan, Tradespeak, Shou


Wizard Spells per day (4/4/4/4/3/3/2; spell save DC 15 + spell level)
0disrupt undead, touch of fatigue, detect poison, detect magic, read magic, message; 1stunseen servant, detect secret doors, detect undead, charm person, identify, shocking grasp, magic missile, disguise self, cause fear, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement; 2ndweb<(/em>, detect thoughts, touch of idiocy, blur, mirror image<7em>, misdirection, blindness, false life, scare, ghoul touch; 3rdstinking cloud, clairaudience, clairvoyance, tongues, deep slumber, hold person, lightning bolt, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch, flame arrow; 4thremove curse, bestow curse, black tentacles, detect scrying, crushing despair, scrying, phantasmal killer, shadow conjuration, contagion, enervation; 5thbreak enchantment, blight, magic jar, waves of fatigue, permanency, nightmare, feeble mind, contact other plane; 6thguards and wards, chain lightning, contingency, eyebite, disintegrate

The following spells have been permanently modified via spell Secrets
magic missile: Silent and Stilled
shadow conjuration: Enlarge and Extended


+2 Staff of Spell Power +9/+4 (1d6+3/x2); This staff increases the Save DC of any spell cast by 2, when wielded


masterwork alchemist's laboratory, various tomes of magical spells, ring of the ram, rod of the rodent


Omi is a tall yet spare hobgoblin who just passes the 6 foot mark, his skin is a patchy mauve with greenish highlights that resemble an all over bruise rather than skin pigmentation and his hair is an unkempt and singed dirty grey. Jaundiced amber eyes set beneath his heavy brow give an impression of ignorance to this otherwise intelligent individual.


Omi was born to the high cast hobgoblin family from which nearly all the priests of the Moonstone Empire of Royodo come from. Unlike the other members of his crèche, Omi did not have the personal charisma or the ability to cultivate alliances that seemed to come naturally to the others. Instead, Omi developed a taste for intrigue and insinuation that the others could not compete with. Before Omi could be declared a political priest, he was visited by an aspect of the black moon Nutari. The aspect known as "The devourer" offered Omi an alternate path to power that would be based solely on his intelligence, and not on the fragile pacts that his crèche mates must depend on. Nutari sent a Watchful Spirit to instruct and guide Omi, eventually allowing Omi to escape to the Mountains of the Oni wall, where he currently resides, in his secluded cavern laboratory.

Elemental Mastery Like all Wu-jen, Omi has mastered a specific energy type of spells, as if he where a specialist in that type. Omi has chosen Negative Energy (Dark Chi) as his Element of choice. All Negative energy spells, or spells that are comprised of negative energy are cast at +2 caster level. This can be further modified by Moon Magic.

Moon Magic: See the Dragonlance Campaign Setting or Towers of High Sorcery for details on Moon Magic. (Note: Although the Moon Magic class feature isn't a part of the wu-jen class, it was added to this character writeup to add some Dragonlance flavor to the character).

Taboos: Omi lives with strict taboos, which he may never willingly violate:
Cannot sleep while Solinari is full
Cannot Eat Dead Meat; Omi may only eat of the meat of live creatures, once the creature dies, he can no longer eat from it.
Must wear one item of black silk when casting spells
Must help anyone who asks for assistance in Nutari's name.
If he ever violates one of these Taboo's he loses the benefits of Moon Magic and his Watchful Spirit will dissert him.

In Your Campaign

Omi funds his research in alchemy by crafting magical potions and poisons and selling cures, usually to his own creations, to the few individuals that have suffered the effects of his potions or poisons and survived to seek him out. Omi is adept at creating magical contact poisons that deliver the effects of his Touch and Ranged Touch attack spells which he sells for hefty prices.

Special Note

Omi is infamous as a master of the "spell bottle". He can put any spell he knows that imposes a negative effect into a liquid format, effectively creating a contact poison. Spells used in this way impose the normal damage but any secondary effects, such as healing the wizard do not cross over. Save DCs are the same as if cast by Omi himself.

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