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Emilo Haversack (post-Tymora's Luck)

by KenderBryant

Male Kender Rogue 8/Handler 8
Strength8 Fortitude+7 Armor Class20
Dexterity17 Reflex+17 Flat-footed AC17
Constitution13 Will+8 Touch AC16
Intelligence13 AlignmentCN Base Attack+12/+7/+2
Wisdom10 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+16/+11/+6
Charisma13 Initiative+9 Ranged Attack+16/+11/+6
Hit Points88 SizeSmall


Taunt, Kender Traits, Sneak Attack +4d6, trapfinding, evasion, trap sense +2, improved uncanny dodge, light-fingered, kender tales +9, improved five-fingered fighting, hide in plain sight, defensive roll 2/day, special invisibility.

Special Invisibility: Emilo was made invisible to all creatures (even divine beings) not from Krynn, by Fizban (Paladine). This can be temporarily nullified if Emilo is introduced by companions, by himself, or if he draws attention to himself through other means (such as fighting).


Balance +13, Bluff +17 (+21 when taunting), Climb +7, Disable Device +13, Escape Artist +10, Hide +18, Jump +9, Knowledge (the Planes) +5, Listen +10, Move Silently +19, Open Locks +15, Search +10, Sleight of Hand +16 (+24 to oppose Spot checks), Spot +14, Survival +5 (+7 following tracks or on another plane, +9 following tracks on another plane), Tumble +13


Dodge, Improved Initiative, Improved Taunt, Iron Will, Quick-Thinking, Weapon Finesse


+2 dagger +18 melee or +18 ranged (1d3+1/19-20) or +2 short sword +18 melee (1d4+1)


+2 Leather Armor of Silent Moves, Backpack, Masterwork Thieves' Tools, assorted pouches, +2 Dagger, +2 Short Sword, standard traveling gear, +2 Ring of Protection, Greater Ring of Fire Resistance


Emilo has long brown hair that he wears in typical kender fashion (the topknot). He wears standard kender fashion, functional clothes of a variety of colors, including indigo trousers and shirt, a red vest, and an orange cloak.


Emilo was raised in Tengrapes, a town about twenty miles south of Kendermore. In the year 251 AC, Emilo's life was turned upside down. While wandering the Plains of Dust, Emilo meets the exiled dark dwarf Gantor Blacksword. Gantor, not playing with a full deck to begin with, had been driven even more insane due to fatigue, thirst, hunger, and the weight of being exiled, and almost immediately slew Emilo, were it not for the proclomation of the kender that he knew where fresh water and shelter could be found. The dwarf, practical like most of his kin, decided to let Emilo live just long enough for him to find the promised haven from the desert. Emilo led Gantor into Skullcap. Deep within the structure's bowels, they came upon something that had unnerved the normally unshakeable kender, the Skull of Fistandantilus and his infamous Bloodstone amulet. Upon seeing the large and obviously valuable (monetarily at any rate), Gantor attacked and nearly killed Emilo, leaving the kender unconscious. When he finally awoke, Emilo had no recollection of who he was or where he was. For decades the unfortunate kender wandered aimlessly, as kender do, unknowingly hosting part of the essence of Fistandantilus.

Emilo resurfaces in the year 374 AC when he accidently comes across an ex-Seeker priest of Fistandantilus known as Kelyrn Darewind. Kelryn Darewind had captured a young boy named Danyal Thwait, and a cleric of Gilean named Foryth Teel. Bearing the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus since 263 AC when he took it from Gantor, Kelyrn started the religion in an attempt to garner wealth and power, goaded by the portion of Fistandantilus stored within the powerful artifact. Dan and Foryth escape with Emilo's help and the threesome meet up with Mirabeth, the daughter and last surviving member of the family of a Knight of Solamnia named Sir Harold the White, disguising herself as a kendermaid. The girl was soon captured by Kelryn. Dan, Foryth and Emilo escaped, and soon found and invaded Loreloch, Kelryn's stronghold, in an attempt to free her. While trying to escape, Mirabeth and Danyal were captured by Darewind while a red dragon named Flayzeranyx, or Flayze. This same dragon had days before, destroyed the town of Waterton, from which Danyal hailed. The wyrm was being directed by the Skull of Fistandantilus in an attempt to bring all his parts together.

