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Liam of Eldor, The Son Of Huma

by Trampas Whiteman

Male Half-Dragon Half-Human Knight of the Crown (Fighter) 4
Strength13 Fortitude+6 Armor Class20
Dexterity16 Reflex+4 Flat-footed AC19
Constitution15 Will+3 Touch AC11
Intelligence12 AlignmentLG Base Attack+4
Wisdom14 Speed20 Melee Attack+5
Charisma13 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+7
Hit Points36 SizeMedium-size


Liam is a handsome young man who is clean shaven and appears to have vaguely elven features. His brown hair is tinged with premature gray.

In his draconic form, he appears as a large humanoid silver dragon.


Liam cares for the world of Krynn very much, and will do all he can for the sake of the world. He idolizes his father, Huma, very much and strives to live up to his image. He feels extremely bad about not being in time to stop the Starlit Chaos Dragon from destroying an entire group of Knights of Solamnia, and seeks to make up for it.


Liam is actually the son of Huma and the Silver Dragon. The two were allowed to find happiness together in the next life, and Liam is the product of their joining.

Liam has the ability to transform into a half-draconic state. In this state, he has the powers and abilites of a juvenile silver dragon, save without the breath weapon. See the Monster Manual for more details.


Climb +2, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +2, Handle Animal +3, Jump +2, Knowledge (History) +4, Knowledge (The Planes) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +3, Ride +6, Swim +2.


Alertness, Blind-Fight, Track, Weapon Focus (Dragonlance), Weapon Specialization (Dragonlance).


Ancient plate mail, one of the original Dragonlances, and a waterskin.

Liam also had a large brown horse, which was larger than most horses and possessing incredible speed.


Liam of Eldor is the product of the union of Huma and the Silver Dragon in the afterlife. He has watched the world of Krynn for many years, and has decided to help out in the affairs of the world in the Chaos War.

Liam was tracking the Starlit Chaos Dragon, and arrived too late to save a group of Knights of Solamnia. There were few survivors.

Liam was ever-present as Lord Stoddard, the leader, prepared for battle against the Starlit Dragon. As Stoddard mounted the only surviving dragon, a bronze named Razer, Liam presented him with a dragonlance, which Stoddard believed to be nothing more than a normal lance.

The Starlit Dragon laid a trap, leaving Razer for dead and Stoddard in a very poor condition.

Arriving on the scene, Liam transformed into a half-draconic state and proceeded to use the dragonlance to slay the Starlit Dragon. The dragon was destroyed, but at the cost of Liam's life.

Lord Stoddard then believed that Liam was the son of Huma, but he could never convince anyone else of that. Liam is believed to be a courageous Knight of the Crown who sacrificed his own life so that Aramus may live.


The Son of Huma, by Richard A. Knaak, published in The Dragons of Chaos, Edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Additional Information

The story of Huma's Son is thought to be a Kender Tale by most, and there is no proof that Liam is the actual son of Huma. Lord Stoddard, if asked, will swear that Liam is the true son of Huma. Stoddard does not like discussing the issue, though, as many tend to believe that he is addle-brained from the Chaos War if he discusses it.

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