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Aglaya Darya, Knight of the Skull

by Kendermage

Male Civilized Human Psion (Telepath) 6/Knight of the Skull 1
Strength13 Fortitude+5 Armor Class24
Dexterity12 Reflex+3 Flat-footed AC23
Constitution13 Will+11 Touch AC16
Intelligence18 AlignmentLE Base Attack+3
Wisdom15 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+4
Charisma16 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+4
Hit Points28 SizeMedium


Detect Good, Smite Good (1/day), Aura of Evil


Concentration +11, Diplomacy +14, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (religion)+13, Listen +6, Psi-craft +12, Ride +2, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +13,Spot +6


Alertness, Armor Proficiency (heavy), Inquisitor, Iron Will, Maximize Power, Narrow Mind


Common, Nerakan, Ogre, Solamnic


Powers Known: (Power Points: 41)
1st (DC 15): detect psionics, empathy, mindlink, mind thrust, missive
2nd (DC 16): mass missive, read thoughts, recall agony, thought shield
3rd (DC 17): crisis of breath, dispel psionics, hostile empathic transfer, psionic blast


+1 Morningstar +5 melee (1d8+2/x2)


Masterwork breastplate, masterwork heavy steel shield, 2 scrolls of cure light wounds, True Heart


Aglaya is 5'3" tall, with shoulder length blond hair and piercing blue eyes (for a visual consult the picture of the Skull Knight on pg 62 of the DLCS).


Aglaya is a non-nonsense kind of person. She is the spiritual advisor of Thorn Knight Grey vin Tindalos and sees to the spiritual needs of his elite squad. As a member of the Cabal of the True Heart she is charged with seeking out traitors to the Blood Oath and adjudicating violations of the Code.


Aglaya started her career as a mystic studying the sphere of Mentalism. She was recruited as a youth by Grey vin Tindalos himself and recruited into his elite squad. After the War of Souls, Aglaya discovered that there was more to her mental powers than she ever believed, not long ago she under went an epiphany into a psion. She now uses her telepathic abilities both to protect her lord, destroy her enemies, and to ferret out traitors within the ranks.

In MyCampaign:

I am integrating psionics to say that they spring from the mystic domain of Mentalism. Prior to the War of Souls, Mentalism was thought to be a domain of mysticism. As all magic was being drained at this point thus its full potential remained a mystery. In the aftermath of the WoS, those mystics who explored the powers of mentalism discovered that it had much more potential and was actually a force completely separate from but similar to mysticsm. Where mysticism is a power of the heart or inner faith, mentalism is a power of the mind.

Note 1: In order to make the psion work I had to change the spellcasting requirements for the Skull Knight a bit. Instead of requiring the ability to cast 3rd level divine spells, I changed it so that she had to be able to use 3rd level psionic powers.

Note 2: I knew there was a reason I gave her heavy armor proficiency. It is because she began her career as a Mystic (Mentalist) and thus possesses Armor Proficiency (light and medium) as virtual feats.

Changing Focus

A mystic with the Mentalism Domain who wishes to become a Psion may do so using the Epiphany rules on pg 97 of the DLCS. Thus far only the only known bridge between Mysticism and Psionics is the mentalism Domain, thus these rules are only available to those with the Mentalism Domain. When the mystic's focus shifts from Mentalism to Psionics the following changes occur.

Mystic (Mentalism Domain)/Psion: Hit points, saving throws, skills, feats and weapon and armor proficiencies remain the same. If changing to Psion lose access to the Mentalism Domain, granted power, mystic spellcasting progression, and known spells. Gain Power Point Pool as appropriate for level, Choose Discipline, and appropriate number of powers from allowed power lists. If changing to Mystic, lose all psionic powers, disciplines, and power point pools. Gain Mentalism Domain, granted power, mystic spell casting progression, and choose number of known spells as appropriate for level from the Cleric/Mystic spell list.

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