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Cathan Twice-Born

by Talanthandros

Male Human Fighter 5 / Knight of the Divine Hammer 10
Strength16 Fortitude+11 Armor Class20
Dexterity10 Reflex+4 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution12 Will+4 Touch AC10
Intelligence14 AlignmentLG Base Attack+15/+10/+5
Wisdom12 Speed30 ft. Melee Attack+18/+13/+3
Charisma8 Initiative+4 Ranged Attack+15/+10/+5
Hit Points98 SizeMedium


Knight of the Divine Hammer abilities: Aura of courage, foe of darkness, improved coordination, intuition, Istaran charter, logistics, smite evil 3/day, take him down.


Diplomacy 14 ranks, Handle Animal 14 ranks, Knowledge (nobility & royalty) 10 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 18 ranks, Ride 13 ranks, Sense Motive 13 ranks.


Cleave, Combat Expertise, Greater Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Greater Weapon Specialization (bastard sword), Honor-Bound, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Leadership, Leadership, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword).


Ebonbane (+22/+17/+12 melee, 1d10+3/17-20).


Ebonbane (divinely-enchanted +4 holy keen bastard sword), divinely-enchanted +2 full plate.


Cathan MarSevrin is a middle-aged man of about forty years of age. Cathan has disturbing eyes that are missing the pupils, few can bring themselves to look the Twice-Born in the eyes for very long. Cathan has brown, turning gray, hair that is beginning to thin out from age.


Cathan has been a devoted follower of Paladine since the Lightbringer Beldinas came into his life. Cathan tends to be reserved in the presence of the members of the Istaran court but is comfortable with those who are closest to him, primarily the Lightbringer and his sister. Cathan also tends to be troubled by the recurring of a flaming hammer that is crashing into the Lordcity of Istar.


Cathan MarSevrin was born in the plague-ridden Istaran province of Taol. When Cathan's parents and brother died of plague he joined the bandits under the command of the former Patriarch of that region Tavarre. Cathan severed under Tavarre until the coming of the Lightbringer Beldinas (then known as Brother Beldyn). After the healing of his sister Cathan devoted his life to the service and protection of the Lightbringer. Cathan then helped Beldinas recover the long lost Micerium from the Taol city of Govinna.

Cathan fought the Scatas that were sent to kill the Lightbringer by Kurnos the Usurper. After the Lightbringer's triumphant coming to the Lordcity of Istar Cathan sacrificed his life for Beldinas when Kurnos tried one last effort to kill the Lightbringer. Cathan's life was then returned to him making him the Twice-Born.

After the coronation of Kingpriest Beldinas, Cathan was dubbed the first Knight of the Divine Hammer by the Kingpriest himself. Cathan served as the kingpriest's right hand in the Holy War against the forces of evil and sorcery. Cathan fought Beldinas's cause until the tragedy of Losarcum. After the wizards destroyed their tower and the desert city the Twice-Born denounced the Kingpriest and the knighthood.

On the day of the Cataclysm Cathan brought the Disks of Mishakal to the city of Xak Tsaroth in an attempt to save the word of the gods of good from the destruction brought to Krynn by the ignorance of Beldinas. This was the last day the Twice-Born was seen on Krynn.


Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, version 3.5
Dragonlance Campaign Setting by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin
The Kingpriest Trilogy by Chris Pierson
Fan Rules: Knight of the Divine Hammer by Chris Pierson & Joe Mashuga

Final Note: This version of Cathan is playable during the days after the coronation of Beldinas until the Cataclysm.

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