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Minotaur Weapons

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by André La Roche

As a race built upon violence and brutality, minotaurs make excellent fighters. They are trained in the arenas from youth for Strength, cunning, and Intelligence. Common weapons include double-bladed battle axes, large flails (+1 to damage), short swords, and whips. Those with great strength and skill (Str 18 or more and Ambidexterity feat) have even been known to wielding two greatswords (usual penalties for using two weapons apply). In addition to these common weapons, minotaurs have created and mastered a variety of bizarre weapons for the arena. Minotaur weapons are huge and heavy; only non-minotaurs with exceptional Strength (Str 17 or better) can use these weapons without penalty. Others are clumsy with them (-2 to hit and damage, even with the exotic weapon proficiency, stack these penalties with the usual if the wielder isn't proficient.)

Minotaur Exotic Weapons - Melee
Weapon Cost Damage Critical Range Inc. Weight Type Size
Forpann 5 stp 1d8+1 x2 10 ft. 9 lb. Piercing Large
Kausin 20 stp 1d8+2 x3 - 16 lb. Bludgeoning Large
Lajang* 17 stp 1d10+1 19-20/x2 20 ft. 12 lb. Piercing and slashing Large
Mandoll 12 stp 1d4+1 x2 - 3 lb. Piercing and slashing Tiny
Sanguine* 10 stp 1d8+1 x3 - 8 lb. Piercing and slashing Large
Shatang 3 stp 1d6+1 x2 20 ft. 4 lb. Piercing and slashing Large
Sword, clabbard 100 stp 2d6 18-20/x3 - 20 lb. Slashing Large
Tessto 20 stp 1d8+2 19-20/x2 - 15 lb. Bludgeoning Large

*Double weapon.

Forpann: This 8 ft. long, two-handed trident has a rope attached to its base from which trails a 10' wide, weighted throwing net. The warrior uses the net like the exotic weapon of the same name, but at a -4 attack penalty per each range increment thrown at.

Kausin: This 6 ft. long "whipping rod" is a chain of 6 iron bars linked together and attached to a guarded handle. You get a +2 bonus on your opposed attack roll when attempting to disarm an enemy(including the roll to avoid being disarmed if you fail to disarm your enemy).

You can also use this weapon to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the kausin to avoid being tripped.

Lajang: This 7 ft. polearm holds a recurved crescent blade at each end of its shaft. The shaft may parry attacks or bludgeon foes. The blades can slash on a forward or a backward stroke, catch and turn weapons, pin or trip foes, and impale targets on double prongs. In the hands of a minotaur with Str 17 or more, it can even be hurled as a spear.

Mandoll: The mandoll is a minotaur cestus: an iron gauntlet with spikes on the knuckles and a dagger blade along the back of the thumb. This champion's weapon requires close fighting and relies on the warrior's Strength. A Mandoll is deadly when used with a katar, the so-called "punch dagger."

Sanguine: This 7 ft. long gladiator weapon has a serrated spearhead at both ends, and a small buckler with a razor-edged crescent at its middle.

You can also use this weapon to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the sanguine to avoid being trapped.

Shatang: Shatang are 5 ft. long, barbed, throwing spears. Shatang are basically heavy javelins. Arena combatants often wear a rack of four shatangs strapped to their backs.

Sword, Clabbard: This 6 ft. long broadsword is sized to a minotaur's needs. Its cutting edge is backed by a serrated saw edge. A blood channel runs the length of the blade, making it easier to withdraw from an impaled foe. The saw edge can cut through leather and hide armors with ease (+1 bonus to hit).

Tessto: The tessto is a 6 ft. long studded club with a loop of rope at its hilt. Using this weapon offensively requires great Strength.

You can also use this weapon to make trip attacks at -2 penalty. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the tessto to avoid being tripped.

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