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Raistlin Majere (Savage Worlds)

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by Kendermage

Raistlin Majere
Cynical Human Wizard (25 XP)

Attributes: Agility: d8, Smarts: d12, Spirit: d6, Strength: d4, Vigor: d4
Skills: Alchemy d4, Fighting d4, Healing d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (arcana) d10, Knowledge (history) d6, Notice d6, Spellcasting d10
Common Knowledge: Herbalism, sleight of hand, magic tricks.
Charisma: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 4
Hindrances: Anemic (Minor), Arrogant (Major), Outsider (Minor), Poverty (Minor)
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Power Points, New Power (x2), Dual Arcane Training, Wizard

Armor: none
Weapons: Staff of Magius, Fighting d4+2 (damage Str+d4+2, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands); Dagger of Magius Fighting d4+3 (damage Str+d4+3, range 3/6/12)
Gear (Cash $): Staff of Magius, Dagger of Magius, Spellbook of Fistandantilus, herbalism supplies, red robes, scrolls, ink, writing supplies, standard adventuring gear, spell component pouch.

Special Abilities:
Spells: [15 PP] bolt (burning hands [single bolt], magic missiles [multiple bolts]), detect/conceal arcana, elemental manipulation (cantrips), light/obscure, slumber, entangle (webs).

Design Notes: This is a Savage Worlds conversion of Raistlin Majere from War of the Lance. Raistlin is a Seasoned rank hero at this point in his career and is a representation of him after the events of Pax Tharkas.

Staff of Magius Said to have been created by the famed war wizard, Magius, this staff inflicts +2 damage and grants the wielder a +2 bonus on Fighting. It also grants the wielder +2 Armor. On command, the staff emits light in a large burst template centered on the staff. The light is as bright as a torch, but generates no heat. No arcane skill roll is necessary; only the command word need to be spoken (shirak for light, dulak for darkness) to summon or dismiss the light. Once per day the bearer can use the staff to break his fall as if he'd cast environmental protection on himself.

Dagger of Magius Little is known of how this dagger was created. Popular opinion seems to be that Magius created it during the period he turned his back on the orders and became a renegade. It inflicts +3 damage and grants the wielder a +3 bonus on Fighting. The dagger has the ability to remain undetected in a search when carried by a mage.

Spellbook of Fistandantilus The gull dwarf Bupu gave this spellbook to Raistlin as a gift after the battle with Onyx. It contains several spells which Raistlin has not yet mastered. It will require study for each of the spells contained before Raistlin can add them to his known spells.

Test of High Sorcery As a result of passing his Test of High Sorcery Raistlin accrued many benefits. He increased his Intelligence, gained the Wizard edge, and the Staff of Magius. He suffered during this Test and his health was shattered giving him the Anemic hindrance. To teach the mage humility his eyes were cursed to show time as it affects all things. There is little beauty in the world for Raistlin, but his powers more than make up for these hindrances.

Advancement Track 5 XP – Power Points
10 XP – New Power (light/obscure)
15 XP – New Power (slumber)
20 XP – New Skill (alchemy)
25 XP – Dual Arcane Training

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