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Willim the Black

by JOSHUASIGEP44 & B'naa

Male Dark Dwarf Wizard 7/Black Robe 9
Strength8 Fortitude+10 Armor Class21
Dexterity12 Reflex+10 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution12 Will+17 Touch AC13
Intelligence22 AlignmentNE Base Attack+6/+1
Wisdom15 Speed20 Melee Attack+10/5
Charisma6 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+8/+3
Hit Points62 SizeMedium


Spell Resistance: 15

Blindness: Willim has been blind, due to his eyes being removed. If Willim is separated from his familiar and is unable to cast Greater Arcane Eye or similar spell then treat the character as if he had blindsense (15 ft)

Dark dwarf traits (See Dragonlance Campaign Setting) Willim has lost the Dark Vision and light sensitivity due to the removal of his eyes.

Black Robe Order Secrets (Magic of Betrayal, Magic of Darkness, Magic of Fear, Magic of Hunger), Moon Magic, Tower Resources.


Concentration +20, Craft (Alchemy) +15, Craft (Pottery) +15, Craft (Sculpting) +15, Craft (Stonemasonry) +6, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +6, Decipher Script +25, Hide +3, Intimidate +15, Knowledge (Arcana) +25, Spellcraft +34.


Spell Focus (Necromancy), Extend Spell, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Construct, Improved Familiar, Spell Mastery (+6, )


Dwarven, Ogre, Elven, Magius, Goblin, Common, Draconic


Wizard Spells prepared (Wiz 4/6/6/5/5/5/4/3/2): 0 - Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Read Magic; 1st - Cause Fear x2, Charm Person, Endure Elements, Identify, True Strike; 2nd - Darkness, Detect Thoughts x2, Dissonant chant, Touch of Agony, Touch of Idiocy; 3rd - Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste, Sonorous Hum, Vampiric Touch; 4th - Arcane Eye, Bestow Curse, Improved Blindsight, Invisibility, Greater x2; 5th - Dismissal, Dominate Person, Nightmare, Share Sight, Traitor`s Death; 6th -- Disjoin, Dispel Magic, Greater, Drown, Shadow Walk; 7th – Arcane Eye (Extended), Insanity, Teleport, Greater; 8th - Bestow Greater Curse, Symbol of Insanity


+4 Quaterstaff +10/5 Melee (1d6+3)


+4 Quaterstaff, Wand of Arcane Eye (Caster Level 12, 50 Charges), Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Obsidian Ring of High Sorcery, Bracelet of Foresight, Ring of Protection +2, Black Robe of High Sorcery

Mata Male Homonculus : Tiny Construct ; HD 16d10 ( Construct) ; hp 32; Init + 2; Spd 20, Fly, Good 50; AC 15; Atk + 8 base melee, + 11 base ranged; +8 ( 1d4-1, Bite ); SA: Poison (Ex) ; SQ: Racial Traits: Construct, Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft., Low-light Vision (Ex), Immunity: Mind-Affecting Attacks (Ex), Immunity: Poison (Ex), Immunity: Sleep Effects (Ex), Immunity: Paralysis (Ex), Immunity: Stun (Ex), Immunity: Disease (Ex), Immunity: Death Effects (Ex), Immunity: Death from Massive Damage (Ex), Immunity: Necromancy (Ex), Immunity: Nonlethal Damage (Ex), No Natural Healing (Ex), Immunity: Critical hits (Ex), Immunity: Ability Damage (Ex), Immunity: Ability Drain (Ex), Immunity: Fatigue (Ex), Immunity: Exhaustion (Ex), Immunity: Energy Drain (Ex), Immunity: Fortitude Save-Based Attacks (Ex), Cannot be Raised or Resurrected; AL N; SV Fort + 5, Ref + 9, Will + 12; STR 8, DEX 15, CON --, INT 6, WIS 12, CHA 7.
Skills: Concentration +20, Hide +14, Intimidate +15, Listen +4, Move Silently +3, Spot +4.
Feats: Lightning Reflexes.


