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by Clive Squire

Male Kapak Ninja 5
Strength12 Fortitude+7 Armor Class15
Dexterity14 Reflex+12 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution14 Will+8 Touch AC13
Intelligence11 AlignmentLN Base Attack+5
Wisdom13 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+6
Charisma10 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Points55 SizeMedium


Darkvision 60ft., Death Throes, Ghost Step (invisible), Immunity to sleep, paralysis, disease; Inspired by Dragons, Ki Power, Low-light Vision, Low Metabolism, Poison Saliva, Sneak Attack +1d6, Sudden Strike +3d6


Dodge, Lightning Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Run (b)


Bluff +5, Climb +6, Escape Artist +5, Hide +9, Jump +8, Listen +8, Move Silently +9, Search +6, Sleight of Hand +9, Spot +8, Tumble +9




+2 shortsword +8 melee (1d6+3) and bite +1 melee (1d4)
Short bow +7 ranged (1d6)


Short bow, +2 shortsword, 20 arrows, cloak of resistance +1, traveller's outfit


Najinsk detests tight fitting clothing or armour, preferring to wear light, loose clothing, dyed in various shades of dark browns and blacks. The only adornments that he wears, are a set of two, copper badges, relics given to him by his father when he successfully completed his training.


Najinsk thrives on an ordered life, and is incessantly correcting the folds of his clothing as much as he is tidying and cleaning his small sparse room. He still lives his days in the ordered structure of his military training, keeping to a fixed timetable.


Najinsk is one of the new generations of draconians, hatched in Teyr. When is was very young, he was enrolled into the draconian military, where his skill at stealth become apparent and he was posted to a stealth master to further refine his talents. With the completion of his training, he has hopes to rejoin the military of Teyr and put his skills to use.


Complete Adventurer (ninja class)

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