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White Veil

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Crown-Keeper

Entry in the 2006 Nexus Organizations Contest.

"We, the White Veil, respectfully demand that the government of our fair city cease their efforts to read the minds of the people. This practice is abhorrent, and has been proven once before, with the Kingpriest's infamous Edict of Thought Control, to be a failure in the area of justice. A government with that power might as well have a Kingpriest to kill all of us who aren't exactly like him, or perhaps a Divine Hammer of its own. In any case, the gods are not with this effort to control the people of Palanthas.

If our demand is met, the White Veil will disband, never to trouble the city of Palanthas in any way ever again, unless the threat of mind-scanning once more comes into play in our fair city. We will also donate our equipment and any other material gain we possess to the city, in an effort to make sure the city can take down crime without the disgusting practice of reading people's minds; a practice that will surely result in good law-abiding citizens being thrust off the streets and into dark, damp, prisons where followers of Beldinas attempt to eradicate the Balance of Ansalon, and indeed of the entire world of Krynn.

If the city refuses to comply, the White Veil will be forced, against our will, to declare war on the city of Palanthas and hurl our forces against the city to force the city to change its mind about mind reading. The organization contains many prominent warriors and powerful sorcerers and mystics with which to take down this corrupt and rotten fruit of the government. Comply at once, and we shall not attack. If compliance is not accepted at once, I, as a personal gesture of kindness, suggest evacuating the Merchandising District sometime during the next week.

Respectfully yours,
Remel Kithalan on behalf of the White Veil."

- Remel Kithalan's letter to the Palanthian government relating to the mind-reading bill


The White Veil was born out of the first Burning Robes, who started their organization late in the reign of Kingpriest Beldinas, led by Remel Kithalan I, a prominent Red Robe. As the Burning Robes began recruiting warriors to their cause in preparation for a desperate assault on the Kingpriest, the Cataclysm happened and the Burning Robes' services were no longer needed. However, Remel Kithalan II, a White Robe, chose to rename the organization the Freedom Fighters of Ansalon. In the lawless world following the Cataclysm, they were always there ready to give a nudge in the right direction for oppressed lands.

Solace was a prime example; there was a little-known occasion when the town was attacked by a large band of bandits. There was no way the town would hold, but the FFA managed to drive them back, allowing Solace to grow and bloom like the vallenwoods. After the continent was deemed fairly stabilized in around 100 AC, the FFA was disbanded with a pledge to reunite, should their services ever be required again. Each member received a silver ring with a single emerald and inscriptions. High ranking members of the group have rings to this day.

In 168 AC, Remel Kithalan IV put out the call to help save the region of Coastlund, close to Godnest. However, a sufficient number of evil warriors and mages had gotten hold of the rings to kill him and recreate the Freedom Fighters of Ansalon as the Black Fist. They did fight off the tyrant of Coastlund, but only to take his place. They slowly began serving as the puppet masters of many a tyrant in the western Solamnic region. Many horrible atrocities were committed. One of the most terrible accounts depicts a Black Robe and a warlord raping and killing the leaders of a movement to stop the oppression of women in Coastlund. The severed heads and were hung on a spiked fence as an example.

In 279 AC, Remel Kithalan VII put together his own force after finding the evildoers and killed the Black Fist. After retaking the mantle of the legacy of the Burning Robes, they were renamed the Red Cloak. They served as mediators in the region, always out of sight, slightly out of mind, until they were needed. Numerous peace treaties and such were negotiated with their help, and a few evil wizards and good warriors alike were repelled from their dominion, sometimes with force.

During the War of the Lance, Black Fist followers and FFA dreamers alike began trying to retake the rings so as to claim the legacy of the organization for their own. A small war broke out, but eventually good triumphed (along with some neutrals) and the newly named White Veil played a decisive part in numerous battles along the Solamnic front. After the war ended, Remel Kithalan X took formal command (although this didn't mean much since the organization had been fairly under the radar for practically its entire history) and turned the organization into a means of fighting for the rights of the common people. This they managed to do, assimilating clerics of Paladine and Mishakal into their ranks, as well as taking on a very radical viewpoint. Incredibly leftist, their nudging helped create small democracies in Coastlund.

