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by Kendermage

Male Civilized Human Fighter 2/Wizard 5/War Mage 2/Dragon Highlord 1
Strength17 Fortitude+11 Armor Class14
Dexterity11 Reflex+1 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution14 Will+9 Touch AC10
Intelligence16 AlignmentNE Base Attack+6/+1
Wisdom11 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+9/+6
Charisma16 Initiative+0 Ranged Attack+6/+1
Hit Points58 SizeMedium

*Co-winner of the May 2006 Character Spotlight


Summon familiar (Merinsaard has chosen not to have a familiar); War Mage (Arcane Aegis: 1 Ally, Battle Magic +1, Armored Spellcasting -5%), Dragon Highlord (Demoralize, Motivate Troops +1)


Bluff +6, Climb +6, Concentration +12, Gather Information +6, Handle Animal +4, Intimidate +14, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (religion) +5, Ride +6, Spellcraft +15


Combat Casting, Empower Spell, Eschew Materials, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Leadership, Power Attack, Resist Dragonfear, Still Spell, Weapon Focus (bastard sword)


Abyssal, Common, Magius, Solamnic


Spells Prepared (CL 7th, melee touch +9, ranged touch +6)
4th – polymorph
3rd – fireball, hold person, ray of exhaustion
2nd – bull's strength, eagle's splendour, false life, levitate
1st – cause fear, protection from good, ray of enfeeblement, true strike
0 – detect magic, flare, light, touch of fatigue


Thresholder, unholy flaming burst silver bastard sword (1d10+3+1d6 fire [+2d6 against good]/19-20


Dragonarmor, Mai-Tat (heavy war-horse), spellbook*.

*Merinsaard has access to all of the spells from 1st -4th level of the Players Handbook.


Powerfully built with pale skin and shoulder length white hair; though he is not old. He dresses in dragonarmor trimmed in read and blue complete with fearsome dragon helm.


Merinsaard was deceitful, and completely without honor. Given the choice of honorable combat he preferred to attack when his opponent least expected it, using magic or his sword Thresholder.


Merinsaard was one of those chosen by Ariakas to be Dragon Highlords. He was given command over the Blue Wing and was tasked with procuring food and arms for the Dragonarmies. Merinsaard put out the word that cattle and arms were needed for a coming conflict drawing many herders and artisans to him. He would draw the herds into the bailey of Vingaard Keep where he would confiscate the goods in the name of the Dark Queen and imprison or kill the herders and artisans. Such happened to the herd which Sturm Brightblade was assisting with.

The herders were instructed to bring the cattle into the bailey. Several of the herders including Sturm were taken to see Merinsaard himself. Merinsaard feigned interest in the price sought by the herders and had a chest brought forth, supposedly payment for the animals. Onthar, the Herd Master liked his lips in anticipation of the wealth but was sorely surprised to find the chest empty when he opened it. A battle ensued during which Merinsaard used a combination of the spells sleep, flare, and hold person to neutralize his opponents.

Upon awakening Sturm and the others herders were greeted by Merinsaard in full Dragon Highlord regalia. Merinsaard easily intimidated one of the herders into revealing Sturm's true identity. For this the herder was beheaded in front of Sturm and Tervy, a young raider girl whom Sturm has saved. Merinsaard offered Sturm the chance to join the Dragonarmies promising him the chance to command armies and achieve power; though he would not tell Sturm who his commander was. None of these things interested Sturm though he feigned interest long enough for Tervy to get into a position to launch a sneak attack on Merinsaard. Sturm and Tervy managed to subdue the Dragon Highlord, Sturm then impersonated Merinsaard and freed the other herders, before leaving them to travel to Castle Brightblade.

Sturm used Merinsaard's horse Mai-Tat to make the journey. At Castle Brightblade, Sturm was guided by unseen voices to the resting place of his father's armor and sword. Shortly after finding them, Mai-tat was revealed to be the shapechanged Merinsaard. A battle ensued and even with his father's armor and the Brightblade, Sturm was on the losing end. Merinsaard was about to kill Sturm when he was struck from behind by an arrow fire from the bow of Kitiara Uth Matar, who would later take his position as Highlord of the Blue Wing.

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