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Expanded Domains for Clerics

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Sir Sothus

A lot of books have been released after DLCS, and many of them had domains. And gods grant domains... so I've compiled a list of all domains I have found and assigned them all to the different gods of Krynn. If you know of any book that I have not included, feel free to update me!

Product Key
Book of Exalted Deeds BoED
Book of Vile Darkness BoVD
Complete Divine CD
Complete Warrior CW
Deities & Demigods DD
Libris Mortis LM
Planar Handbook PH

Branchala: Arborea (PH), Herald (BoED), Joy (BoED), Pleasure (BoED).
Habbakuk: Endurance (BoED), Scalykind (DD), Wrath (BoED).
Kiri-Jolith: Celestia (PH), Celestial (BoED), Courage (CW), Glory (BoED), Wrath (BoED).
Majere: Endurance (BoED), Force (CD), Liberation (CD).
Mishakal: Community (CD), Courage* (CW), Elysium (PH), Joy (BoED), Nobility* (CW). *Only during the Age of Mortals.
Paladine: Celestia (PH), Celestial (BoED), Glory (BoED), Nobility (CW).

Chislev: Scalykind (DD), Weather (CD).
Gilean: Liberation (CD), Mind (CD).
Reorx: Artifice (DD), Creation (CD).
Shinare: Pact (CD).
Sirrion: Limbo (PH), Purification (CD).
Zivilyn: Madness (CD), Oracle (CD).

Chemosh: Charm* (DD), Deathbound (LM), Hunger (LM), Undeath (LM). *Only during the events of Amber and Ashes.
Hiddukel: The Abyss (PH), Greed (BoVD), Tyranny (CW).
Morgion: Corruption (BoVD), Hades (PH), Pain (BoVD), Pestilence (CD).
Sargonnas: Competition (CD), Courage (CW).
Takhisis: Baator (PH), Charm (DD), Diabolic (BoVD), Domination (CD).
Zeboim: Bestial (BoVD), Scalykind (DD), Weather (CD).

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