After taking on sorcerers and mystics after the second Cataclysm and convincing their magic-users to switch, the group spent their time the way the first incarnation of their group did: helping rebuild. As the group grew to almost a hundred people, they moved slowly until they had established a base in Palanthas. By this time, they had helped with force yet again in the War of Souls. After the war, they were on shaky ground with the mystics/clerics and sorcerors/wizards.

The magic users managed to contain their conflict, however, and the group went public in Palanthas recently to fight down a bill that would have allowed mind reading in Palanthas. What they will do now is unclear to all but the White Veil, hiding a smile behind the veil.


The White Veil currently has two headquarters. The headquarters in Coastlund is an old dwarven town that has been renovated and has gained an above-ground section, identifiable by a white splotch of paint on a large stone five yards from a cave leading to the underground section. The above ground section is in a valley and is only accessible from below ground. The entire facility consists of a building for the Council and Chancellor meetings, two buildings for day-to-day operations, one building for monitoring field work and other more active work, and barracks. There are two barracks buildings for Freedom Fighters, two for Righteous Advocates, one for Protectors of the Downtrodden, and one for the Council Chancellors, and Remel Kithalan.

The headquarters in Palanthas is situated underground. The entrance is in a house in the gnome ghetto and is marked by a white splotch of paint on the window shutters. The underground facility has a small barracks, a field work building, a day-to-day work building, and a constantly open portal to the Coastlund headquarters. However, the portal will only activate if the person is wearing a pair of the White Veil lenses, or enters with someone wearing them.

The White Veil is active in most of western-central Solamnia, although it concentrates its efforts in Coastlund and the Palanthas region. They are planning to set up a headquarters in Solanthus and from there spread east.


The most common ally of the Veil is the common people. Almost all people in a downtrodden area (and some civilized ones) will do anything to help a member of the Veil. Many of these downtrodden people know of its existence, but know enough not to speak of it. In game terms, this means White Veil members get a +5 bonus to Charisma based checks when dealing with an oppressed person.

Other allies include the governments of many small towns and some cities in Coastlund. Most other Solamnic regions are not hostile to the Veil, and as such have a very impressionable disposition toward it. The first White Veil member to visit an area affects its disposition to the entire Organization.

Many dissenters and more liberal people in major cities (Palanthas for example) also support the White Veil. It is known among liberal and very Good circles that a mid-high ranking member of the Palanthian government is a member (DC 30 Gather Information check).

Other Good organizations look favorably, yet usually with slight disdain, towards the Veil because of their good purpose. However, they also discourage the sometimes radical measures taken by the group.


The biggest enemy of the Veil is of course Evil. Tyrannies and unfair treatment from governments are the biggest concern of the Veil, which is why they have set up shop in Palanthas. They are also currently building a Solanthus branch, but construction was set back from the elemental king's rampage.

Other smaller tyrannies and bad governments are against the Veil. Many common people also have a bad view of the organization after their actions in relation to the Palanthas mind-reading bill. They are firmly trying to rebuild their image in that corner of the world.

Black Robes who know of its existence are also more against it because of its high content of White Robes, and the Black Robes stop at nothing to hurt it where they can. Dark clerics also try to kill members because of their work towards Good, although they will often try to sway the radical White Veil members to Evil.

Other evildoers, such as thieves and bandits are also against the Veil, again, when they know of its existence. Samuval has been looked on as a potential target for the Veil, but nothing has come of it yet due to the distance gap between Solamnia and Abanasia.


The first goal of the White Veil is to combat Evil. This is narrowed down to tyrannies and other harsh governments and authorities. The most common form of evil combated by the White Veil are tyrants and warlords. A close second are thief lords, criminals, Black Robes, and dark clerics.

All members of the White Veil swear fealty to the White Veil and the Three Principles: Good Overcomes, Sacrifice May Be Needed, and The Ends Justify the Means. In short, they swear to uphold good, sacrifice whenever needed, and perform any acts necessary short of total exposure and mass evil to achieve good goals.

The Veil is motivated by a desire to help and serve, usually the downtrodden and helpless, as well as a need to overthrow oppressors and tyrants. A more specific factor unifying the White Veil and distinguishing them from other Good organizations is a belief that radical measures are needed and many times required in order to set things straight in this world. White Veil members flinch at no proposal to change the world for the better. Nothing is ever too much.


