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Liliornin, Griffon Wizard

by Trampas Whiteman

Female Elf Wizard (Abjurer) 5/Wizard of High Sorcery (White Robes) 1/Griffon Wizard 2
Strength12 Fortitude+3 Armor Class14
Dexterity18 Reflex+8 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution14 Will+10 Touch AC14
Intelligence17 AlignmentLG Base Attack+3
Wisdom12 Speed30 Melee Attack+4
Charisma15 Initiative+4 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Points35 SizeMedium


Silvanesti elf qualities, summon familiar, arcane focus (Abjuration - +1 caster level on Abjuration spells, +1 to saves against Abjuration spells), moon magic, tower resources, griffon bond, mounted spellcasting, aspect of the lion.


Concentration +4, Craft (Brewing) +4, Craft (Cooking) +4, Decipher Script +4, Handle Animal +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (arcana) +6, Listen +4, Profession (fisher) +3, Profession (herbalist) +3, Ride +9, Search +6, Spellcraft +12, Spot +4, Survival +3, Swim +3.


Leadership, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword, rapier, longbow [including composite longbow], and shortbow [including composite shortbow]), Mounted Combat, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Abjuration), Still Spell.


Common, Elven, Sylvan.


Wizard Spells Prepared (5/6/5/4/2; save DC 13 + spell level, 14 + spell level for Abjuration):

0 – Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance. 1st – Alarm, Endure Elements, Identify, Magic Missile, Protection From Evil, Tenser's Floating Disc. 2nd – Levitate, Obscure Object, Owl's Wisdom, Protection From Arrows, Resist Energy. 3rd – Flame Arrow, Fly, Magic Circle Against Evil, Protection From Energy. 4th – Arcane Eye, Lesser Globe of Invulnberability.


Dagger +6 melee (1d4+3/19-20 X2); Longbow +7 melee (1d8/X3)


Dagger +2, longbow, leather clothing with white fur, white cloak, gem of brightness, ring of water walking, winged boots.


Liliornin is a highly attractive young woman of 85. Her blonde hair is kept long in the back, yet hewn in front to keep it out of her eyes. She wears distressed-leather clothing with white fur sewn at the hems in the style of her father's people for a comfortable and snug fit. Her piercing grey eyes are her most striking attribute. Though she doesn't wear robes in the same manner as her order, she does wear a White Cloak.


Liliornin is a talented and cautious wizard dedicated to eliminating evil on Krynn. She has no patience for those who cannot abide by the law, especially if it is elven law. She cares for her griffon deeply, as well as Morrandar, though she has yet to tell him of her feelings.


Liliornin was born south of Palanthas in Varus. Her parents were Lalena (a Silvanesti) and Hawkwood (a Kagonesti) who had met and fallen in love in 298 AC. When Lalena returned to Silvanesti with her new husband, she was shunned for marrying an "uncouth barbarian." When Lalena learned that she was pregnant, she knew her child would have no life in Silvanesti lands. The couple moved to Varus, where they had several friends. Hawkwood, a ranger, helped to protect the town while Lalena, a White Robe, advised the town council. Both were highly respected, as was their daughter, Liliornin.

Hawkwood and Liliornin were in the council chambers when a black dragon and a legion of draconians attacked Varus during the War of the Lance. The evil horde was seeking the wealth of a merchant band who made their annual stop at Varus on their way to winter housing in Palanthas. Varus just got in the way. The massacre that occurred that day was unknown for weeks until the merchant band was reported missing and a search party from Palanthas found their decaying bodies in the burned-out remains of Varus.

Not everyone was killed that day. Several of those living on the outskirts of town, including Liliornin, escaped into the mountains to the west. She vowed to remove the taint of evil infesting Krynn that day. She hid for several weeks, drinking from the springs and eating whatever food was available.

Liliornin had inherited her father's knack for nature, but moreso her mother's knack for magic. She spent the next few decades studying the ways of magic, demonstrating the skills that her mother taught her to any White Robe who even seemed remotely willing to train her. Eventually, she took the Test of High Sorcery in the Tower of Palanthas just prior to the Chaos War.

In her early days as a White Robe, she encountered a talon of Dark Knights, both Lily and Thorn Knights, who had captured a griffon. As she looked closer, she saw that a human ranger had been captured as well. Acting quickly, she managed to rescue the ranger and the hurt griffon he had been treating, and they made their escape.

Morrandar and Liliornin became nearly inseparable in the five weeks they have been together. Liliornin has formed a bond with the griffon as well, who she has named Hawkwood, after her father. The two companions and Hawkwood travel together now searching for ways to help in the fight against the Dark Knights.

In Your Campaign:

Liliornin is usable primarily through the Chaos War, though she can be transplanted to other time periods with minimal change. For the War of the Lance era, she encounters a group of Black Robe wizards. During the post-War of Souls years, she would be helping the elven people against the forces of evil.

Liliornin and Morrandar may seek the aid of the heroes to help in their fight against the Dark Knights if a mission is too big for them.

Hawkwood, Male Griffon Mount:

Large Magical Beast; Hit Dice: 8d10+21; hp: 66; Init: +2; Spd: 30 ft., fly 90 ft.; AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 17; Bite +13 melee (2d6+5); SA: Pounce, rake 1d6+2; SQ: empathic link, improved evasion, share spells, share saving throws; AL N; Saves: Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +10; Str 21, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 8.
Skills: Jump +9, Listen +6, Spot +10

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