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Lafallot Reyelhart

by Shadowalk Nimblefeet

Male Qualinesti Elf Sorcerer 6/Rogue 4/Arcane Trickster 4
Strength9 Fortitude+7 Armor Class16
Dexterity16 Reflex+15 Flat-footed AC13
Constitution12 Will+13 Touch AC13
Intelligence16 AlignmentCG Base Attack+8/+3
Wisdom11 Speed30 Melee Attack+7/+2
Charisma19 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+11/+6
Hit Points70 SizeMedium


Qualinesti racial traits, evastion, impromptu sneak attack 1/day, ranged legerdemain 1/day, sneak attack +4d6, summon familiar, trapfinding, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge.


Balance +8, Concentration +8, Craft (Painting) +12, Decipher Script +10, Disable Device +10, Escape Artist +10, Hide +8, Jump +1, Knowledge (Arcana) +11, Knowledge (History) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +7, Move Silently +8, Perform (Comedy) +11, Ride +7, Sleight of Hand +14, Spellcraft +10, Swim +2, Tumble +14, Use Rope +9.


Acrobatic, Spell Focus (Illusion), Combat Casting, Deft Hands, Spell Focus (Evocation).


Elven, Common, Gnome, Solamnic.


Sorcerer Spells Known (9/5/4/3/2/1; spell save DC 14 + spell level).
0-- Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic.
1-- Burning Hands, Color Spray, Magic Missile, Silent Image, Ventriloquism.
2-- Acid Arrow, Hypnotic Pattern, Mirror Image, Web.
3-- Fireball, Illusory Script, Phantom Steed.
4-- Greater Invisibility, Rainbow Pattern.
5-- Persistent Image.


Melee +9/+4 (1d6+1, +2 quarterstaff)
Melee +8/+3 (1d4, +1 dagger)
Ranged +12/+7 (1d6, masterwork shortbow)
Ranged +12/+7 (1d4, +1 dagger)


Astra's marvelous pigments, bracers of armor +3, cloak of resistance +2, dust of illusion, entertainer's outfit, hat of disguise, masterwork artisan's tools (paintbrushes, palette, canvases, easels, et cetera), quiver of arrows (20 arrows), rod of wonder, salve of slipperiness, sovereign glue, other sundry items kept in his quarters or on his person.


To the shorter-lived races of Krynn Lafallot appears to be nearly fifty years old, though his true age is 342. He has long, unkempt brown hair that falls in his emerald eyes and fair features creased with laugh lines. The aging elf wears a midnight blue tunic embroidered with silver stars, gray suede leggings, and black boots made from soft leather. Lafallot speaks with an amused tone and a constant half-grin that pulls at his lips. His friendly demeanor and good humor puts everyone around him at ease, unless they are an object of one of his infamous practical jokes. Lafallot walks with the aid of a delicate, gray staff which is the only obvious sign of his age.


Lafallot's reputation as a trickster and humorist dates back to the Age of Despair, when as an apprentice wizard he switched his master's dust of dissappearance with itching powder. Expelled from his apprenticeship, Lafallot wandered Ansalon for several decades as an acrobat and carnival peformer while secretly continuing his practice of wizardry. After his self-imposed exile, Lafallot returned to apologize to his former master and present him with a lost spell. The spell, he explained, he gained through trading a witty limerick for it. After further study, the good-humored elf passed his Test of High Sorcery and took the White Robes. Lafallot will not entertain discussion of the Test, though it is one of the rare subjects which causes his smile to vanish and he now harbors an unusual hatred for the undead. It didn't take long for Lafallot to grow weary of the company of his fellow wizards. Not long after his test, he abandoned the Orders of High Sorcerery and declared himself renegade.

During the War of the Lance, Lafallot served the Golden General Laurana as a messenger, scout, and war-wizard. Following the war, he continued in her service as an entertainer and scholar, despite the protests of the White-Robed wizards of Qualinesti. In the aftermath of the Second Cataclysm and the Summer of Chaos, Lafallot quickly discovered he possessed a greater talent for wild sorcery than he ever had for High Sorcery. The 'new' magic's freedom from the ritual and pomp of wizardry as well as its flexibility held a great appeal for him. Lafallot attempted to spread the practice of wild sorcerery among his peers, though few took him seriously and continued to view him at best as a jester and at worst as a renegade.

The arrival of Beryllinthranox and the other alien dragons, saw Lafallot become more serious-minded. At every opportunity, he secretly aided the Lioness and Gilthas all the while maintaining the facade of a humble painter and court jester. When the War of Souls came to Qualinost, he begged the Queen-Mother to let him stay with the defenders of the capital but she would hear nothing of it. Lafallot helped the young Speaker of the Sun lead the Qualinesti people into exile. He continues to help the elves in diaspora as the ringmaster of the Carnival of Astra, whose proceeds go to funding the effort to retake the elven kingdoms of Ansalon.

In Your Campaign:

In the early Age of Mortals, Lafallot can be found in the entourage of Queen-Mother Lauralanthalasa. In this role, he could be used as a contact within the royal household of Qualinesti or a mentor for any character pursuing the path of an Arcane Trickster. In the aftermath of the War of Souls, Lafallot lives in a suite of rooms overlooking the Akhur et Nor in Khuri-Khan. In this time period, he runs an all-elven circus, the Carnival of Astra, in the the Khursian capital. The circus is actually a front to raise money for the effort to reclaim the elven kingdoms of Qualinesti and Silvanesti, and Lafallot also enjoys the fact that is his most elaborate joke thus far.

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