The White Veil functions in a way befitting its clandestine nature. When a potential candidate shows that he/she believes firmly in the principles of the White Veil (see Goals/Motivations) the candidate receives an invitation to attend dinner with one of the leading members (of course, the initiate has no practical knowledge of this). Mage recruits will be requested to walk instead of using the corridors of magic. On the way, the potential White Veil member will encounter some form of wrongdoing, such as a street mugging or a thief. If the White Veil initiate attempts to help the innocent and stop the wrongdoing, he/she has passed their first Test of Conduct.

When the initiate reaches the dinner, one of the servants of the high-ranking White Veil member will appear to be starving. If the candidate gives the servant some of his/her food, he/she has passed their second Test of Conduct.

Finally, during the dinner, the White Veil member will attempt to persuade the candidate to join him/her in some insidious scheme, sometimes to overthrow a government, plan a murder or robbery, etc. There are three ways to come out of this final Test of Conduct. If the initiate openly defies the White Veil member and threatens to kill him/her, expose him/her, etc., the initiate is taken into the more public (and more martial) of the two sectors of the White Veil, the Fist of Right. If the candidate goes along with the scheme, but secretly plans on betraying the evildoing (this is determined by a quick thought scan by a wizard sufficiently more powerful than the initiate if the candidate is a wizard) through secret measures, the initiate is accepted into the Secret-Keepers. Finally, if the initiate actually goes along with the scheme (this is rare due to the fact that candidates are watched for good tendencies) then he himself is exposed.

Members of both branches go through a two-month initiation program, during which they serve as players in other initiates' Tests (although this is highly unlikely since new members of the White Veil are accepted very rarely) and follow higher ranked members. After this, they become full members of the White Veil.


The White Veil is divided into two sections. Both follow the same rank structure, except that rank is preceded by SK or FR to distinguish between the two. Each rank is then divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class. Promotion from 1st class requires that a higher ranking member of the White Veil oversees a mission deemed challenging by the Council. Ranks are as follows:

Freedom Fighter: Lowest rank assigned to novices after completing their two month initiation. The White Veil is composed of 50% Freedom Fighters.

Righteous Advocate: Around 40% of the White Veil are Righteous Advocates. They perform most of the field work of the Veil, assisted by Freedom Fighters, and are widely regarded as the 'middle class' by other members.

Protector of the Downtrodden: The inner circle of the White Veil, they perform most overseeing work of the White Veil and compose 10% of its members. The Protectors of the Downtrodden all command a 5-10 man cluster of 2-3 Righteous Advocates and 3-7 Freedom Fighters and answer directly to the Council.

The Council of Good: The Council is made up of 8 men and do not follow the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class format. They make all decisions for the Veil and perform the toughest field work. They are always very powerful (at least 12th level in gaming terms) and make decisions on a majority basis. In the event of a tie, the vote passes to the Chancellors of Redemption.

Chancellors of Redemption: Like the Council, they do not follow the Class system. Both Chancellors have complete power over the Veil and are always the most powerful, excepting the authority and power of Remel Kithalan. In a tie of the two Chancellors, Rememl Kithalan has the tying vote.

Remel Kithalan: Remel Kithalan always has supreme executive power over the Veil, dating back to Remel Kithalan I of the Burning Robes. The Kithalans are always either highly trained warriors or wizards. He must always use a false name when dealing with the world at large. The current Remel Kithalan calls himself Hans Kierdan.

Jor'Dil Hilmenster (SP, Wiz 5/White Robe 8)
Eric of Truestone II (FR Ftr 5/ KoS 8 (Rose)

Remel Kithalan (Wiz 5/ White Robe 10


Membership in the White Veil can be very harsh, and rewarding. Members are expected to uphold the Three Principles as best they can. Anyone found doing so for personal gain or reason (many White Veil members fall in with evil crowds doing undercover work and must sometimes commit evil acts) will be expelled and watched to prevent further evils.

