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Traveler's Guide to Gwynned (Ergoth)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Gerrin

A Traveler's Report of Gwynned (Ergoth)

Gwynned (formerly known as Tuskanvil) is the capital city of Ergoth. The city is located on the Dermount River, standing on the shores of the Emperor's Bay. The bay is the gateway into the Sirrion Sea and begins the Emperor's Road which connects the whole nation. Also the city is home to the largest port on Northern Ergoth and contains the largest ship building facilities in this part of the world.


The original name of Gwynned was Tuskanvil and it was established as one of the capital cities of the Western Hundred Province. It was primarily a sleepy summer town in the years leading up to the Cataclysm. Located in the city was the emperor's summer home and during these months the city doubled in population.

When the Cataclysm struck Krynn the city of Tuskanvil was not spared. While only suffering minor damage compared to other cities on Ansalon the residents learned that the empire they had served in was crippled. Citizens of Ergoth fled to the Summer Home in hopes of finding some sort of government to depend on.

In the years following the period attacks from barbarians calling themselves Ackalites were common on the city and the surrounding lands. It would not be until Baridor Redic who would defeat the barbarians and drive them northward. In an act of honor to the destroyed Gwynned Dynasty he renamed the new capital of Ergoth Gwynned.

During the next 400 years the city expanded and became the stable force of the area. Very few events occurred in the city during this time period as its distance from mainland Ansalon deterred most invading armies. In 353 AC the city was attacked during the War of the Lance by remnants of the Black Dragonarmy. The city was able to band together and adventurers killed the Highmaster Marcus Cadrio, which led to the routing of the army.

In recent history the city has continued to prosper from the events occurring throughout the rest of Ansalon. With the arrival of members of the Knights of Solamnia (Sancrist), the city continued to expand as it was updated to defend from modern warfare. Also the city was the site of the Gwynned Treaty that ended centuries of hostilities with the Ackalites.


The city is home to several districts which are laid out in blocks. These districts have names that quickly identify them such as the Government District, Port District, the Arena District, Emperor's District and several others. Located in each of the districts is a government office that serves as a community center.


The Arena Complex:

This complex is a series of schools and performance venues. In the middle of the complex lies the structure simply known as the Arena. The building is built into a natural bowl in the ground and spectators line a grassy hillside to witness the spectacles below. Events occur every week and on holidays, these events are known to be sometimes stages.

Imperial Library:

This structure is located in the middle of the Government District. It is a marble structure that is three stories in height and contains several underground vaults and crypts. Inside the knowledge of the library is said to rival that of the Great Library of Palanthas and the vaults contain items that haven't been seen in centuries.

Kelvin's Smith:

The famous foundry is found in the Emperor's District and has been the supplier of the legions for over 200 years. It is well known that the smiths' skills are comparable to the dwarves of Thorbardin. Customers cite the honest and excellent service of the smith.

The Scrum:

This area is a downtrodden part of the city. While it is claimed by no specific district it is home to the cities less fortunate. Most of the structures in this area are lean tos or tents. It is one of the most dangerous areas of the city known for its street gangs.

Sea Maiden's Lament:

This tavern is located in the Port District and travelers barely recognize the establishment from other decrypted buildings in the area. The location makes it perfect for individuals seeking to avoid the attention of the city guard or wanting to meet individuals from various organizations in the city. The tavern is run by a grizzled old sailor named Plank.

The Pit:

This is another foundry in the city that has been a rival of Kelvin's Smith for decades. The shop is located in the Merchant District and is currently trying to win contracts to equip the legions. This business is run by a mad gnome name Gnishasfoulron.

People of Gwynned

Emperor Markas Erasmus

The current emperor came to power with the death of his father Mercadior Redic VI and brother Mercadior. He continued his father's dream of uniting all parts of Northern Ergoth and has opened the borders to kender. With so many challenges facing the nation the emperor is said to be an honest, caring and intelligent individual.

Foarl Lidic

The owner of Foarl's Curiosities is an older explorer of the Sikk'et Hul province. It said that maps and stories of the ruins that lie in the province can be found here. At times he hires groups to explore the region and return with rare items.

Nilon Skullcrasher

This hobgoblin is a shadowy figure in the city and is rarely seen outside of the Scrums or the Sea Maiden's Lament. Rumors have it that he is the head of the thieves guild. Nilon is also known for his quick temper and is surprisingly light footed for a hobgoblin.

Possible Adventure Sites and Plots:

Journey into the Sikk'et Hul: The group is contacted by Foarl Lidic to explore ruins located in the desert region. Unfortunately he does not have the map of the ruins but knows that a copy lies in the Imperial Library, but not shown to the general public. The item is a small green gem that is rumored to have once been in a temple in Istar and contains wondrous healing powers.

A Burning Ship: The harbor is struck by a series of arsons onboard ships. The culprits leave little behind in clues but a tinderbox bearing the stamp of Kelvin's Foundry has been found. Witnesses also report that shadowy individuals were seen running from the scene towards the Emperor's District.

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