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Dhamon Grimwulf

by Tobin Melroy

Male Solamnic Human Fighter 5/Knight of the Lily 3
Strength19 Fortitude+8 Armor Class19
Dexterity17 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC17
Constitution13 Will+3 Touch AC12
Intelligence15 AlignmentN Base Attack+8/+3
Wisdom13 Speed20 Melee Attack+12/+7
Charisma16 Initiative+7 Ranged Attack+11/+6
Hit Points57 SizeMedium


Simple and Martial Weapon Proficiency (all), Armor Proficiency (all), Shield Proficiency (all), Demoralize(1), Ex-Knight of the Lily(1), Fight to the Death(1), Sneak Attack +1d6.


Climb +9, Intimidate +14, Jump +7, Knowledge (religion) +5, Ride +16, Swim +7.


Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Honor-bound(1), Improved Initiative, Mobility, Weapon Focus (longsword), Weapon Specialization (longsword).


Common, Nerakese, Ogre, Solamnic.


+2 longsword +15/+10 (1d8+4/19-20 x2), +1 light crossbow +11/+6 (1d8/19-20 x2), crossbow bolts (20), +2 chainmail, +2 light steel shield, plus 7,891 stl (minus amount for mundane gear and equipment).


Dhamon stands at 5'10" tall and weighs 192 pounds. He is very lean and quite muscular, something the ladies tend to take great appreciation to. Dhamon is a handsome man with long blond hair that he typically wears tied back in a ponytail. Since leaving the knighthood, Dhamon has tried to appear non-descript, so he tends to wear old peasant clothing over his armor.


Dhamon was bitter in his youth, but the years in the knighthood curbed that bitterness into cold determination. He was once a proud and honorable Knight of Takhisis, but the time he spent "captive" by an elder Knight of Solamnia changed all that. Dhamon is still a man who tries to live by a code of honor, one that was instilled in him since childhood, but he is no longer that proud man he was. Dhamon is ashamed of his time with the dark knights and doesn't believe he is worthy of living an honorable life. Although he tends to appear beaten by life, and in fact believes he deserves that, deep down, what he truly wants is to once again have something greater than himself to believe in.


Dhamon was born Fireswelt 6, 386 AC. When he was but 13, he left his family and sheep-herding life in Hartford, Solamnia behind to pursue a life with the Knights of Takhisis. Dhamon was a natural fighter and rose quickly in the ranks of the knighthood. Before long, he became a dragon rider and was paired with a blue dragon named Gale.

During an attack on the city of Sanction, Dhamon and Gale were separated. Not one to be discouraged by the "little things," Dhamon continued on, looking for the most worthy opponent. He found one in an aged Solamnic Knight. Dhamon believed that his youth and strength would see him through the fight, but the experience of the Solamnic was too much for him. The Solamnic bested Dhamon and took him prisoner.

As he was nursed back to health, the Solamnic schooled Dhamon in the ways of his knighthood. He tried to show Dhamon that although the Knights of Takhisis had taught him honor, they failed to teach him compassion, and that, he said, was a knight's greatest weapon. Dhamon began to see the error of his ways, and when the dark knights finally came to his "rescue" Dhamon helped defend the Solamnic. Only Dhamon survived that battle.

Now Dhamon travels Ansalon, trying to bury his past and live up to the ideals of his Solamnic savior.


  • Book of the Fifth Age, by William W. Connors
  • Heroes of Steel: The Rising Storm, by Skip Williams
  • Dawning of a New Age, by Jean Rabe
  • Redemption, by Jean Rabe
  • Dragonlance Campaign Setting, by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin
  • Dragonlance Campaign Setting Companion: Age of Mortals, by Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, and Christopher Coyle

Additional Information:

(1)From Dragonlance Campaign Setting

Begin play with these stats in 414 AC (31 SC).

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