As dwarves go Willim is of average height and weight, standing at 4 feet 5 inches, and weighing in around 135 pounds. A long mane of grizzled, dark gray hair does little to hide the heavy scarring that covers his face. Willim's black robes throw his face into sharp relief, and it is a face unlike any other wizards in the conclave. His face looks as though a craftsman, who had only the simplest idea of what a dwarfs face should look like, and was carved from an ancient piece of wood. The crastfamn was far too hasty with the chisel has. Every inch of skin is covered with deep tissue scars. His mouth agape in an insane smile resembles a wide gash, and a thin patch of scraggly beard surrounds his mangled nose.

In the days before the summer of chaos, and before Takhisis stole the world from the rest of the pantheon. Willim had large black beady eyes that strongly resembled water beetles. He shared the ability of his kin to see in through the night unhindered by the impenetrable darkness. His eyes now a mere memory, lidless and empty sockets are all that remain. Willim's eyes had been torn out by the torturer's tongs some 20 years prior. Thus unable to see he summons an arcane eye to assist him. Round as a coin the vivid gold arcane eye moves ceaselessly, without blinking, and rolling up, down, and from side to side.

His right leg numb from the knee down is a constant reminder of the mark that the test high sorcery laid upon him. Forced to walk with the crippling limp Willim sorely misses his ancient staff given to him by the long ago high mage as his reward for passing the test. Refusing assistance Willim walks about the tower with a look of defiance on his dour face. Not allowing himself to show weakness most others never realize that he is deep agony with ever step.

Unable to maintain the arcane eye indefinitely Willim knew he needed something more permanent. He began work on his familiar, a homunculus. The homunculus, a tiny construct made from a pint of his own blood, is an extension of Willim's own consciousness. Always at his heels the familiar goes everywhere Willim goes. Being bound to each other the familiar is Willim's eyes, ears, and thoughts.

The arcane eye is in sharp contrast to the midnight black robes the cover his body. As a follower of Nuitari, Willim wears the black robes, his name shake. Black as pitch the robes are littered with sliver runes of power upon the sleeves and gold runes of protection sown into its hem.


A product of his upbringing, Willim prefers to shy away from direct sunlight and is often seen, if at all, prowling about in the shadows of the tower. Due to the years he spent imprisoned, Willim is short with strangers and often responds with angry blotches of fury in his cheeks. With this in mind visitors to the tower avoid interactions with Willim at all cost, skirting him whenever possible. As is his way, Willim often uses this to his advantage. Cornering the unsuspecting witch or wizard, and then removing his hood to gaze at them with his empty sockets.

Impartial to his somewhat harassed look many wizards seek out Willim's council. For very few arch mages have been members of the conclave as long as Willim, and his advanced age affords him wisdom others are not able to achieve in such short life spans. In his long life he has fought in the War of the Lance, survived the Summer of Chaos, and has suffered through the age of mortals. Thus his opinions are highly sought after. Coryn, Dalamar, and Jenna have all been known to confer with Willim on matters of great importance.

Since the great awakening Willim's resolve has never been srtonger. His first loyalty has always been to the magic, and it remains so. He fills that by staying in the tower to help repair it, and refill its ranks he is fulfilling that loyalty – for this he is greatly admired. All know that after his work in the tower is complete he has business in the mountain.

The abject torture Willim experienced at the hands of his Thiewar captors have left him scarred both physically and mentally. He harbors a cold fury for his captors. The numbness he feels toward them takes him to a place of complete unreality. There continued existence is a heavy weight being swung into his face again, and again - daily. Any mention of the dwarves of Thorbardin brings a look of mingled fury and loathing to his face. Soon, very soon he will return to his mountain home and his vengeance will burn black.


172AC – Willim was born to the Theiwar clan in the underground city of Theibardin. The majority of his childhood was spent under the tutelage, and very watchful eyes of the Obsidian Circle. Willim showed great promise early on in his training, by performing feats of magic well beyond that of Theiwar dwarves several years his senior. Due to this Willim found himself being exposed to an array of extremely powerful magics at a very young age. As time progressed Willim immersed himself very deeply in his studies, so much so that his peers ostracized him.

