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by Heine Stick

Male Green Dragonspawn (dragon - augmented humanoid, air) Fighter 6
Strength21 Fortitude+8 Armor Class25
Dexterity16 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC22
Constitution16 Will+2 Touch AC13
Intelligence11 AlignmentLE Base Attack+6/+1
Wisdom10 Speed20 (fl 40) Melee Attack+14/+9
Charisma17 Initiative+7 Ranged Attack+8/+3
Hit Points66 SizeMedium


Air subtype; breath weapon (cone of gas, 4d6 acid, Reflex DC 19 for half), darkvision 30 ft., death throes (2d6 acid in 10-ft. radius, Fort DC 19 for half), immune to acid; immune to sleep and paralysis; low-light vision.


Climb +5, Intimidate +6, Listen +4, Spot +4, Survival +4.


Alertness, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword).




Spells per Day: 5/3; save DC 10 + spell level.
Spells Known: 0--dancing lights, detect magic, light, resistance; 1--magic missile, shield.


+2 greatsword (+14/+9 melee, 2d6+9/19-20), bite (+11 melee, 1d4+5), claws (+6 melee, 1d4+2).


+2 greatsword, masterwork breastplate.


Heartless is huge. Standing just over 7 feet tall and weighing nearly 600 pounds he is a fearsome sight. Green scales cover his entire body and his vicious dragon head sports several spikes. Starting at the top of his head and running along his back and tail, a crest adds to his menacing appearance. The wings protruding from his back are huge. They can easily carry him and a victim should Heartless so desire. The most fearsome part of Heartless though is his eyes. These yellow globes of evil have no pupils. It is said that gazing into those eyes can kill a man, his heart no longer beating. This is not true of course, but it adds to the terrifying image that is Heartless. A strong odor of chlorine pervades the air surrounding the green dragonspawn.

Around his neck Heartless wears a grizzly amulet. It is a leather string on which hangs the hearts of his victims. Most of them have almost rotted away, but a few are relatively fresh.

The green dragonspawn wears a beautifully crafted breastplate, scenes depicting dragons edged in gold into the metal. The armor once belonged to a sivak draconian, whom Heartless had challenged to a fight with no weapons and no armor. The dragonspawn won the fight, killing the sivak. He kept the armor as it fit him perfectly.

As a weapon Heartless prefers his magical greatsword – a trophy from a high-ranking Knight of the Lily in Beryl's service. However he will not hesitate to use the natural weapons given to him by Beryl if they should prove more effective.


Heartless is a killer - plain and simple. He lives for the hunt and the thrill of watching his victims die.

Ever since his transformation he has held an immense hatred towards Beryl, the only memory in his head being that of the Green Menace killing his love. In the years before Beryl's death Heartless went deliberately after her minions, spreading fear among their ranks and searching for a way to kill Beryl herself.

After Beryl's demise Heartless hasn´t really had a purpose in life. But this fact, combined with his disgust at what he is, has added fuel to his hatred, now aimed towards anything natural. He doesn´t care who his victims are. Elf, human, good, evil. It makes no difference to Heartless, as long as he gets to kill.

Heartless remembers nothing of his former life, except for a faint memory of being something other than a dragonspawn and a strong sense of loss. The sense of loss originates from the death of Lirainna. Heartless is haunted by terrible nightmares and these nightmares (combined with his hatred toward Beryl and anything natural) spur him on to causing bloodshed.


Heartless was not always a dragonspawn. Years ago the green dragonspawn was a human warrior who served the Dark Knights, part of the force which controlled Qualinesti. His name was Bryan Hollowbend and he was well liked by his officers. The Abanasinian showed an ambition that many of them admired and respected. Rumors mentioned that Bryan would soon be offered a knighthood.

Bryan had a secret however. Mere weeks after arriving in Qualinesti, Bryan had met an elf lady by the name Lirainna. They fell in love and maintained a secret relationship, meeting in secret places whenever Bryan was off duty. What Bryan didn't know was that Lirainna was in fact a dark elf on a mission of vengeance against those who had condemned her years before.

