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A Treatise on Ergoth

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Gerrin

Treatise on the Ergothian Empire

"While the rest of the world killed each other, Ergothians prospered." Scholar Shancy Tremond

"Raising our spears high we never thought that it would be our blood spilling out," Andruth Hellmann, Legionnaire, 1st Expeditionary Force.

Ergoth is a nation that was born out of the ashes of the Cataclysm and strengthened by the wars of mainland Ansalon. Many have associated Ergoth with an empire that was forgotten in the years after the earth shattering event. Its citizens and government did not monitor affairs of the world during this time, as like most of the world they struggled just to survive.

It wouldn't be until the years following the Chaos War that the nation would begin to take strides in securing itself as a modern nation. With the Dark Knight occupation of Solamnia many of the knights brought their households to Ergoth in hopes in establishing a temporary refuge from dangers on all sides. Ergoth was a nation that was left alone by outside forces, the Dragon Overlords did not claim it as their own, and the Dark Knights lacked a navy that could successfully invade the country.

During this time period Ergoth began to develop a large industrial base and expand their shipyards. With their lucrative ship building trade, few nations in Ansalon could hope to compete with them. Ergothian merchants struck to the seas hauling goods from all over the continent and during a period that most of Ansalon considers bleak, Ergoth was just beginning a golden age. With the conclusion of the War of Souls, Ergoth again stood on the brink of greatness. During the war no attempt was made to invade Ergoth and once again the nation profited from the widespread chaos the event caused. Following the war the Ergoth emperor Markas Erasmus saw that his nation was in need of expanding their military.

Prior to the War of Souls the Ergoth military consisted of 3 legions in which were commanded directly by the emperor. These legions were lightly armored and were considered fast moving attack troops. The War of Souls provided much insight in how modern tactics would easily defeat a nation using doctrine that dated back to the Cataclysm. Ergoth was able to broker a deal with the Knights of Solamnia. In exchange of ships and sailors the Knights would train the Ergothian military.

In 431 AC Ergoth officially allied with Sancrist (Knights of Solamnia). The two nations began to work together to strengthen the Ergothian Legions. Adopting a more centralized military structure Ergoth began to think of expansion. The need of expansion had grown dramatically in years since the Chaos War as Ergoth had been a refuge destination. In modern terms, Ergoth once again is a destination for many refuges in the light of the Invasion of Ankhar and the creation of the Solamnic Empire.

This need for expansion led Ergoth to attack in earnest the desert frontier in the southern part of the island. The legions have pushed many of the goblin tribes in the desert northwest and into parts of Hylo. This has led to some uneasy moments with the kender who share the island, but a large chunk of the desert has been reclaimed by the forces of Ergoth.

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