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Heramana Koras, the Flame of Claren Elian

by Cam Banks

Female Half-Elf (Silvanesti) Monk 4/Sorcerer 6/War Mage5: CR 15
Strength14 Fortitude+6 Armor Class21
Dexterity16 Reflex+6 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution13 Will+9 Touch AC21
Intelligence10 AlignmentLN Base Attack+8
Wisdom16 Speed40 Melee Attack+10
Charisma16 Initiative+9 Ranged Attack+11
Hit Points64 SizeMedium


battle magic 3/day, flurry of blows, ki strike (magic), spells, stunning fist 7/day, unarmed strike, arcane aegis (3 allies), armored spellcasting -10%, elvensight, evasion, half-elf traits, slow fall 20 ft., still mind;

Arcane Aegis (Su): This war mage may add her Charisma modifier as a morale bonus to AC for up to 3 allies within 30 ft.

Battle Magic (Su): This character adds +6 points (war mage level + Con bonus) to the total damage dealt by any spell she casts. Three times a day, she may apply the effects of any metamagic feat she knows to a damage-dealing spell without increasing the spell's level or casting time.

Half-Elf Traits: Elvensight (low-light vision, darkvision 30 ft.), immunity to sleep spells and effects, +2 racial bonus on saves vs enchantment spells and effects, +1 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks, +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks, elven blood.


Bluff +5, Concentration +11, Diplomacy +5, Gather Information +5, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Listen +11, Search +1, Spellcraft +10, Spot +4, Tumble +12


Combat Casting, Deflect Arrows, Eschew Materials, Improved Critical (quarterstaff), Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Maximize Spell, Spell Focus (evocation), Stunning Fist, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Widen Spell


Sorcerer Spells Known (6/7/7/7/6/6/4; spell save DC 13 + spell level, DC 14 + spell level w/evocation): 0—acid splash, detect magic, flare, light, mage hand, prestidigitation, rayof frost, read magic, resistance. 1st— burning hands, magic missile, shield, shocking grasp, true strike. 2nd—acid arrow, continual flame, gust of wind, protection from arrows, scorching ray. 3rd—dispel magic, displacement, fireball, hold person. 4th—lesser globe of invulnerability, shout, wall of fire. 5th—teleport, wall of force.


Atk +10 melee (1d10+2, unarmed strike) or +13 melee (1d6+4 plus 1d6 fire/19-20, +2 flaming quarterstaff); Full attack +10/+5 melee (1d10+2, unarmed strike) or +13/+8 melee (1d6+4 plus 1d6 fire/19-20, +2 flaming quarterstaff) or +8/+8/+3 melee (1d10+2, unarmed strike flurry of blows) or +11/+11/+6 melee (1d6+4 plus 1d6 fire/19-20, +2 flaming quarterstaff flurry of blows).


+2 flaming quarterstaff, masterwork dagger, ring of protection +2, monk's belt, gloves of dexterity +4, robes, 3 potions of cure moderate wounds, assorted tactical maps in scrollcase.


Heramana Koras is a tall fair-skinned woman with reddish-brown hair and sharp features. She was born on the Misty Isle, the daughter of a Silvanesti mother and a human monk of Claren Elian. Her father, one of the island's spiritual masters, sent her with her mother to the mainland to negotiate an arrangement with a trio of former wizards who had agreed to provide services to the monks of Claren Elian. Shortly after the negotiating party left the island, Malystryx the Red arrived and brought fiery ruin to the people there and began her reign of destruction.

Heramana was raised by her mother and by the wizards, instructed in the arts of discipline that are Claren Elian's legacy and in matters arcane. She was among the individuals early in the Age of Mortals to acquire the new knowledge of wild magic, and expressed her deeply buried rage and anger at Malystryx through the power of pyromancy. Her mother died in one of the attacks by Malystryx's minions along the coast of the Khurman Sea, fully committing Heramana to a life of vengeance and rebellion.

Prior to the War of Souls, Heramana's life was spent fighting back at the agents of Malys near the Desolation and in Khur. She divided her time between Port Balifor, where she offered her assistance in rooting out Malys' spies, and Delphon, where she helped to organize active resistance against the Dark Knights. When the Great Storm came to Ansalon and brought with it Mina and her One God, Heramana was among those who resisted the message Mina's army brought to the people. News of Malys' death in Sanction, however, left her with an empty place in her heart. Since then, she has attempted to suppress those feelings of resentment and grief by traveling Ansalon, locating rebel movements or heroes who struggle to free themselves of the yoke of oppression. So far, it hasn't worked, and so she continues to push herself into situations where she can strike at evil in hopes that it will satisfy her need for vengeance.

In Your Campaign:

Heramana can be a valuable ally, a powerful sorcerer as well as a skilled combatant. She arrives in a town or village beset by evil or governed by unscrupulous warlords or robber barons, and offers her aid to resistance forces. She could show up at any point in a campaign, helping or hindering the efforts of the player heroes. At low-levels, her presence should be minor and consist of rumors, brief appearances, or mentorship. Ad mid-to high-levels, she can appear for longer periods, even joining the party. One potential plot element may be Heramana's struggle with her unrequited feelings of vengeance, which may attract the attention of Sargonnas. The Red Condor would love to draw Heramana to his cause, making her a very dangerous enemy if she gave in to his offers of power.

Author's Notes:

This character write-up was inspired by the illustration of the War Mage in the Age of Mortals sourcebook, p49. I've always wanted to create a monk/sorcerer with a decentbackground for Dragonlance, and Heramana certainly fits the bill.

I've slightly modified the way the war mage's battle magic ability works, based on some feedback on the class from reviews and critics. If you want to ue the class by the book, Heramana will add +3 points of damage per die on any spell she casts that deals damage. Either version is perfectly in keeping with the character.

Originally posted on the Dragonlance-L mailing list on November 22, 2003.

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