257AC – Called upon by his dark dwarf-savant master in the late hours of the night Willim realized his suspicions, that his master wished him dead, were indeed correct. For a long while Willim had been aware of his masters growing jealousy. Everyday his Mentor had grown more afraid of Willim's massing power, and Willim never failed to flaunt his increasing ability in front of his mentor. Knowing that one-day soon Willim would surpass even his own power the master decided to do away with Willim. Upon entering the chambers Willim was immediately faced with a vicious barrage of lethal attacks. Having gained the upper hand his dwarf-savant master closed for the killing blow, and at the last second Willim pulled from his belt a blade, a gift from the very Thiewar dwarf that now sought his death, and plunged it hilt deep into his master's throat. His former master lay dead on the floor by his own hand. After the death of his master many members of the Obsidian Circle, high-ranking members of his clan, and his former master's family sought to bring murder charges against him. Willim, for the first time in his short life was forced to leave Theibardin. Willim began the arduous search for the tower of High Sorcery in the forest of Wayreth. Upon arriving at the tower he was welcomed into the Hall of Mages, and bidden to take the test by non other than the Conclaves high mage, Astathan of Qualinost. Willim passed the test, but did not make it through unscathed. His leg, now numb from the knee down would force him to make due with a crippling limp for the rest of his days. The ancient high mage was first to greet his new colleague after his completion of the test, and presented him with two things. He was first given a robe, black as night with sliver and gold runes of power upon the sleeves and its hem. Then a staff of black ebony bound in gold with an obsidian orb capping the staff, and inscribed with sigils and runes of power down both sides.

258AC-314AC - After taking the test Willim returns to Theibardin spending his days developing his skills as a mage, making many new enemies, and pursuing his own objectives. In light of his newfound power, everyone seemed to have forgotten his mentor's death.

315AC – Willim's order was turned on its head when Ladonna, a powerful mage, killed the reigning head of the black robes. Willim having aspirations of holding that position was strongly opposed to this upstart becoming the new head of the black order and sought to unseat her. However before acting on his ambitions he noticed that Ladonna, new mistress of the black robes, held great favor with the high mage Par-Salian. Deciding that his order could benefit greatly from this, he decided to sit on his ambition for a time. Choosing to keep an every watchful eye on his new mistress rather than remove her.

349AC-351AC - Willim came to the attention of Ariakas, the leader of the then massive Dragonarmies. He was recruited by Ariakas himself and served beside others of his order already in the queen's ever growing army - Harrawell Dracart and Tramd o' the Dark.

352AC – During the last days of the War of the Lance, Willim spent his days in the temple of Neraka with the other members of his order in Takhisis service. At the last Takhisis was betrayed by one of her own, Raisltin Majere. Upon realizing that Rasitlin's intention was to bring Takhisis and her temple down, he like so many of his colleagues went to face Raisltin. Willim could see from afar how quickly and decisively Rasitlin dispatched all comers. Understanding then how powerful Raisltin had become Willim chooses rather to flee the temple and leave Takhisis to her own fate than face him.

353AC-383AC - During the time between the end of the War of the Lance and the Summer of Chaos, Willim split his time between the tower of high sorcery and Theibardin.

384AC-402AC – The gods of magic gone, and with it all of his power, Willim lost himself in his own depression and self-loathing. He took to wandering the streets of Theibradin speaking aloud every irrational statement, incoherent thought, and nondescript babble. The children of Theibardin began calling him Mad Willi. Seeing that many members of his clan were beinging to openly use sorcery, Mad Willi publicly denounces those who would use of this pale imitation of his long gone but not forgotten godly magic. Powerless against this new magic he was imprisoned for the murder of his now long dead mentor and his staff confiscated by his captors.

411AC – Palin Majere, the current high mage called the last conclave and disbanded the three orders. Willim was unable to attend to due to his imprisonment. His absence went unnoticed.

422AC - The events of Wizards' Conclave.

423AC - Rather than return to his mountain home Willim chooses remain in the tower aiding Jenna, the new high mage, in rebuilding the tower and refilling its ranks. Soon, very soon Willim shall return to Theibardin to regain his staff and exact some much needed revenge on his captors.

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