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Vattaan, Healer of the Light

by Clive Squire & Trampas Whiteman

Male Native Outsider/Major Aspect (Good/Sun) of Paladine Cleric 10/Bright Warden of Paladine 5
Strength16 Fortitude+17 Armor Class19
Dexterity13 Reflex+10 Flat-footed AC18
Constitution14 Will+14 Touch AC17
Intelligence23 AlignmentLG Base Attack+12
Wisdom24 Speed30 Melee Attack+15
Charisma23 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+13
Hit Points160 SizeMedium


This tall exotic man has a commanding presence. He has bronze skin and silvered hair, his brown eyes always seam to look kindly at those he sees. He is surrounded by a soft glowing light, which glows brighter when Vattaan uses his spells to heal or when evil is near.


Vattaan always seems to be slightly distant but serenely calm. He seems to know when a comforting word is needed or a healing touch. Vattaan rarely speaks, letting his actions speak for him. When he does speak, his words are simple, and yet profound. Vattaan does not stand idly by when the lives of the innocent or needy are threatened.


Good (good spells +1 caster level) and Sun (greater turning 1/day).


Spells cast at 15th level, except for spells for good spells, which are cast at 16th level; Melee touch +15, ranged touch +13.

8th: holy aura (good) (DC 25), sunbeam.
7th: greater restoration, holy word (good) (DC 24), resurrection, summon monster VII (good), sunbeam (x2).
6th: antimagic field, false dawn*, greater dispel magic (x2), mass cure moderate wounds (DC 23), planar ally (good).
5th: atonement, dispel evil (good) (DC 22), flame strike (DC 22), spear of divine might (good) (DC 22)***, spell resistance, true seeing.
4th: cure critical wounds, dismissal (DC 21), lesser planar ally (good), neutralise poison, spell immunity, summon monster IV (good).
3rd: blunted blades (good) (DC 19)**, create food & water, daylight, magic circle against evil (good), protection from energy, remove curse, searing light, summon monster III (good).
2nd: aid, consecrate (good), cure moderate wounds (DC 18), rallying banner (DC 19)*, remove paralysis, shield other (x2), spiritual weapon.
1st: bless, bless water (good), cure light woulds, endure elements, protection from evil (good), remove fear, sanctuary, shield of faith.
0: create water, detect magic, light, guidance, read magic, resistance.

* Spell can be found on the Nexus
** Spell can be found in the Legends of the Twins
*** Spell can be found in Age of Mortals.

Domain Mastery:

Protection (protective ward) and Sun (greater turning 1/day).

Spell-like Abilities:

Cast at 15th Level except for spells from the Sun domain, which are cast at 16th level. At will – endure elements, heat metal (DC 18), sanctuary (DC 17), shield other; 3/day – fire shield, flame strike (DC 21), protection from energy, searing light, spell immunity, spell resistance; 1/day – antimagic field, mind blank, repulsion, sunbeam (DC 23), sunburst (DC 24).

Aspect Traits:

DR 10/magic, Resistance to energy (acid, electricity, fire) 15, SR 20, Immortality, Immunity to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, petrification, poison, polymorph, mind-affecting effects; natural weapons and any weapons wielded are counted as lawful and good for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.


Aura of Good (15), Turn Undead (1d20+4, turning damage 2d6+17, 5/day), Spontaneous Domain Casting (sun)*, Radiant Magic, Divine Grace, Lesser Warding, Ray of Hope, Greater Warding.

* Vattaan uses the alternate class features for the cleric as presented in the Player's Handbook II, as such he cannot spontaneously cast cure spells as a normal cleric could, instead he is able to switch any non-domain spell for a spell on the same level or lower from the Sun domain.


Concentration +13, Craft (alchemy) +12, Diplomacy +24, Heal +15, Intimidate +11, Knowledge (religion) +16, Listen +12, Profession (herbalist) +13, Sense Motive +12, Speak Language (dwarf), Spellcraft +14, Spot +12.


Domain Spell Focus (sun)**, Extra Turning, Improved Turning, Glorious Weapon**, Ritual of Blessing*, Sacred Healing*, Sacred Purification*.

* Feats found in the Player's Handbook II. ** Feat found in Complete Divine.


Common, Celestial, Solamnic, Dwarf


+3 mace of smiting +18 (1d6+6, x2 [x4 vs. outsiders])
[+5 mace of smiting +20 (1d6+8) vs. constructs]


Bracers of armour +2, rod of smiting, sling, quarterstaff, medallion of faith (Paladine), staff of healing, gem of brightness, robe of scintalating colours.


Vattaan Auchuran was born in 347 AC in the Heartland area of Solamnia, the youngest son of Lord Heltann and Lady Erissa Auchuran. Vattaan is descended from a family of Solamnic Knights, and it was thought he may follow family tradition and rise through the ranks of the Knighthood.

At the tender age of 5, a befuddled old wizard visited Auchuran Keep, telling tales of ancient days prior to the Cataclysm, and of the gods who had left the world. The gods became real to Vattaan, especially Paladine – moreso than the false gods the castle "cleric" taught the family to worship. Vattaan's father was not amused, and so he turned the old man out. As he left, the old man told Vattaan that his faith would be rewarded.

Two years later, the War of the Lance came to Auchuran Keep. Vattaan, now 7 years old, did his part to aid the defenders of the keep and to treat the injured. During the battle, the battlements were breached for a short time. Among the invaders was a goblin, who was preparing to attack Heltann from behind. Vattaan tackled the goblin, saving his father's life. The goblin attacked Vattan instead, dealing him a severe blow to the head. Heltann witnessed the attack on his son, and put an end to the goblin's miserable existence.

Heltann scooped up the boy and ran him to the castle "cleric," demanding that the "cleric" heal the boy. When the "cleric" was unable to do so, he was thrown out of the keep. Heltann and Elissa tried for weeks to heal their son, but the boy remained at death's door. Finally, in desperation, they prayed to the god Paladine.

Paladine was pleased and appeared before Vattaan as the frail old man in the realm of dreams between life and death. "Young child, you have shown a great love for the world and the desire to heal. You are brave beyond your years, and would sacrifice yourself for others, though you are only a boy. Ansalon needs a healer, a guiding light, if it is to survive. I can make you whole again, though by doing so, you and I would become one. You would be my eyes and ears upon the world, as well as my bright warden."

Vattaan accepted, and woke from his death-like slumber in the middle of the night with a silver triangle medallion around his neck, glowing with a warm light. Heltann and Erissa gave their thanks to Paladine for saving their son. Since that day, Vattaan has not been quite the same. Though most people attribute this to his head injury, it is in fact because he had become an aspect of Paladine. Vattaan cannot see things as bad or without value, and he has a hard time comprehending danger.

When Vattaan met Elistan, his life changed. He soon joined the Holy Order of Paladine, becoming one of the order's most talented healers. Vattaan served as Paladine's aspect and bright warden through the years following the War of the Lance and through the Chaos War. He has not been seen since.


  • Unsung Heroes.

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