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Jessie, Sylvan Mage

by Trampas Whiteman

Female Half-Elf Wizard 5/WoHS 1/Sylvan Mage 2
Strength11 Fortitude+4 Armor Class11
Dexterity13 Reflex+2 Flat-footed AC10
Constitution10 Will+10 Touch AC11
Intelligence16 AlignmentNG Base Attack+3
Wisdom12 Speed30 Melee Attack+3
Charisma10 Initiative+1 Ranged Attack+4
Hit Points19 SizeMedium


Half-Elf Traits, summon familiar, moon magic, tower resources, nature sense, wild empathy, resist nature's lure, rite of beast-speech. Jessie has not yet summoned a familiar, although she has many pets.


Concentration +3, Craft (trapmaking) +5, Handle Animal +4, Heal +4, Knowledge (arcane) +9, Knowledge (nature) +13, Profession (herbalist) +4, Spellcraft +10, Spot +6, Survival +9


Brew Potion, Scribe Scroll, Self-Sufficient, Spell Focus (Transmutation), Track


Common, Elven, Magius, Sylvan


Wizard Spells Prepared (4/5/4/3/1; save DC 13 + spell level, 14 + spell level for transmutation): 0—All Cantrips; 1st—calm animals, endure elements, entangle, feather fall, obscuring mist; 2nd—barkskin, gust of wind, hold animal, web ; 3rd—dominate animal, hold person, plant growth; 4th—summon nature's ally IV.

Spellbook: 0—all cantrips; 1st—animate rope, burning hands. mage armor, magic missile, magic weapon, shield, shocking grasp, spider climb. 2nd— acid arrow, bear's endurance, darkness, daylight, knock, scorching ray. 3rd—dispel magic, fireball, greater magic weapon, slow. 4th—confusion, dimension door, wall of fire.


Quarterstaff +3 melee (1d6/x2) or sling +4 (1d4/X2)


White robes with green trim and Celtic designs, silver pendant shaped like Solinari with a vallenwood embossed in it, quarterstaff, sling.


Jessie is a petite woman with long brown hair, often decorated with flowers and greenery. She wears the white robes of her order, with a personal touch – green Celtic designs and a silver moon pendant embossed with a Vallenwood.


Jessie grew up on a farm. It was during the Blue Lady's War that draconians overran her home. She was horrified by the brutality of the invaders, who killed her friends and family. During the invasion, she used her magic to help her neighbors escape the marauders. Towards the end of the war, she not only helped the people of Palanthas, she also helped some injured draconians escape. She was tried by the Solamnic Knights for high treason, but was pardoned when dozens of people came forward to testify that she had saved their lives at the risk of her own.

Jessie left Palanthas for good, and settled to the woods to live the life of a hermit. She was content with this life for many years. After the Chaos War, Jessie lost her magic when the gods of magic left. She was pained to see the pale moon in the sky, rather than the pure light of Solinari. She continued the life of a hermit until a stranger happened across her forest home. Jessie found herself the host of Finkle of the Green Robes. Jessie discovered that while she was living the life of a hermit, the world around her had changed dramatically. The land itself suffered.

Jessie agreed to travel with Finkle for a while. She discovered that Finkle was, unfortunately, quite mad after the loss of Solinari. However, she learned much of the natural world. She never did have Finkle's knack for sorcery, but continued to help him nevertheless.

The return of Solinari marked the return of her magical power. With the death of three of the dragon overlords, Jessie now feels that she must go into the world and do what she can to heal Ansalon.

In Your Campaign:

Prior to the Chaos War, Jessie can be found in almost any forest dwelling. She may offer advice to the players who stumble across her. In the post-War of Souls era, she can be found wandering Ansalon, seeking to heal its natural environs.

Jessie is, by nature, a pacifist, so it would be difficult to get her to fight against the villains in the campaign. She values all life above all, no matter whether the life is good or evil.

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