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Roach, Magic Chicken Herder

by Kendermage

Male Gully Dwarf Minor Aspect of Branchala (Trickery) Druid 5
Strength16 Fortitude+9 Armor Class18
Dexterity20 Reflex+6 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution19 Will+10 Touch AC18
Intelligence12 AlignmentNG Base Attack+3
Wisdom23 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+7
Charisma15 Initiative+5 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points60 SizeSmall


Gully Dwarf Traits (survival instinct, hardy, pitiable, cowardly); Aspect (DR 5/magic, immunity to ability damage, energy drain, petrification, poison, polymorph, and mind-affecting effects, SR 5, natural weapons chaotic and good aligned for purposes of overcoming damage reduction, immortaility, domain mastery (trickery) 1/day: 1st-3rd); Druid (animal companion; magic chicken "Buford", nature sense, wild empathy, woodland stride, trackless step, resist nature's lure, wild shape/small, medium).


Bluff +4, Craft (charms) +3, Disguise +4, Handle Animal +7, Heal +5, Hide +20, Knowledge (nature) +5, Listen +8, Spot +9, Survival +16.


Blind Fight, Cornered Rat.


Common, Gullytalk, Kenderspeak.


Spells Per Day (caster level 5; 5/5/4/2; save DC 16 + spell level): 0—cure minor wounds, create water, flare, mending, purify food and drink; 1st—calm animals, entangle, magic stone, shillelagh, speak w/animals; 2nd—gust of wind, spider climb, summon nature's ally II, summon swarm; 3rd-speak w/ plants, summon nature's ally III

Spell-like Abilities: 1/day: disguise self (DC 17), invisibility (DC 18), non-detection (DC 19).


Bite +7 melee (1 point), club +7 melee (1d4+3, 19-20), rocks +9 ranged (1d3+3)


Collection of dead rats and lizards (used for making charms and cures), several short lengths of cord, assorted bits of rubbish.

Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms:

Roach is nearly 3 feet tall; and nearly and nearly as wide. He has greasy black hair; which he keeps greased with the gods only know what. He dresses in outlandish outfits scavenged from the ruins of Kendermore. Roach is smarter than he looks; he is actually an aspect of Branchala. He plays the part of the idiotic gully dwarf using guile and trickery to guide those he has taken a liking to; or to beguile those who've rubbed him the wrong way. They say inspiration comes from oddest sources; this is certainly true with Roach.


Roach hails from the Grup Clan of gully dwarves inhabiting the ruins of Kendermore. He isn't very welcome among them due to the company he keeps; an ever present herd of what Roach calls "magic chickens". These magic chickens are in fact cockatrices. Some members of the herd are just normal chickens that look like cockatrices. The key to distinguishing the difference between a cockatrice and a magic chicken is to look into the eyes. Cockatrices have glowing red eyes, magic chickens don't. He is only friendly terms with the insane kender, Deuce Spadestomper; who frequently relies on Roach's talents to find out what is wrong with his flowers (as long as he keeps his damn chickens away).

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