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Chalcedony Rockdale

by Kendermage

Female Hill Dwarf Master 7
Strength10 Fortitude+3 Armor Class15
Dexterity12 Reflex+3 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution13 Will+7 Touch AC11
Intelligence14 AlignmentLN Base Attack+5
Wisdom14 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+5
Charisma14 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+6
Hit Points34 SizeMedium


Dwarf Traits, Primary Focus (Professional), Secondary Focus (Sage), Knacks (Fast Talk, Lore, Loyal Clientele)


Bluff +12, Diplomacy +18, Gather Information +14, Knowledge (local) +15, Profession (lawyer) +15, Sense Motive +15, Search +7, Spot +9


Martial Weapon Proficiency (dwarven waraxe), Negotiator, Sharp-eyed, Skill Focus (Knowledge/local), Skill Focus (Profession/lawyer)


Common, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Kothian, Nerakan, Solamnic


+2 keen dwarven waraxe, +7 melee (1d10+2/19-20/x3)


+2 keen dwarven waraxe, chainshirt, traveling clothes


"Challie" has brown hair that she keeps in a tight braid down her back and has brown eyes. She wears a well made tunic, brown pants, boots, and a thick knobby wool coat.


Not much is known of Challie's background. It is suspected that the axe she wields once belonged to her father.


Stubborn, eye for detail, organized, neat, quiet & introverted to the point of coldness. She has the typical dwarven sense of order from her perfectly packed bags to her simple rugged clothing.

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