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Ian Chandler

by Valharic

Male Human Cleric 5/Healing Hand of Mishakal 3
Strength10 Fortitude+11 Armor Class18
Dexterity14 Reflex+6 Flat-footed AC16
Constitution15 Will+13 Touch AC12
Intelligence14 AlignmentLG Base Attack+4
Wisdom18 Speed30 Melee Attack+4
Charisma14 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+6
Hit Points57 SizeMedium


Mishakal's Light, Mishakal's Peace, Mishakal's Resolve, Pacifist, Turn Undead (as 5th level cleric)


Concentration +6, Craft (Herb lore) +7, Diplomacy +7, Heal +20, Knowledge (Arcane) +4, Knowledge (History) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +10, Profession (Candle making) +12, Profession (Pottery) +8, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +6, Survival +6


Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy), Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Items, Self Sufficient, Shield Proficiency, Skill focus (Heal)


Common, Hill Dwarf, Qualinesti, Solamnic


6+1/4+1/4+1/3+1; Save DC is 14+spell level; 8th level caster; Domains (Healing, Protection)


Mace +1 (Attack +5, Damage 1d6+1, x2), Quarterstaff+2 (Attack +6, Damage 1d6+2, x2)


Mace+1, Quarterstaff+2, Altered Medallion of Faith, Scale Armor+2, Ring of Resistance +2, Candles, Wax, Wicks, Healing Herbs, Mortar and Pestle, Sky Blue robes of Mishakal


Ian is a tall man with a slight build. He has long black hair and has grown a short beard to the satisfaction of the dwarves of Hillhome. He usually has a serious look on his face when working on a task at hand, but smiles easily when with friends. When in Hillhome, Ian typically carries only his quarterstaff and wears his clerical robes, which he goes out of his way to keep clean. Otherwise if out on an adventure or searching for herbs, he can be seen wearing his scale armor.


Ian is a kind and happy young man, with a quick and sharp wit. He admires the dwarven lifestyle of hard work and good fun and lives his life emulate this in the Neidar village of Hillhome. A good listener, Ian is always ready to help someone in need and has prepared his healing and defensive spell to reflect so.


Born in Solamnia, Ian decided at an early age that he would travel the world and see the wonders that Ansalon had to offer. It was in these travels that Ian developed his knowledge and skills in herbs and their healing properties. Soon he arrived to the Neidar village of Hillhome just after a great battle between its people and Zakhar dwarves had taken place. There he briefly met the great Hero of the Lance, Flint Fireforge.

Ian decided to stay in Hillhome and helped rebuild the village and used his healing skills to aid the survivors of the great battle. Dwarves being slow to trust outsiders soon developed a deep respect for Ian and eventually accepted him as one of their own.

When the Gods return to the world of Krynn and the knowledge of magical healing came back to the world. Ian devoted himself to Mishakal and grew in his healing ability to heal others, he became invaluable to the dwarves of Hillhome.

Ian has developed a close friendship with Obsidian Fireforge, a relative of Flint's and Selowen a Qualinesti mage, whom he has been learning to speak and write the Qualinesti language. In addition to his close friends, he has developed a scholarly friendship with the wizard Rikar who he has engaged in many philosophical debates about the world. Rikar is also teaching Ian how to imbue items with magic. A skill he is developing and experimenting with by creating candles with healing properties. He has also developed scholarly relationship with a recent visitor, Pentrian the Rabbit, a Kender and fellow Cleric of Mishakal.

When Ian isn't tending to his church duties in his small temple, he makes a living making candles and small pottery items for the folk of Hillhome. He longs to go on adventures, but feels his duties in Hillhome are too many to abandon, unless he can find someone to help him. In the meantime he stays in Hillhome, improving his small church, always eager to hear of news from the outside world.

Conversion Notes:

Ian comes from the TSR D&D supplement Unsung Heroes. Presented here and converted to v3.5 edition. Sources include the D&D Players Handbook and Sovereign Press's Dragolance: Holy Order of the Stars. The Altered Medallion of Faith comes from the Dragonlance: Holy Order of the Stars book as does the prestige class Healing Hands of Mishakal.

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