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Gafner the Mad

by Clive Squire & Trampas Whiteman

Male Mad Gnome Sorcerer 16
Strength4 Fortitude+5 Armor Class18
Dexterity12 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC17
Constitution10 Will+10 Touch AC18
Intelligence20 AlignmentCE Base Attack+8
Wisdom16 Speed20ft. Melee Attack+6
Charisma18 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+10
Hit Points41 SizeSmall


DR 10/adamntine, +2 save vs. fire and poison, summon familiar (unused).

Infernal Eyes (Ex): As a swift action, Gafner can expend a spell slot to have his eyes emit a spectral red glow that enables him to see perfectly in darkness of any kind. He ignores concealment granted by the darkness spell. This lasts for 10 minutes per spell level expended.

Infernal Howl (Su): By expending one spell slot, Gafner can create a 30ft cone, which deals 2d6 points of sonic energy per spell level expended. Targets caught can make a Fortitude save (DC = 14 + the spell's level) to take half damage.


Concentration +19, Craft (blacksmith) +9, Disable Device +12, Hide +10, Knowledge (arcana) +24, Knowledge (religion) +7, Knowledge (the planes) +14, Open Lock +8, Spellcraft +26 (+28 with scrolls), Use Magic Device +13 (+17 with scrolls).


Augment Summoning, Infernal Sorcerer Eyes, Infernal Sorcerer Heritage, Infernal Sorcerer Howl, Spell Focus (conjuration), Spellcasting Prodigy.

Source: Player's Handbook II (Infernal Sorcerer feats)
Source: Legends of the Twins (Spellcasting Prodigy)


Gnome, Common, Magius, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Solamnic.


Sorcerer Spells Prepared: (CL 16th)
8th (3/day) summon monster VIII (CL 18th).
7th (5/day) prismatic spray (DC 21), project image (DC 21).
6th (6/day) circle of death (DC 20), disintegrate (DC 20), mislead (DC 20).
5th (7/day) cone of cold (DC 19), shadow evocation (DC 19), summon monster V (CL 18th), waves of fatigue.
4th (7/day) enervation, phantasmal killer (DC 18), stoneskin*, summon monster IV (CL 18th)
3rd (7/day) phantom steed (CL 18th), ray of exhaustion (+10 ranged touched, DC 17), slow (DC 17), summon monster III (CL 18th)
2nd (7/day) blindness/deafness, detect thoughts (DC 16), invisibility, scorching ray (+10 ranged touch), summon monster II. (CL 18th)
1st (8/day) disguise self, mage armour*, ray of enfeeblement (+10 ranged touch), summon monster I (CL 18th), true strike.
0 (6/day) daze, detect magic, flare, light, mage hand, ray of frost (+10 ranged touch), read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue.
* already cast.


Cloak of protection +3.


Gafner is a male gnome who has unnaturally lived to be 121 years old, though he only appears to be in his early sixties. He has ash-grey hair, ice blue eyes, and stands 4'7" tall. He constantly rants and raves pure nonsense when he speaks, which is all too often. His eyes reveal his true insane nature. Gafner is occasionally mistaken for being absent-minded. In truth, he is so focused on the task at hand that he tunes out all distractions, even to the point of deathly peril for himself.

Gafner has a severe hatred towards all elves, who he blames for the death of his mistress. He also hates the Wizards of High Sorcery, and will stop at nothing to destroy them.


Gafner the Mad once held a prominent place in the Guild of Arcane Studies, specifically the Committee on Arcane Items and Enhancements. Gafner had pushed the envelopes of arcane science, unlocking new theories of magic throughout the years. He eventually pushed too far and was cast out of Mt. Nevermind forever.

During the early Age of Mortals, he traveled the world in search of magic items from the Age of Despair. Gafner's travels brought about the attention of the dragon overlord Beryl, who herself sought out artifacts of prior ages. Gafner agreed to become her operative, figuring it would benefit his own magical research and keep him from becoming a tasty morsel for the Green Peril.

Throughout the years, he learned the newfound magic of Wild Sorcery. Again, pushing the envelope, he delved into avenues of study that are best avoided. Tapping into the chaotic side of Wild Sorcery, Gafner lived up to his namesake and started to go insane. He became a powerful and dangerous sorcerer.

After the death of Beryl, Gafner mourned the loss of his bloated mistress. He knew that, with the return of the Wizards of High Sorcery, his life was in danger and he would not be able to pursue the study of magic items as he once had. Gafner has decided that the only course to survival is to destroy the Wizards of High Sorcery before they destroy him.

Recently, during a sojourn to Nalis Aren, the watery tomb of Beryl, he had a vision. Whether this vision was caused by the toxic fumes or was a portent from one of the deities is unknown. Whatever the case, he jumped into the lake, swimming to the bottom where his mistress lay dead. When he surfaced, his eyes glowed red and he felt his power increase dramatically.

The Orders of High Sorcery have recently learned of Gafner after they discovered he was behind the death of two White Robes, a Black Robe, and a Red Robe. The majority of the Conclave has ruled that Gafner is a threat and must be destroyed, though the Black Robes secretly hope to convert him to the ways of wizardry. If they are unable to, they will carry out the Conclave's wishes and kill the gnome without prejudice, taking any magic item of value on his person.


Based on a character by Juddog99. Thanks to B'naa for his help on this character.

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