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Lord Soth (circa War of the Lance)

by Raggart_Knug

Male Death Knight Fighter 3 / Cleric 1 / Knight of the Crown 3 / Knight of the Sword 3 / Knight of the Rose 2
Strength25 Fortitude+14 Armor Class25
Dexterity14 Reflex+5 Flat-footed AC24
Constitution10 Will+11 Touch AC15
Intelligence10 AlignmentCE Base Attack+9
Wisdom14 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+14
Charisma19 Initiative+2 Ranged Attack+11
Hit Points62 SizeMedium

Note: As an undead creature, Lord Soth technically has no Constitution score.


   Abyssal Blast (Su): 1/day, 20-ft. radius blast, range 880 ft., 12d6 damage (one-half fire and one-half divine energy), Reflex DC 20 for half damage.

Aura of Fear (Su): Creatures of lower than 5 HD within 15 feet of Lord Soth must succeed at a Will save (DC 20) or be affected as though by a fear spell cast by a 12th-level wizard.

Damage Reduction (Su): 10/magic.

Immunities (Ex): Lord Soth is immune to cold, electricity and polymorph, in addition to those immunities possessed by undead.

Rebuke Undead (Su): 8x/day, as a 1st-level cleric.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): detect magic 1/day, dispel magic 1/day, wall of ice 1/day.

Spell Resistance (Su): 22.

Summon Mount (Su): See description in the DLCS; Lord Soth typically summons a 6 HD nightmare.

Symbol (Sp): 1/day, either fear or pain, cast as a 12th-level wizard.

Turn Immunity (Ex).

Undead Followers (Su): 24 HD worth.


Climb +1, Diplomacy +13, Handle Animal +6, Jump +1, Knowledge (nobility & royalty) +10, Knowledge (religion) +4, Listen +3, Ride +12, Spot +3.


Alertness, Armor Proficiency (heavy), Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Diehard, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Honor-Bound, Leadership, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Spirited Charge.


Common, Solamnic.


Cleric Spells per Day: 3/3+1; save DC 12 + spell level. Caster Level: 1st.
Deity: Takhisis. Domains: Evil (cast Evil spells at +1 caster level), Destruction (gain the smite power: make one melee attack at +4, with a +1 damage bonus).

*Lord Soth lost all of the supernatural and spellcasting abilities he gained from his Knight of Solamnia levels once he fell from the knighthood. He had one level of cleric before he became a Knight and he retained those abilities, but now those spells are granted by Takhisis.


+1 bastard sword (+15/+10 melee, 1d10+6/19-20); +1 heavy lance (+15/+10 melee (1d8+6/x3); +1 heavy crossbow +12/+7 ranged (1d10+1/x3).

Possessions (as NPC):

+1 bastard sword, +1 heavy lance, +1 heavy crossbow, +1 crossbow bolts (20), +1 full plate, +1 large steel shield, ring of protection +2, cloak of Charisma +2, gauntlets of ogre power.


Dragonlance Campaign Setting, Dragonlance Adventures.

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