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by Clive Squire

Female Kyrie Ranger 9/Pinion 3
Strength5 Fortitude+11 Armor Class17
Dexterity18 Reflex+17 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution12 Will+9 Touch AC15
Intelligence10 AlignmentCN Base Attack+15/+10/+5
Wisdom14 Speed20 (fly50) Melee Attack+12/+7/+2
Charisma9 Initiative+4 Ranged Attack+19/+14/+9
Hit Points63 SizeMedium


Aerial Grace, Animal Companion, Combat Focus, Combat Style (archery), Darkvision 60ft., Favoured Enemy (minotaur) +4, Gift of Flight, Improved Combat Style (archery), Pinion Strike, Swift Tracker, Wild Empathy +8, Woodland Stride.


Bluff –2, Diplomacy –2, Gather Information –2, Handle Animal +4, Move Silently +21, Knowledge (nature) +18, Listen +19, Spot +19, Survival +19 (+21 aboveground natural environments).


Dodge, Endurance (b), Far Shot, Heroic Surge (b), Manyshot (b), Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot (b), Shot on the Run, Spring Attack, Track (b).

Flaws & Traits: Frail; Passionate, Uncivilised.


Auran, Kothian.


Mystic Spells Known: CL 3rd.
  *Domain – Animal (speak with animals, 1/day).
  1st – (4/day) calm animal*, cure light wounds, obscuring mist.
  0 – (5/day) create water, cure minor wounds, detect poison, light, resistance.


Claws +12 melee (1d6-3) or +1 handaxe +13/+8/+3 melee (1d6-2/x3) or +1 longbow +20/+15/+10 ranged (1d8+1/x3) or +1 longbow +18/+18/+13/+8 ranged (1d8+1/x3) with Rapid Shot or +1 longbow +14 ranged (3d8+3/x3) with Manyshot.


+1 handaxe, +1 longbow, ring of protection +1, amulet of health +4.


Brightwing appears very much like a normal Kyrie, although she is a lot more thinner than is normal, a sign of the years she has spent in starvation by the hands of her former masters. She has a dulled yellow-gold feathers all over her body. She has a remarkable silvery-white line of flight feathers, which is how is came by her name. She has a gaunt, humanlike face, with arched cheekbones.


Brightwing was born in an aerie the mountains of Karthay. Her family were brutally butchered by the minotaurs, who kept up continuing raids on the mountains of the her people. She was captured and sold into servitude to the minotaurs, who mistreated her and left her perpetually on the point of death.

Her break for freedom came when her current minotaur master had a favoured pet, a dire bear, turn on him as he was feeding it a hapless kender prisoner. During the brief battle, Brightwing summoned her strength and managed to flee into the nearby hills.

Managing to avoid the regular minotaur patrols, she managed to fly back to her home aerie, only to find it totally destroyed and burned. Burning with vengeance at the hostility shown her and her people by the minotaurs, Brightwing has started to find likeminded folk who have suffered at the hands of the minotaurs and take the fight, eventually, back to them.


Brightwing is far more militaristic than others of her kind. The long years she spent at the mercy of the minotaurs has shown her that they cannot be trusted and should be forced off of the lands of her people. Brightwing still bears the marks, both seen and unseen, of her imprisonment. She instinctively flinches around loud voices and has to reassert herself.

She is desperately trying to be a strong leader to her small flock, any sign of perceived weakness from her, causes her to lash out at the nearest object or creature.

Adventure Hook:

Brightwing can be a valued ally to foolish adventurers who find themselves traipsing around the Island of Karthay. Her knowledge of the local area can help the PC's to navigate throughout the isle, in search of treasure or renown in fighting the great minotaur army. Of course, getting her to trust the PC's will be an ordeal in itself, she is likely to only fully trust a group of adventurers only after they have performed a couple of "small" favours for her and her band, the elimination of a couple of annoying minotaur outposts.

Once her trust is gained, she holds many secrets which PC's can find invaluable while exploring the jungles and mountains of Karthay. She knows the locations many of the local ruins, as well as the most expedient route to get to them and avoid any minotaur entanglement. If the PC's show spirit and are eager allies in the fight against the minotaurs, she may even consider them for admission to the Blooded Pinions, depending on how useful they are.

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