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Arkolay of Sanction, the Invisible Hand

by Elanir

Male Civilized Human Rogue 4/Sorcerer 4/Spellfilch 5
Strength10 Fortitude+4 Armor Class18
Dexterity18 Reflex+14 Flat-footed AC12
Constitution10 Will+12 Touch AC14
Intelligence15 AlignmentCN Base Attack+8/+3
Wisdom14 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+8/+3
Charisma17 Initiative+6 Ranged Attack+12/+7
Hit Points41 SizeMedium


Evasion, signature spell (invisibility 2/day as spell-like ability, CL 7th), sneak attack +2d6, spellwise (evasion, skills, sneak attack), summon familiar, trap sense +1, trapfinding, uncanny dodge.

Skills (ranks only):

Appraise +10, Bluff +11, Concentration +8, Diplomacy +2, Disable Device +10, Disguise +1, Escape Artist +10, Forgery +1, Hide +10, Knowledge (arcana) + 10, Knowledge (local) +1, Listen +6, Move Silently +10, Open Lock +10, Search +7, Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +8, Spellcraft +10, Spot +6, Use Magic Device +3, Use Rope +1


Alertness, Eschew Materials, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Lucky, Quick-Thinking, Silent Spell, Stealthy


Common, Ergot, Nerakese, Solamnic


Sorcerer Spells Known (4/7/7/6; CL 7th, +8 melee touch, +12 ranged touch): 0—detect magic, detect poison, ghost sound, light, mage hand, message, open/close; 1st—color spray, detect secret door, disguise self, silent image, ventriloquism; 2nd–invisibility, knock, locate object; 3rd—clairaudience/clairvoyance, fly.


Monkey's Tail +9/+4 melee (1d3+1 nonlethal) or mw dagger +9/+4 melee or +12/+7 ranged (1d4).


Monkey's Tail (+1 whip that gives the Improved Trip feat to its wielder and can be used as a permanent "animated rope"), bracers of armor +2, ring of protection +2, ring of x-ray vision, wand of dispel magic, 2 mwk daggers.


Arkolay was born in Sanction during the year 395 AC to a barmaid and a mercenary briefly visiting the city. After a few years from his birth his mother finally realized that the father would never return to marry her as promised and that she would have to raise the "fruit of their passion" on her own. Frustrated with herself for being so easily deceived, she vented her anger on young Arkolay, forcing him to do chores all day long and denying him the love and caring he was due. Preferring the hard but free life of the streets of Sanction from his mother's stifling "embrace", the child left the inn at the tender age of eight, after taking every last copper the barmaid had managed to save, as payment for her "motherly devotion".

Despite Hogan Bight's fair rule, to survive in Sanction one had to be tough and resourceful and Arkolay proved to be both. Being forced to steal in order to eat the child soon discovered that it was quite gifted in picking pockets and cutting the purses of unsuspecting citizens. Once down this road Arkolay never looked back.

The years passed and the now young man realized that stealing from people was all well and good, but it didn't offer the thrill or the rewards of a true robbery from either a nobleman's house or a merchant's shop. The underworld of Sanction recognized Arkolay's talent and several groups of thieves, con artists and even assassins sought to recruit him. Prizing his freedom above all else Arkolay refused to become member of a larger group and be bound by the rules and dictates of others. His refusal angered a small group of especially malicious thieves who sought to poison him. They would have surely succeeded if Arkolay hadn't instinctively known that the wine offered to him was lethal. After their treachery was revealed, the thieves sought to utilize less delicate tools like daggers and short swords in order to punish him for his insolence. Facing three opponents unarmed would be the end of the young man if he hadn't somehow created a blinding burst of brilliant colors that incapacitated his attackers. This display of ambient magic caught the eye of a traveling Academy sorcerer who tried to persuade Arkolay to study under the tutelage of Palin Majere in the Academy of Sorcery near Solace. The young man accepted, but only if the Academy sorcerer would share some of his secrets with him. After learning all that he could and having no intention of keeping his word, Arkolay vanished, taking along his tutor's magical ring as well.

Following the principles he had learnt from the spellcaster, the thief realized that apart from his uncanny "sixth sense" he had also a talent for manipulating light and air. Since his magical skills allowed him to perform deeds thought impossible by common thieves, he relished both his newly acquired wealth and his growing reputation. Adopting the name of "Invisible Hand" because he stole without ever being seen, he started leaving behind his "unique signature" at every crime scene –a white glove of silk.

When magic started to wane and Arkolay was no more able to magically defend himself from his enemies, he secretly left Sanction for Palanthas in order to start anew. With the return of the gods at the end of the War of Souls and with his spells once more reliable, he resumed his career as a spellfilch under his old name. All went especially well until the day that he decided to rob the house of a female Black Robe called Nystre. The challenge was great for she was known to be powerful in magic and also enjoyed the protection of the Dark Knights, being the favored informant (and quite possibly lover) of Lord Knight Elstone Kinsaid. Still the rumors of steel coins, gems and many potent objects of arcane power were too alluring to be ignored.

Unfortunately Nystre's wards and well-trained Dark Knight guards proved more than a match for Arkolay's skills and he was soon captured red-handed. The Black Robe spared his life but put a curse on him in order to use him as an assassin against a Black Robe rival that had publicly humiliated her in the not so distant past. Unable to lift the powerful curse Arkolay had to unwillingly comply.

Currently (shortly before the liberation of Palanthas) the spellfilch is looking for a way to break the enchantress' control over him and abandon the task that was forced on him. If Nystre perished along the way and some of her treasures found their way in the thief's pockets so much the better. In any case Palanthas having turned out too dangerous for his taste, Arkolay plans to leave for Gwynned as soon as he gets the chance.

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