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Female Dargonesti elf fighter 10 /dragonslayer 3
Strength18 Fortitude+15 Armor Class20
Dexterity20 Reflex+11 Flat-footed AC14
Constitution14 Will+10 Touch AC13
Intelligence10 AlignmentCG Base Attack+13/+8/+3
Wisdom12 Speed30 Melee Attack+17/+12/+7
Charisma11 Initiative+11 Ranged Attack+18/+13/+8
Hit Points117 SizeMedium


+2 save bonus vs. Enchantment spells and effects; alternate form (porpoise, 3/day); aura of courage (immunity to fear, allies get +4 save bonus vs. fear); breathe water; damage bonus (vs. dragons, +3); damage reduction 1/-; darkvision (60 ft.); fire resistancy (5 damage); immune to sleep spells and effects; spell-like abilities (1/day DC 10): blur, dancing lights; darkness, obscuring mist; surface sensitivity (-2 atk/save/skill)


Knowledge (arcana) (3), Listen (6), Spot (8), Survival (4), Swim (8), Tumble (10)


Alertness, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), Greater Weapon Focus (trident), Heavy Armor Proficiency (all), Improved Critical (trident), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Light Armor Proficiency (all), Lightning Reflexes, Martial Weapon Proficiency (all), Medium Armor Proficiency (all), Quick-Thinking, Shield Proficiency (all), Simple Weapon Proficiency (all), Weapon Focus (trident), Weapon Specialization (trident)


Common, Aquan, Dargonesti


Trident of Warning +21/+16/+11(1d8+8/19-20x2)


Dragoncraft scale mail, knife, needle and thread, potion of air breathing (3), ring of protection +3


Physically Estheria is a typical sea elf with blue skin, purple eyes and long seaweed green hair. Her height is what makes her unusual because at almost seven feet she towers above many of her elven kin.

Estheria is an oddity indeed. While the vast majority of her fellow elves remain aloof and maintain a suitable distance to the "lesser" races, Estheria believes that her kind needs to interact more with the world and she holds no illusions regarding her race's role in the world

Years of traveling on or near the surface world has brought Estheria into contact with other races and it is this contact which has made the sea elf much more open-minded and outgoing than others of her kind. The many crises which have threatened both the surface world and the world beneath the waves have shown her with a frightening clarity that elves have done very little to help the world, instead withdrawing and leaving the so-called lesser races to fend for themselves which they have done with time and time again.

Due to the events following the sea dragon Brine's ascension to Dragon Overlord Estheria bears an extreme hatred toward dragons. Her family was killed when Brine's minions attacked Watermere and she has sworn to take revenge. Following the death of Brine that oath has been expanded to sea dragons in general.


The War of the Lance was the starting point for Estheria as a warrior. She and her fellow Dargonesti warriors escorted the many ships filled with elves fleeing Silvanesti and the advancing Dragonarmies and guided them to safety. Her travels brought her Qualinesti, Solamnia and beyond. Estheria was intrigued by the adventuring life and she spent much of her time traveling throughout Ansalon and the surrounding islands. It was during these adventures that Estheria saw firsthand the openness of other races and their willingness to sacrifice for the freedom of others.

The Chaos War changed the world both above and below the waves and its aftermath saw the Dragon Overlords conquer the continent. The world beneath the waves was no exception. The mighty sea dragon Brynseldimer – better known as Brine - claimed the eastern seas as his realm and terrorized the underwater races. His minions launched raid after raid on sea elf cities and it was during one of these raids on Watermere, the Dargonesti capital, that Estheria lost her family. The sea elf warrior was among the city's defenders but she could do nothing to stop a sea dragon from killing her family with its terrible breath weapon. Watching helplessly as her own family died filled Estheria with a rage and a hatred no-one thought she could muster. Aided by her fellow warriors, Estheria killed the sea dragon.

Since that fateful day Estheria has struggled with a mix of severe guilt for not being able to save her family and an extreme hatred toward dragons, or more precisely sea dragons. There is a huge void in her soul and she tries to fill that void, and to slake her thirst for vengeance by slaying the creatures who were responsible for her misery.

In Your Campaign:

Estheria is an excellent NPC to drop into any campaign or adventure focused on the world beneath the waves. Her extrovert nature makes her an excellent ally in an otherwise hostile (or at least less than friendly) environment. If sea dragons are involved in the adventure or campaign Estheria is very likely to pop up eventually given her hatred towards sea dragons.


The potion of air breathing is based on the spell by the same name from the D&D 3.5 sourcebook Stormwrack. Each potion lasts six hours.

The dragoncraft property present in Estheria's armor is featured in the Draconomicon. Its qualities have been added to the above stats except for its general Armor Check Penalty, which is -2.

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