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Cyrine Harrian-Caergothia, Knight of the Lily

by Raggart_Knug

Female Human Rogue 3/Fighter 3/Lily 4
Strength14 Fortitude+8 Armor Class23
Dexterity16 Reflex+8 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution10 Will+5 Touch AC15
Intelligence13 AlignmentLE Base Attack+9/+4
Wisdom15 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+11/+6
Charisma16 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+13/+8
Hit Points56 SizeMedium


Evasion, Trap Sense +1, Demoralize (Ex), Fight to the Death (Ex), Unbreakable Will +2, Sneak Attack +4d6.


Bluff +12, Diplomacy +16, Gather Information +12, Intimidate +16, Jump -1, Knowledge (Religion) +3, Ride +15, Search +7, Sense Motive +8, Spot +9, Tumble +9.


Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Honor-Bound, Improved Feint, Leadership, Mounted Combat, Weapon Finesse.




+1 rapier +13/8 melee (1d6+3) or +1 light crossbow +13 ranged (1d8+1)


+1 Rapier, +1 light crossbow, +1 breastplate, +1 light steel shield, Ring of Protection +2, potions of Cat`s Grace (3), 236 steel pieces.


5'2" and 110 pounds, Cyrine is a petite and vivacious young woman with a core of steel, and she sports a temper that she is quick to unleash on thise who balk her in the performance of her duties. Rigidly honorable, she wears a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Nevertheless, Ariakan trusts her and has used her as a spy. She rides the blue dragon Lyssirix.

Background (immediately before the Chaos War):

Cyrine was born in poverty in the city of Caergoth, and her parents were arrested by the Knights of Solamnia when she was 7 years old and executed for some crime she was too young to understand. One of the members of the knighthood took pity on her and adopted her into his family, attempting to "rescue" her from her past and to reform her by teaching her about justice and honor. Unfortunately, they were successful.

Blaming the Knights of Solamnia for the death of her parents, she ran away when she was 10 years old she stole some steel and a ring from the knight's family. When recruiters for the Knights of Takhisis came across her living on the streets 4 years later, they were immediately impressed and extended an invitation to join the Knights of Takhisis. Seeing her opportunity to strike back at the Knights of Solamnia, she readily agreed. She developed her own surname, based on the name of her father and the city of her birth.

Currently, she is ferreting out Solamnic families and bringing them to the attenion of Sir Farall and Sir Jerod. Lyssirix sometimes joins her in human form. Their most recent escapades together have led to an even greater bonding between the two.

Cyrine still wears the ring she stole from her adopted parents, and this serves two purposes; it reminds her of her need for vengeance, and it reminds her of her shame for having stolen the item. She looks forward to the day she can face her former adopted parent (or his heir), when she can return the ring and take their life.


Cyrine is a zealot in pursuit of the Vision, and is completely devoted to the Order of the Lily. Her respect extends only to those that she feels embrace the Vision the way she does, and at present that includes Ariakan and Sir Farall Skycutter. Despite her short temper and rigid sense of honor, she has an uncanny ability with people, which mystifies even her.

Although she has acted as a spy, the experience caused her to question her sense of honor, and her worth as a true Knight of Takhisis. Farall seems to appreciate her as a warrior, however, and this has redeemed her sense of worth.


In mass combat Cyrine is often the loudest combatant on the field, inspiring her allies and attracting her foes. She exploits every opportunity and weakness in her opponent. In one-on-one combat she often "warms up" her opponent, taunting them from a fully defensive or full combat-expertise position, tricking her opponent into a defensive position, and then following up with her Demoralize and Improved Feint abilities.

In Your Campaign:

The equipment listed above is for Cyrine as a NPC. As a PC, her original equipment included a ring of protection +4 and a +3 melee weapon (or equivalent).

References: Chaos Spawn

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