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Pax Killburn

by Clive Squire

Male Afflicted Kender Mystic Ranger 4
Strength10 Fortitude+5 Armor Class17
Dexterity18 Reflex+9 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution10 Will+6 Touch AC15
Intelligence14 AlignmentCG Base Attack+4
Wisdom16 Speed20 Melee Attack+5
Charisma14 Initiative+4 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points14 SizeSmall


Animal Companion (none), Combat Style (archery), Favoured Enemy (dragon), Wild Empathy +5.


Bluff +4, Climb +4, Gather Information +4, Handle Animal +4, Heal +5, Hide +14, Intimidate +4, Jump +4, Knowledge (local) +4, Knowledge (nobility & royalty) +4, Knowledge (nature) +6, Listen +6, Move Silently +9, Search +6, Sense Motive +6, Spot +11, Survival +7, Swim +2.


Rapid Shot (b), Sharp-Eyed, Stubborn, Tack (b)

Spells (CL 2nd):

1st – (1/day) resist energy.


Kenderspeak, Common, Goblin, Ergot.


+1 dragonsbane hoopak +5 melee (1d4+1) as quarterstaff
+1 dragonsbane hoopak +5 melee (1d4+1) as shortspear
+1 dragonsbane hoopak +10 ranged (1d4+1) as shortspear
+1 dragonsbane hoopak +10 ranged (1d3+1) as sling.
Dagger of Distinction +5 melee (1d4)


Hoopak, dagger of distinction, leather armour, a couple of days trail rations, belt pouch (contains an couple steel coins), map case (containing recent maps of the eastern Desolation).


Pax was rescued from the destruction of Kendermore by his parent, who fled to the relative sanctuary of Hylo. As an afflicted kender, Pax grew up hating the Great Dragons for what they had done to him, his family and anyone who was smaller than them, simply because they could. He saw such actions from the humans of Hylo, who treated all kender as if they had the plague, simply because they were bigger.

Pax sent out to win renown for himself, and by that, for all other kender that would follow in his footsteps. He set out to find the means to destroy the Great Dragons. Pax travelled far and wide, often staying in an area for no longer than a few days, searching for people and things to aid him.

By the time that he found a weapon powerful enough to break through a dragon's scales, many of the Great Dragons were already slain. Pax, distraught, entered into a period of depression, which was only lifted when he was attacked by some remaining minions of Malystryx that were still roaming the lands of the eastern Desolation. Taking up his arms again, he has vowed to stop all those who were spawned by her or act in the Great Red's name.


Pax is very much unlike any other kender you could meet. For a start he wears his blond hair cropped close to his head. His dour face is usually set in a defiant manner. He wears an old leather armour, dirt encased and torn in places.


Pax, like other kender, is filled with wanderlust, the uncontrollable urge to travel and see new sights and experiences. Unlike other kender, Pax does so with a cause, a self appointed mission to discover a means to rid the world of the Great Dragons and to be the one to use it against them. Pax dislikes the way that kender are treated by most folk, having more than once 'shown' a person the error of targeting kender with prejudice and intolerance.


If you are running the Key of Destiny campaign, Pax can pop up almost anywhere in the Desolation, granting the PC's a brief and helpful ally when run into trouble. Pax, along with a small band of kender, all agreed to journey here for Kronin, but Pax managed to get sidetracked from the others. The PC's could discover Pax within Kendermore city. Pax will be looking for his missing companions and could aid the PC's against the slavers, thus helping to free the enslaved kender.

In a more generic Age of Mortals campaign, Pax could be an invaluable scout and guide for hardy adventurers that are seeking to pit their wits against what the Desolation can throw at them. Pax, can be hired from a couple of the inns and taverns of Port Balifor, which he makes a point to pop into whenever he is in town.

He is also know to the Legion of Steel, and works for them, while not yet being one of them, to ferry important information, people or objects in and out of the Desolation. PC's could come across him while he is doing just that. Alternatively, if he is on such a mission and knows that the agents of the Dark Knights are close behind him, he could ask a favour from one of the PC's – take the package on undetected, while he loses his trailers.


  • Heroes of Defiance.
  • Knightly Orders of Ansalon (Mystic Ranger Variant)

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