Members all wear special lenses that will glow white to anyone wearing them. This is the identification for all White Veil members. On rare public appearances, members must wear white veils to cover their faces from the world. In a case where lenses are not used or a non White Veil member is giving a message, a salute where the giver places both arms across his chest (corpse style) and spreads them in a double salute is given.

Members all carry some form of communication (a wristband for Freedom Fighters, an earring for Righteous Advocates, and mirrors for Protectors of the Downtrodden). All Council members and Chancellors, as well as Remel Kithalan, have the original rings through which they communicate to all members. If the artifact for communication is activated, the White Veil member must answer the call, no matter what he/she is doing. A general sense of the call (communication, mission, meeting, etc.) is given as well. Failure to answer the call once, as well as other rule infractions, is met with a stiff warning. Twice, and a punishment is inflicted (possible punishments range from fines to brandings). A third offense merits the punishment listed under failure to follow the Three Principles.

Membership Costs and Benefits

Members are given access to headquarter facilities and the skills of other members of the White Veil. A commission is given to those on field missions (depending on the difficulty, 5 stl to 100 stl), although the number may vary. They are also rewarded with their communication artifacts.

Of course, the true benefit should be working for the greater good. If this is not enough, then the reasoning goes there must have been a mistake in the recruiting and the member will be mind-wiped, sworn to secrecy, or some such thing.

All members must swear allegiance to the Three Principles and the White Veil and pay 5 stl a week for funding purposes. Other than that, the only other costs are to put your heart and soul into your work for Good and to perform any required tasks.


Wizards and Fighters make up the majority of the White Veil, but Rogues are also significant and there are some Nobles. Some initiates are Commoners but later take up a PC class in order to better serve the cause. The White Veil also has a strong presence of clerics, mystics, and sorcerers, but the majority of spellcasters are wizards due to the origin of the organization.

Most spellcasters also flesh out their repertoire with offensive spells and more sneaky spells. Divination is a favorite.

Nobles use their favors to get a crucial person (such as an assassin) in the right place at the right time, as well as provide more funding for the White Veil with their fortunes. Many Nobles are trained in the use of weapons to be the final measure when a sneak assassin or infiltrator is needed.

Rogues specialize in sneak attacks and lockpicking. They do some thieving (good artifacts, documents, etc.), break-ins, and assassinations.

Current Activities/Adventure Hooks

  • The Veil is being pursued/investigated by the Palanthian government due to their actions concerning the mind-reading bill. The Veil is trying to elude the government as the Palanthian agents are hot on their tail
  • They are building a new headquarters in Solanthus.
  • Possible assassination of Samuval.
  • A strike force of spellcasters is considering lending its services to the army for the war. The Council is debating the good of this.

Gaming Benefits for White Veil Members

+5 bonus to charisma-related checks when dealing with downtrodden or oppressed people. These people also immediately become Friendly.
-1 penalty to charisma-related checks when dealing with any government, unless noted that the government is favorable toward the White Veil.
-7 penalty to charisma-related checks when dealing with Palanthians unless noted that they supported the White veil's efforts. In that case, the White Veil member gets a +3 bonus.

Lenses of Compassion: These lenses have a white glow visible to others wearing them, allowing White veil members to identify themselves. These lenses also function as having the constant effect of true seeing.

Communications Devices: The wristbands tighten and glows softly to determine the call. Green indicates a mission, rd indicates an urgent meeting, yellow indicates standard communication. For standard communications, the words will write themselves along the wristband. There is no way to communicate back.

The earrings send a sharp feeling through the Righteous Advocate as an alert and uses Rary's telepathic bond to allow them to communicate.

The mirrors of the Protectors of the Downtrodden show the face of the person communicating as well as their surroundings. The mirrors can also be made to broadcast sound audible to others if so desired.

The rings of the Council create a larger image of the person the Council member in front of them, showing surroundings for five feet.

Magic Stockpile: 1d4 random staffs, 1d6 random wands, 1d8 random rods, 1d10 random armor and weapons, 1d12 random wondrous items, 2d10 scrolls, 2d6 potions, 1d4 rings.

Access to the stockpile is given before a mission, and usually the items taken are returned. However, occasionally a member is given a magic item permanently because of the kinds of missions he/she usually does or as a reward for a difficult mission.

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