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by Trampas Whiteman

Male Minotaur 5th-Level Fighter
Strength20 Fortitude+9 Armor Class17
Dexterity15 Reflex+3 Flat-footed AC0
Constitution20 Will+0 Touch AC0
Intelligence10 AlignmentLG Base Attack0
Wisdom8 Speed30 Melee Attack+10/+5
Charisma9 Initiative0 Ranged Attack+7/+2
Hit Points56 SizeMedium


Karathos is a heavily muscled and imposing minotaur, who stands 7' tall. Karathos cares about his looks (although he is not preoccupied with them), and always tries to appear confident and ready. His reddish-brown coat is brushed daily, and his horns are always polished. He wears gold bands around the base of each horn, and an earring in each ear.


Karathos is the epitomy of honor and justice. While a bit brusque on the outside, inside he cares very deeply for his friends. He hates oppression in any form, and will go to great lengths to correct injustices he witnesses.


Karathos is immune to Maze spells, and can use his horns in combat for 2d6 points of damage.


Climb +6, Craft (Shipmaking) +1, Handle Animal +0, Intuit Direction +2, Jump +6, Knowledge (History) +1, Profession (Sailor) +1, Ride +3, Swim +7, Use Rope +3.


Ambidexterity, Blind Fight, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Battle Axe), Weapon Specialization (Battle Axe).


Heartcleaver (Battle Axe +2), Bonebiter (Battle Axe +1 that produces a Daylight upon command.), knige, 50' silk rope, grappling hook.


Karathos was a gladiator in the arenas of the League in Taladas. While there, he met the arena champion, a paladin of Paladine named Austan Gavynus. Austan taught Karathos of honor.

Karathos escaped the arena with two other minotaurs, Klank and Thakadil. The trio escaped to a ship, and made their way to Ansalon. The three were separated, as their ship crashed off of Mithas. Karathos has heard rumors of a minotaur first mate on a ship called the Constitution that fits the description of Klank. He has heard no word of Thakadil, and presumes him to be dead.

Karathos began adventuring with a group of friends he met after he found his way to Solamnia. He is especially close to Erastin Rivenguard, and doesn't mind so much the company of Pentrian.

After helping to retrieve the Brightblade and restoring Flint's Axe, Karathos and friends now find themselves searching for Huma's Shield, which has been stolen.


1. Knight's Sword
2. Flint's Axe
3. Unsung Heroes

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