The friends escape along with Darewind and make their way to Flayze's lair. Inside, the skull, Emilo, the bloodstone, and a fourth, hitherto unnoticed object, a silver belt buckle worn by Dan and containing more of Fistandantilus' essence, ressurect the archwizard. Unfortunately, two versions of Fistandantilus are created, one a living man, the other, an undead lich. The two incarnations kill Flayze, and then absorb Kelryn's life-force. Both manifestations of Fistandantilus fight over the Bloodstone amulet, which destroys them both.

Emilo and his friends go their own separate ways shortly thereafter. Foryth, now with the power of Gilean backing him, travels through time personally living various events. Mirabeth and Danyal make their own way into the world together, and Emilo continues his wandering.

Sometime after these events, Emilo disappears from the world of Krynn, and lands in Sigil, the City of Doors, in the Outlands. Emilo befriends Joel, the Rebel Bard, and the winged-woman Jasmine. After traveling with Joel and Jas to Fermata, the realm of Joel's god Finder Wyvernspur, when Jas decides to ask Finder for help, Emilo finds himself embroiled in a wild planes-hopping adventure. He travels with the others to Brightwater, Tymora's realm. There he meets the goddess of good luck and her halfling priestess Winnie. Emilo takes an immediate liking to the priestess. When it was revealed that someone was draining Lady Luck's power by the moon goddess Selune, Emilo volunteered to travel to the Abyss to find Beshaba, Lady Doom and Tymora's "sister", whom was thought to be behind Tymora's weakness, while Finder and Selune tend to Tymora. In the Blood Tor, Beshaba's realm, Emilo meets with a manifestation whom he thought to be Sirrion. "Sirrion" led the party astray and nearly gets them killed. They soon discover that Lady Doom is also being affected and the group meets up with a paladin of Lathander, Holly Harrowslough, a companion of Joel's and Jas'.

The party returns to Brightwater and head to Gehenna from there. Beshaba had discovered that another god by the name of Iyachtu Xvim was behind her weakness, and was trapped in his domain, the Bastion of Hate. Once in fiery, volcanic Gehenna, Emilo and his friends join forces with Walinda, Beshaba's proxy, in an attempt to rescue Walinda's goddess. Bad blood already existed between the three humans and Walinda, and being forced to work with her didn't improve matters.

Joel, Jas and Emilo infiltrate the Bastion of Hate and start causing a diversion so that Beshaba's army can come to the goddess' aid. Walinda sacrifices her power to awaken Beshaba, but the dark goddess, being so weak, also takes the priestess' life force, and Walinda soon dies. The party, traveling with Beshaba, soon return to the Outlands, to take advantage of the dead magic area located at the base of the Spire. It is hoped that the field will prevent further drain. On the way, Holly signals her god and Beshaba, who is still pretty weak from destroying Xvim's realm, is carried off with Joel in tow. Finder, Holly, Emilo and Jas teleport to the Gates of the Moon, Selune's realm, to give their report but find their way blocked by Lathander, god of beginnings. Holly teleports to Morning Glory, Lathander's realm, while Emilo, Jas and Finder encounter an old man in mouse-gray robes wearing a pointy hat. The old man aids them by giving them a portal key to Morning Glory.

Meanwhile, Joel, Tymora, and Beshaba are the hapless prisoners of Lathander. They soon find out that Lathander, with the aid of Sirrion, is going to restore the former goddess of all luck, Tyche, using a gnomish device, the fusion chamber. Emilo, Jas and Finder show up in time to stop the plot. Emilo reveals that Sirrion is not who he says he is with the gift granted to him by Paladine (Fizban), invisibility to all non-Krynnians. If Sirrion really was who he was supposed to be, he should have had no trouble seeing the kender. "Sirrion" is actually Xvim in disguise, wanting to steal Luck from the two goddesses. The spell of fusion disrupted, the chamber explodes, nearly killing all nearby. The companions depart, while Xvim runs off to lick his wounds. Emilo goes with Joel and Finder, eager to explore the Realms.

Sources: Fistandantilus Reborn, Tymora's Luck.

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