One fateful night the two lovers were exposed and both were arrested and dragged to the prison erected by the Dark Knights, there to await their judgement. Bryan knew that the situation was dire. The punishment for maintaining a romantic relationship with a member of the occupied nation was death by decapitation.

For days nothing happened. The two prisoners grew more and more anxious. What would happen to them? The answer revealed itself on their fifth day in captivity. A squad of Dark Knights (all of which belonged to Bryan's former wing) came to the prison, bound and gagged the prisoners and led them into the night. After what seemed like hours the Dark Knights and their prisoners arrived at a clearing. Bryan noticed the strong scent of chlorine and he panicked. He had experienced this smell once before – as a guard at a dragonspawn ritual.

Suddenly the darkness darkened, the beat of massive wings filling the clearing. Then came the terror, a wave of uncontrollable fear washing over Bryan and his lover. "Bring the prisoners to the center," said a deep, hissing voice and into the clearing strode Beryl, the massive green dragon who claimed Qualinesti as her own.

Liarinna was planted in the center of the clearing, her hands and feet tied to stakes in the ground. Unceremoniously Beryl stepped forward and plunged a claw into the chest of the fearstruck elf. Lirainna screamed with pain as blood poured from the large hole in her chest and onto the grass. Bryan, witnessing the slow death of his beloved, struggled madly against the Dark Knights holding him but he was unsuccessful. Beryl looked his way, her reptile eyes narrowing. "Bring the human to me," she said. Bryan was dragged to the center of the clearing and brought to his knees. After what seemed like days to Bryan, whose eyes refused to pull away from the lifeless body of his beloved, the green Dragon Overlord nodded and said "he'll do." The Dark Knights tied Bryan to stakes in the ground, thus forcing him to lie side by side with Lirainna. Sobbing, Bryan didn´t hear Beryl mutter strange words and he didn´t recognized the cloaked figures entering the clearing. Suddenly whitehot pain shot through his chest and his eyes rolled in his head. He was unconscious.

Beryl transformed Bryan into her first successful dragonspawn. Or so she thought. He was similar in many ways to those dragonspawn created by Khellendors and Malystryx. But she had failed yet again. Beryl had hoped that using Lirainna's heart as part of the ritual would instil a rage and ferocity not seen in the dragonspawn created by the other overlords. And it did. But the heart also spawned an irreversible insanity in Bryan.

Bryan escaped from captivity, leaving behind a bloodbath (to this day the clearing is called Bloodgrass, because there was no patch of green grass left when the insane dragonspawn finally escaped the clearing). He escaped into the woods and to this day he roams Qualinesti, killing everything he sees on his murderous quest for vengeance. He remembers nothing of his former life, except for his deep love for his dark elf lover, and her death. He is feared throughout the forest for his deeds, which include ripping out the hearts of his enemies. Indeed this is how he got his current name. A party of elves practically stumbled over some of his victims. Watching the horrible scene before them, one of the elves uttered "what heartless creature could do this?" And so he is now known as Heartless.


Heartless works alone. He has no allies and considers everyone an enemy. He prowls the forest of Qualinesti, looking to spread death and terror. If a battle is imminent, Haertless will try to take opponents out one at a time, somehow dividing his enemies. If he is forced to fight more than one opponent at the same time, he will go after spellcasters first knowing full well the powers of magic. Heartless was a capable fighter before his transformation, but his years of battling both native elves and Dark Knights has improved his skills considerably.


Heartless was designed as an encounter for a party I had wandering around post War of Souls Qualinesti. I liked the idea of a green dragonspawn striking fear into the hearts of the local populace (which now mainly consists of goblinoids and bandits). There have been several debates regarding the physical appearance of dragonspawn and just how draconic they look. I have created Heartless from how I view dragonspawn but of course others have a different opinion. Of course you should feel free to change anything you feel needs changing. This dragonspawn was designed using the Bestiary of Krynn errata.

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