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Shart Kak-Kullin, Vassal of the Green Peril

by Clive Squire

Male Minotaur Dragon Vassal Fighter 10/Knight of the Lily 6 (CR 17)
Strength28 Fortitude+17 Armor Class26
Dexterity14 Reflex+9 Flat-footed AC11
Constitution24 Will+7 Touch AC25
Intelligence6 AlignmentLE Base Attack+16
Wisdom14 Speed20 Melee Attack+25
Charisma18 Initiative+6 Ranged Attack+18
Hit Points209 SizeMedium


Darkvision 60ft, Scent, Fast Healing 5, Immune to Fear, Demoralise, and +2 save vs. mind-affecting spells, sneak attack +2d6.


Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +28, Knowledge (religion) +0, Listen +8, Ride +8, Search +4, Spot +8, Swim +1*, Use Rope +5.

* includes armour check penalty –12.


Cleave, Great Cleave, Diehard (b), Greater Weapon Focus (shatang), Honour-Bound, Hulking Brute, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Leadership, Power Attack, Scent, Skill Focus (intimidate), Weapon Focus (shatang), Weapon Specialist (shatang).


Common, Kothian.


Melee*: +2 shantang +20/+15/+10/+5 (1d8+11, x3) or
Melee: Gore +25 (1d6+9) or
Melee: Gore +25 (2d6+14) as part of charge
Ranged: +2 shatang +19 (1d8+11, x3, 20ft)
* includes an 8-point adjustment for Power Attack.


+2 shatang, +3 profane full plate mail.


Shart is an imposing figure of a Minotaur, standing well over 6-feet tall. He usually wears a set of black and gilded full plate armour, which proudly sports the lily on the chest but it is surrounded by a flickering green fire. He was given the armor by his mistress, Beryllinthranox, before she was killed and it is his most prized possession.


Shart's care only for power and regaining the lands lost to his mistress after her death. His thirst of power makes him a decidedly dangerous friend to know, as he is very willing to use others only as long as they can produce results that will aide him in his quest. As soon as they are of little or no use, he will likely eliminate them.


Very little is known of the Minotaur Shart Kak-Kullin. Shart was a Lily Knight who seized an opportunity to gain power presented itself to him. He was stationed with a talon of Lily Knights controlling the Qualinesti Forest under Marshal Medan. His talon was practically wiped out by a group of rebellious elves. Shart survived the slaughter and managed to capture the rebel leader and bring him in front of Beryllinthranox, the so-called Green Peril.

Beryl, sensing a valued servant in Shart, offered to embed one of her scaled in the Minotaur, turning him into her vassal. Shart sensing a great opportunity, readily agreed and he served Beryl very well up until her demise at the hands of the famed Heroine of the Lance, Laurana. With the dissolution of the Overlord's forces in the Qualinesti Forest, Shart saw a last the greater opportunity he had hoped for and seized control over a number of thralls and servitors of the Green Peril.

Seizing what they could, Shart's and his forces retreated into the depths of the northern Qualinesti Forest and they began a reign of hit-and-run strikes against any elves that are unfortunate enough to come across them. Shart sees the rise of the upstart Lily Knight, Samuval, as a direct threat to his plans to re-conquer the Elven forests in the name of his late mistress.

Shart has become very obsessed with the power of magic, realising that to withstand the greater forces of Samuval he must have either powerful friends or powerful spellcasters that are loyal to him. To this end, he has recently travelled to Palanthus, the Lord City of Solamnia, to enlist the services of as many sorcerers that he can.

Shart is rarely without his powerful sorcerer aide. A favoured trick is for the sorcerer to cast Green Dragon Rage (see the Dragon Rage spell on the Nexus) on Shart's as he enters battle, greatly improving his combat abilities. While under the effects of the spell, Shart's abilities change to the following:

  • Change Strength to 30 (+10), Intelligence to 8 (–1) and Wisdom to 16 (+3).
  • Willpower save changes to +8
  • AC changes to 28, touch 25, flat-footed 13
  • Melee Attack changes to +26
  • Knowledge (religion) +1, Listen +9, Search +5, Spot +9, Swim +2.
  • CR changes to 19

Shart is searching for a way to make the spells effects more permanent.


As above and Breath Weapon (30ft line of acid every 1d4 rounds, 3d8 acid damage, Reflex DC 25 for half), Dragon Inspiration, Resist Acid 10, SR 25.


Melee*: +2 shatang +21/+16/+11/+6 (1d8+12, x3) or
Melee: Gore +26 (1d6+10) or
Melee: Bite +26 (1d4+10) or
Melee: Claw +26 (1d4+10) or
Melee: Gore +25 (2d6+15) as part of charge
Ranged: +2 shatang +20 (1d8+12, x3, 20ft)
* includes an 8-point adjustment for Power Attack.


Based on a character by Juddog99.

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