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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

Mancatcher (Exotic Two-Handed Weapon)

A mancatcher is a specialised polearm that is designed to capture an opponent without killing him, thus it deals only non-lethal damage. The polearm itself consists of long pole with a spring-loaded, sharpened steel 'jaws' at one end.

To use a mancatcher, you make a melee touch attack against the intended opponent. If successful, the jaws wrap around the target and you are considered to have successfully initiated a grapple attempt. If you have the Improved Grapple feat, you can apply this feat's bonus to the opposed grapple checks when using the mancatcher.

A caught opponent suffers a –2 penalty to his Dexterity skills and checks, loses his Dexterity modifier to his Armour Class and suffers a –1 penalty on all attack rolls. The caught target can attempt to either break out of the jaws, requiring a Strength check (DC 25) or make an Escape Artist skill check (DC 20).

Each round thereafter, you can make an opposed grapple check to maintain your hold on the target. If you are successful you can attempt to hold and pin the opponent down, using the mancatcher to pin your opponent on a successful opposed grapple check, holding him immobile for 1 round if successful.

In addition to pinning the opponent, you can push and pull the opponent about using a mancatcher. To push or pull and opponent you must succeed on an opposed grapple check (still gaining the +4 bonus) and if successful, you are treated as having performed a bull rush attempt on the opponent (see Bull Rush on page 154 of the player's handbook).

If you have the Improved Bull Rush feat, you can apply the bonus granted by this feat to the opposed grapple check to push or pull an opponent. Pushing or pulling an opponent causes the opponent to suffer 1d2 points of non-lethal damage, plus your Strength modifier.

If you use the ready action to set a mancatcher against a mounted rider using the charge action and are successful on the initial melee touch attack against the charging opponent, you can make an opposed grapple check to attempt to dismount the rider from the mount. if successful, the rider is dismounted and falls prone on the ground in that square.

A mancatcher has reach, you can use the mancatacher to target opponents up to 10ft away.

A mancatcher costs 30 steel pieces and weighs 12 pounds.

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