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Treatise on Crossing (Abanasia)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Gerrin

Treatise on Crossing (Abanasia)

The town of Crossing is a place of interesting political intrigue.

The history of Crossing is one that starts shortly after the Cataclysm and has been influence by events throughout the continent. In the beginning the town was governed as a settlement of Caergoth. It was originally built because of its deep water harbor and potential trade route back to Thorbardin and Qualinesti. In the decades following the founding of the community the merchants of Caergoth realized that the potential of profit from the community was slim.

With so many trade routes in danger of outside forces the town of Crossing found it difficult to attract merchants willing to travel the dangerous land routes in the early years. Many of the early investors in the community turned their sights to other routes and to protect investments back in Caergoth. Quickly in the community a vacuum in power was created by the sudden departure of wealthy merchant families.

Although many merchant families left the town, those that remained prospered. With less competition for the goods these families became to turn profits. With the increase of inventories and wealth it became increasingly apparent that a centralized government was needed. At this time most merchant houses employed mercenaries to protect their valuable cargo and guard their compounds.

The merchant families formed the Scales Society which at first had no separation of power between the merchant families (which some were calling merchant princes because of the compounds) and those who ran small operations. To ensure that both groups had an equal voice in the discussions the society split into two groups; the Cloth Hats (merchant families) and Black Nails (tradesmen).

This arrangement has worked well in Crossing for the last 300 years. Even in the most turbulent years the town of Crossing was able to overcome issues affecting the community. During the War of the Lance the community became a major trading port as the dark dwarves of Thorbardin sent secret wagon loads of weapons and armor to the Dragon Armies. In the post Chaos War the town was nearly attacked several times by forces of Beryl.

In the current power War of Souls, the town of Crossing is in a dangerous predicament. With much of Abanasia paying tribute to the forces of Baron Samuval the community wasn't surprised to meet delegates of the baron in 427 AC. These delegates came with the standard message of paying a "protection fee" or else.

The Scales Society voted not to pay the delegates and booted them from the community. Within a matter of days though several new individuals had entered into Crossing and several cases of vandalism and arson began to occur. Most of the acts were directed to members of the Black Nails. At first it appeared that certain merchant families were behind the vandalism using the Baron's proposal as a cover.

A group of adventurers arrived in the community in 428 AC and was hired by the Black Nails to learn the true cause of the problems. Following a trail of clues and bodies the adventures discovered that the culprits were none other than members of the delegates that had arrived earlier in the community. These people were rounded up and justice was swift. This though did not stop Samuval from sending a raiding party to burn the town to the ground in 429 AC.

The raiding party arrived at the town and expected to find the Cloth Hats holed up in their compounds and the ragged militia of the Black Nails to try to stop them. Instead they discovered that both groups had come together to form the defense of the town. In a pitched battle the two groups bloodied each other but the raiding party was forced to withdraw, unable to do much damage to the town.

In the years following this attack the merchants of Crossing have become more vigilant of the forces of Samuval. With increased patrols and the drafting of travelers into the militia the community is prepared for the return of the Baron's forces. Citizens have become paranoid and are on the verge of panic at that thought of another attack.

Many travelers avoid the community unless they are connected to the merchants as it is not uncommon to find yourself in the town militia for ten days. The future of Crossing is uncertain as recently pirates, cults and other unsavory forces have been settling near Crossing in the crags on the cliffs. A group of adventurers is needed in the area to help settle many of fears of the community and to put an end to the many threats in the area.

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